Why organic ghee butter Is Better For Your Body

  • July 7, 2021
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Organic ghee butter is a premium quality dairy product.

Organic ghee butter is an exclusive product in the dairy industry. Ghee manufacturers make it using 100% grass-fed organic cow milk butter. When we claim a dairy product organic, we can safely conclude that it is a claim-certified product, free from adulteration, and it is additive-free.  The clear implication the organic claim of the product is that the organic ghee has no preservative as well as no synthetic color or flavor in it. 

The product is manufactured from 100% organic milk butter, which is prepared from pure grass-fed organic milk. If we talk about organic ghee, the milk butter is made from organic milk only collected from certified organic dairy farms only. Due to its buttery source, ghee is often termed ghee butter, as it is a clarified version of dairy milk butter only.

Ghee is produced by boiling butter through a slow cooking process. In this process, milk protein from the butter gets eliminated, and so is the moisture. The butter gets more clarified and without water turns brown and caramelized. This end product is called clarified butter as well as ghee butter, and because of its brown tinge, prepared clarified butter is called brown butter too.

As purity is a bliss to our life and our wellbeing, organic ghee is always like a pure delight in our diet with a bunch of health benefits. In Ayurveda, Ghee is considered one of the best medicines that besides helping in cooking also aids in pacifying the mind, building the body, and smooth digestion of foods along with some unique health benefits. 

Organic grass-fed ghee, being the purest form of cow ghee, offers all the health benefits at its optimum ratio, hence you can try organic ghee butter in your diet.

organic ghee butter
organic ghee butter

Nutritional boost

Organic cow ghee contains long, medium, and short-chain fatty acids along with some heart-friendly vitamins. Grass-fed Ghee made from 100% organic butter of pastured grazed happy cows is one of the best natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), some phenolic antioxidants, as well as many other minerals that stand responsible for its therapeutic effect.

Nourishes all tissues of the body

Moderate consumption of organic grass-fed ghee nourished all tissues of the body. Due to its fat content, it works as a natural moisturizer that keeps all tissues in a body soft and well lubricated resulting in better flexibility and mobility. Moderate consumption of ghee is helpful for managing dry skin problems and it helps in maintaining the natural shine of hair.

Ghee helps supply excellent hydration support for the human body. Ghee works thus as a natural moisturizer. 

Improves brain health

Organic ghee butter in the human diet is helpful for natural brain development. This ghee diet bring unique result for pregnant ladies. In Asian countries, they are given ghee rich diet because it is believed that the ghee diet will help in the brain development of the fetus. In Asian countries, students are given a ghee diet in a regular course because according to Ayurvedic perception, cow ghee helps in improving concentration, memory power, energy level etc.

As organic ghee butter is enriched with premium quality nutrient,s it impacts better on health if you practice moderation in the quantity.

Ghee prevents inflammation of internal organs

You can add Organic ghee butter to the diet to enjoy several health benefits. One of the reasons behind ghee’s benefits is its quality of prevention of internal organs inflammation. Regular consumption of ghee helps in maintaining a clean digestive system and its antioxidant support helps in reducing/controlling the inflammation of organs.


Organic ghee promotes excellent gut health

Grass-fed organic ghee contains high-quality CLA and butyric acid. These organic compounds are helpful for detoxification of the digestive system. The presence of these two ingredients in grass-fed ghee makes it helpful for maintaining excellent gut health and it is good for regular bowel movements. Those who have high blood sugar or hypothyroidism, will get great benefits by adding organic ghee to the diet for maintaining great gut health. Patients with chronic constipation will get great benefits from adding grass-fed ghee to the diet for its natural laxative quality.

Organic ghee consumption is good for eyesight

Organic ghee butter in the diet is beneficial for maintaining good eyesight. Ghee’s diet for eye care is an Ayurveda recommended remedy. Ghee in a regular diet is the typical way to enjoy ghee benefits for the healthy eye-sight.

Simultaneously, you can use pure organic ghee as an eye drop. Two drops of ghee in both the eyes can cure dry eye syndrome as well as takes good care of vision. However, for direct application, you must use the purest ghee butter available on the market. 

Grass-fed ghee is good for the pregnancy diet

Organic ghee is nutritious because of its nutrient loaded content. Its nutrition richness is one of the reasons for adding it to a pregnancy diet. In ancient Indian, it was believed, that ghee in pregnancy diet eases childbirth labor. According to Asian Folk remedy, ghee diet in pregnancy was practiced as it was assumed that ghee in diet keeps vaginal space flexible and well-lubricated, but no medical relevance of this benefits has been established yet.

Alternatively, Cow Ghee helps reduce the recurring spell of constipation that carrying mothers often suffer from during the pregnancy period.

Lactose intolerant people can have it

People who are lactose intolerant cannot have dairy products in their diet due to their food sensitivity to milk. Research has observed that milk proteins like lactose and casein in milk products are the trigger for food allergy. Ghee although made of milk butter, is free from lactose and casein. This is the reason allergy-prone people or lactose-intolerant people can safely consume  organic ghee butter in their diet.

Ghee is a natural remedy for insomnia

 Organic Ghee butter is a natural remedy for insomnia and it is an approved ayurvedic therapy. The soothing richness of this dairy product helps in enjoying sound sleep if consumed before bed. You can have it mixed with lukewarm water or with lukewarm milk before retiring to sleep. 

Organic cow ghee is the best variant for the treatment of the sleeplessness in an individual. Along with ghee in lukewarm water, massage on feet with cow ghee before bedtime can help you to sleep soundly.

These are some of the benefits of adding organic ghee butter to your diet. Apart from diet, external use of the grass-fed cow ghee will help you to stay fit, well-immune, and detoxified. However, you need to use the best quality organic ghee to enjoy all health benefits.

Milkio’s traditional organic ghee butter is enriched with all the required nutrients and that is why it offers all the health benefits mentioned here.

Milkio organic ghee butter is a pure New Zealand produced grass-fed dairy product. It is lactose, casein and gluten-free, Non-GMO verified, USDA certified, keto and Paleo diet-friendly dairy oil you can use for all types of cooking and as a healthy butter alternative.  If you want to buy Milkio organic grass-fed ghee, place an order at the Milkio website.

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