Organic ghee online: how to buy the best product

  • August 14, 2021
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Organic ghee online purchase is a tricky task unless you know the clues

Organic ghee online purchase is a wise choice for your kitchen but it is equally important to know why organic ghee is a better choice. Organic ghee, being one of the most wanted kitchen staples, is in wide demand presently. Different brands have launched their cow ghee in the market, and almost everybody is claiming the superiority of their brands and related dairy products. In this situation buying the best quality, organic grass-fed ghee can be a tricky task unless you filter your search for buying quality ghee easily by following a checklist, narrated here for your smart shopping. But before that do you know why organic ghee is the most wanted ghee category in the market?

Why Organic ghee is one of the safest choices?

Organic foods are popular worldwide presently as a safer option of consumables. Organic ghee is no exception. It is the product of organic dairy farming. But how organic dairy farming is unique?

Organic farming is a specific process of agri-business, where

  • Cows are never kept in captivity, rather they enjoy open access to green pasture almost around the year. Organic farming encourages the natural behaviors of the cow.
  • Cows are never treated with antibiotics or hormonal medicines
  • Organic farmers feed their cows grass and grass made fodder
  • As organic farm collects grass only from soil managed pasture where the grass is cultivated without the use of chemical-based fertilizer and pesticides at least for the last 3 years.

Researchers have found that cows in organic farming lead to more stress-free life and as a result of sustaining animal welfare, they produce better quality milk. Milk collected from the organic farms is known in the dairy industry as organic milk. Chemical analysis has proven that organic milk is much more nutrient-rich than its non-organic variety.

Ghee prepared from organic milk contains,

  • More quantity of CLA and higher beta carotene content
  • The increased amount of Omega 3 fatty acid than its non-organic variety
  • Higher sensory properties like a creamy texture, smell, etc.

Milkio Organic ghee is prepared from organic milk collected from organic milk of New Zealand. As a signature product, this organic product adheres to all the good qualities of dairy ghee with organic endorsement. Milkio Organic ghee is certified by AsureQuality and BioGrow, and the process of manufacturing is approved by the risk management program (RMP) and is monitored by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).  

Read the label of the ghee bottle

A good quality organic ghee has to be an authentic product and its label will let you know all the details about the product. Check if all these points are explained on the product label:

  • The ingredients list should be written in detail on the label and also check if the ingredients are collected from a certified organic farm.
  • If a declaration of purity is there that the ghee is free from preservatives, colors, and additives.
  • If the ghee is procured from 100% grass-fed cow milk.
  • If the ghee is of natural yellow golden color, which means it is rich in beta carotene.

Check the product and get its feel

You must keep it in mind that organic grass-fed ghee is procured from 100% grass-fed cow milk by following the traditional process of slow cooking of grass-fed butter. Generally, good quality cow ghee is of granular texture and it releases a feel-good nutty flavor. Check your shortlisted product under these factors.

Good quality ghee is shelf-stable

Organic ghee that is procured from 100% grass-fed cow milk is a shelf-stable product and can be preserved without refrigeration support for 12 months from the date of its manufacturing. If you are confused about finding good quality organic cow ghee, you should check the shelf life of the product before purchase.

A good quality organic cow ghee will offer you a long shelf life without refrigeration. Unless it is shelf-stable, probably it is not the best product available in the market.

Good quality ghee is free from the risk of dairy sensitivity

Quality organic cow ghee is always lactose and casein-free and people who are dairy sensitive can add this dairy product in their diet worry-free. Organic ghee can be added to the diet of carrying mothers and growing toddlers in their diet. Also check the label if it is mentioned there that the product is gluten-free, GMO-free, and free from all types of additives.

Check if there is storage recommendation

Good quality Grass-fed ghee is a sensitive product and it has to be preserved with care. For example, ghee is photosensitive and moisture sensitive. Therefore all manufacturers recommend the ideal storage condition of their product. When you are buying quality organic ghee, you can check if the label has storage recommendation: quality assurance is one of the essential features of the brand selling good quality.

While taking out ghee from the jar, you should use a dry and fresh spoon. Otherwise, there is a high chance that unwanted moisture intrusion will damage the ghee quality.

You should store ghee in a dark-colored glass jar. Or else, you can store this premium dairy product into a steel container. This is the best way to keep it safe from light, heat, and moisture exposure. Regardless you buy organic ghee online or from a regular store, check the storage recommendation of the ghee manufacturer. Despite its shelf-friendliness, proper storage is one of the prerequisites of organic ghee use with all the ghee benefits.

Tallying all these points can be too hectic while buying organic grass-fed ghee. Alternatively, you can buy Milkio branded organic, grass-fed cow ghee, which is manufactured in New Zealand under a strict quality assurance and proper quality control.

Bring home Milkio organic ghee and introduce purity in your kitchen. But why Milkio?

Why Milkio Organic grass-fed is the best choice?

  • Milkio  organic ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed pure cow milk
  • The milk is collected from organic dairy farms of New Zealand with complete traceability of the ingredients sold.
  • Milkio organic ghee is certified by AsureQuality and BioGro, NZ: also Milkio organic ghee holds USDA Organic standard, which means the product adhered to the USDA standard of 95-100% purity
  • Milkio Organic ghee is HALAL and KOSHER certified
  • It is a storage-friendly dairy staple: After manufacturing Milkio Organic ghee stays up to 12 months undamaged in the kitchen without the support of refrigeration.
  • Milkio Organic ghee is more nutrients rich than any non-organic ghee available in the market.
  • Organic ghee from Milkio offers high smoking points and dieticians consider it a healthy cooking oil because of its stability against higher temperatures.
  • Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee is available in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and New Zealand markets, as well as in online shopping portals for purchase.

Bring home Milkio organic ghee and introduce purity in your kitchen. Now you know why Milkio organic ghee is the best authentic ghee available for you.

Planning to start your dairy business but you don’t want to engage yourself into the extensive manufacturing process?

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