Clarified butter vs. ghee is a common allusion.

Mostly we assume that both these dairy products are same but actually it is not. If we close view both these products, there are some gross similarities. However, we will find a fine line of difference between these two dairy products.

What is clarified butter?

Clarified butter is associated mostly with the French cooking style. Actually, it is the pure and unsalted variety of milk butter. It is produced by slow cooking of milk butter. By its boiling, the water portion of the milk butter gets eliminated via the process of evaporation. Then the residue milk solids is collected by straining the boiled liquid through a clean cheesecloth. The smoke-point of clarified buyer is around 450°F.

How to store

Organic Clarified butter is storage friendly. It is often called liquid gold by dairy lovers.  If you store clarified butter organic in your refrigerator, it will turn into a solid butter-like texture. Alternatively, it can be stored 3-6 months without the support of refrigeration in your kitchen.

Are you following Keto or Paleo or DASH diet?  

If yes, you can introduce pure clarified butter in your diet plan. This dairy staple is free of casein and lactose and will never invoke food allergy in you if you are lactose intolerant. Looking for a versatile cooking oil?

You can use clarified butter for baking, sautéing or deep frying. Its high smoke point is an advantage for you.

Organic clarified butter offers a rich and unique flavor: you can use it cooking risottos, pasta dishes, or for cooking sea food or chicken delicacies.

What is ghee?

Organic cow Ghee is traditionally associated with Asian culinary practice, especially with Indo-Asian cuisine and in Middle East food culture. Since the water portion of the milk butter gets completely removed, the product becomes absolutely shelf-stable, even better than clarified butter.

Cow ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk butter.

The use of pure ghee is popular in making Ayurveda medicine besides its use in cooking.

Clarified butter organic is produced by heating milk butter up to the point where water gets evaporated and the milk solids gets separated by slow cooking process. But pure cow ghee is cooked for some more time till the milk solids gets converted into caramelized condition and starts emancipating a nutty flavor. 

The final product of pure cow ghee is golden in color and it offers a higher smoke point than clarified butter: cow ghee smoke point is 485°F.

Pure cow ghee is Keto, Paleo, and DASH diet friendly. However, wherever you are supposed to use clarified butter, you may consider use of ghee. Ghee can be used for grilling meat, roasting veggies, or adding to salads as well as can season the mashed avocados. Ghee can be applied externally on skin and hair.

Clarified butter vs. ghee: The difference

Both the products are produced from pure milk butter. Milk butter turns into clarified butter, which can potentially be converted into pure ghee. Ghee offers creamy texture and a nutty smell. Ghee offers higher smoke point than clarified butter, which is the early version of ghee, the dairy elixir.

Organic Clarified butter is also shelf stable, and safe to use in diet for lactose intolerant people. It can be consumed raw. But in comparison to pure ghee it offers lower smoke point, which is 450°F.

Final verdict:

Both clarified butter and ghee can be used as substitute to each other in culinary process. For high temperature cooking, ghee is a safer option for its higher smoke point. However, in medicinal use, pure cow ghee is a better option.

In comparison to clarified butter ghee is more shelf stable. We can safely conclude in reference to Clarified butter vs. ghee, both are almost same dairy product but there is a fine line of difference.

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