Oil smoking temperatures: 5 points to call grass-fed ghee a safe cooking oil

  • August 21, 2021
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Oil smoking temperatures are called the burning point of an oil or cooking fat.

This is the temperature when an oil or cooking fat starts burning. Beyond the burning point, an oil gets broken and starts producing smoke and fumes.  Higher the smoking point of an oil, the oil is more stable. This is the reason, before we select the oil for use in our cooking we check the smoking point.

The smoke point of all the cooking oils varies widely from one to another. In general, the more refined an oil, the higher is its smoke/burn point, because the refining process eliminates impurities and free fatty acids which are the reason to cause the smoke from the oil.

Oil smoking temperatures depend on the origin, level of refinement, and components. The smoke point gets on the higher side when the quantity of fatty acid in the oil decreases and the level of refinement of the oil increases.

Furthermore, the act of heating determines the quantity of producing free fatty acids, and that finally lowers the smoke point. That is the reason behind the restriction of not to use the same oil for deep frying twice.

Oil smoking temperatures: how to choose oil?

At the time of buying cooking oil, you should check the following points.

  • Stability

Cooking should be healthy and you should take care of the oil quality in terms of its high smoking point and the process of cooking. The oil suitable for baking or slow cooking may not be suitable for sautéing or seasoning. However, stability is one of the most vital points of selecting the cooking oil. According to research, stability and higher Oil smoking temperatures go side by side.

  • Versatility

You should prefer to use versatile cooking oil, which you can use for all types of cooking like daily cooking and gourmet cooking. It helps in maintaining a healthy friendly standard of cooking in your kitchen. For instance, if you select grass-fed ghee for cooking, you can cook all types of dishes with ghee oil.

  • Nutritional profile

Besides the smoke point, you should also check the nutritional value of the oil you are using. Before you select a cooking fat, always check the nutritional profile. A healthy oil must have some nutrients, which are heart-friendly and health-friendly.

  • SFA profile

Cooking oil or cooking fat must have adequate saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids (SFA) are heart-friendly and under moderate use, these oils help in keeping the right control on heart health and LDL cholesterol in the blood.

  • Check the Polyunsaturated Fatty count (PUFA) Acids

 Apart from oil smoking temperatures, you should check the Polyunsaturated Fatty count (PUFA) Acids counts in the cooking oil you have purchased. Polyunsaturated fatty acids mostly miss some hydrogen atoms and contain two or more double bonds. It is wise to stay away from cooking oils with plenty of polyunsaturated fats. For example, popular vegetable oils like canola oil, corn oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and soy oil are mostly unstable. Due to their low oil smoking temperatures, these oils produce a higher amount of free radicals when heated that function harmful to health.


  • Check the storage friendliness

If you want to select an ideal cooking oil or fat, you cannot overlook its shelf-friendliness. The unstable oils are mostly unstable on the kitchen shelf too. In terms of oil smoking temperatures, most of vegetable and herbal oils offer lower smoking points and lower shelf stability.

When choosing a cooking oil, you should check its storage friendliness. It will be more pocket-friendly in terms of budget, and a stable oil will offer you a better scale of stability in terms of health friendliness. 

Counting all these six points, you have to select the best cooking oil for your kitchen. Although there are plenty of cooking oils and fats available, all these six qualities are hardly available in a few products; however, ghee clarified butter is one of them.

What is Ghee clarified butter?

Ghee or clarified butter is not an herbal oil like olive oil or coconut oil. It is animal fat, which is produced from milk butter or milk cream. By the process of boiling, regular milk butter gets more clarified, and milk solids like lactose, casein, etc. get eliminated from the milk butter.

Pure ghee is butterfat and is also known as simplified or clarified butter. As it is lactose and casein-free dairy, pure ghee is suitable for the diet of people with a mild or severe dairy allergy. Consumers with lactose intolerance can try ghee in their diet and stay healthy.

Why ghee clarified butter is a safe cooking oil? 5 reasons to call it a superfood and healthy oil

Ghee clarified butter is counted as a safe cooking oil because of 6 significant reasons. The reasons are narrated here.

High smoking point ensures safety in cooking

Ghee offers a higher smoking point. It has been checked that pure grass-fed offers 485 degrees Fahrenheit, which is anytime higher than popular vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. In terms of oil smoking temperatures, pure ghee is a safe oil you can use in all types of cooking.

Versatility optimizes cooking friendliness

Pure grass-fed ghee is versatile cooking oil. You can use ghee for all types of cooking. Besides using it as cooking oil, you can use ghee as a tasty seasoning, a spread as a butter alternative, a bulletproof coffee condiment, and a medicinal fat for therapeutic uses.

Ghee is rich in nutrition 

Ghee is rich in nutrition. Besides its higher oil smoking temperatures, pure ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K2 and health-friendly fatty acids like CLA, butyric acid, Omega-3, 6. The nutritional profile of ghee is rich enough which besides its high calorie, can help in improving immunity in the body.

Healthy statured fats are health-friendly

Ghee contains loads of fat but the fats are mostly saturated healthy fats, which are heart-friendly and if added in the diet maintaining moderation, can take care of HDL cholesterol and helps in lowering harmful LDL cholesterol in the body. Ghee does not have many Trans-fats or PUFA, which is again an advantage of using it as a regular cooking oil.

Pure grass-fed ghee is shelf-stable. With refrigeration support, you can store ghee in the kitchen for 1-18 months from its date of manufacturing.


The benefits of using ghee as a healthy cooking oil

Besides the higher oil smoking temperatures advantage of ghee, ghee as a cooking oil offers some more exciting benefits, which are health-friendly and promote holistic wellness.

  • Ghee helps in Digestion: ghee in the diet stimulates gastric juice and that is why helps in smooth digestion. But as a fat-based filler food, it takes time in getting digested, hence restricts calorie intake.
  • Ghee takes care of brain health: Pure ghee in the diet is a supportive food for a healthy brain. Ghee in the diet helps kids and adults to enjoy good brain health and for aged people, it is a preventive Ayurvedic preventive remedy of memory-related disorders.
  • Pure ghee helps in weight loss: Pure grass-fed contains up to 64% healthy saturated fats, which includes omega-3 fatty acids, Conjugated Linoleic acid, butyric acid, etc. These are health-friendly fatty acids in ghee that help in reducing unwanted fats from the body if taken in moderation and get coupled with an active lifestyle.
  • Grass-fed ghee releases the discomfort of constipation: The butyrate content of grass-fed ghee aids in regular bowel movement and offers a natural remedy for constipation. Butyrate is a supplement for colon care and keeps a healthy colon. Ghee as cooking oil is a reliable source of butyrate.
  • Ghee improves immunity:  Pure ghee is nutritious cooking oil for its vitamins, antioxidant, and healthy fats. The cooking oil is an immunity booster if added to the diet.
  • Ghee in the diet is helpful for good bone density: Pure Ghee in the diet takes care of the bone density in the human body. The K2 content in ghee helps in extracting calcium from food and helps in fortifying the bones in the body.
Summing up:

Now the discussion helps in highlighting how Ghee is superior cooking oil and with a higher oil smoking temperatures advantage, ghee offers many other attractive health benefits for its consumers which hardly any other cooking can offer.

But ghee health benefits are available from pure grass-fed ghee only. You have to buy pure organic grass-fed ghee to enjoy all these ghee benefits.

You can buy Milkio Grass-fed ghee for your kitchen. Made in New Zealand, Milkio ghee is certified organic and a Non-GMO product by Bio-Gro. It is lactose and casein-free dairy product, which makes it suitable for a lactose-intolerant diet. Apart from its high oil smoking temperatures advantage, Milkio ghee is USDA certified for its 100% purity and it is Keto and Paleo diet-friendly.

When you will be planning to buy the safe cooking oil with high oil smoking temperatures privilege, think of Milkio ghee. You will get the best ghee benefits free with safe cooking oil.

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