Is ghee dairy free?

Is ghee dairy free may seem to be a simple question, but it is actually not that easy a query! Have you ever thought that ghee or clarified butter is made of milk but this milk product is ingestible for people with the problem of dairy intolerance?

Have you ever wondered that although produced from perishable cow’s milk-butter, ghee is a shelf-stable consistent kitchen staple?

Ghee, being a purely milky fat is not like usual dairy products in many aspects. But what’s the reason behind the unique characteristics of ghee? Why ghee is called a versatile cooking oil? Why ghee is counted as a better cooking oil than traditional butter?


Is ghee dairy free

Let’s take a look.

Why ghee is safe for lactose intolerant people?

The making process of ghee is solely responsible for its unique character. In the organic grass fed ghee making process, by heating butter under a slow-cook process clarified butter gets produced. The boiling process gradually eliminates milk solids like lactose and casein from this grass fed butter.

It has been tested that lactose and casein are the dairy protein that often triggers allergy for lactose-intolerant people.

Ghee is a dairy product

Ghee is made of unsalted grass fed butter and that is why it is dairy product. Although ghee is a dairy product, it is free from lactose and casein and that makes it a safe food for lactose intolerants. Ghee has some milk fat benefits but it does not have the milk allergy hazards usually dairy allergic people face.

Traditional Ghee is not a dairy-free item as it is made of milk butter, but it is not allergic to dairy intolerant people because of its lactose and casein-free content. Cultured ghee contains lactic acid, which makes it safe for people even with a severe dairy allergy.

How ghee is healthy?

Organic cow ghee is also called organic clarified butter. Nutritionists and dieticians call it healthy saturated fat because of its multi nutrient-enriched content. Pure cow ghee contains vitamins, antioxidants, Medium-chain fatty acids, etc. Take a look here, how these nutrients contribute to the health benefits of ghee consumers.

Ghee contains vitamin A, D, E, and K2. These are all fat-soluble and heart-friendly vitamins. Moderate consumption of pure ghee butter in conjunction with an active lifestyle helps in maintaining good heart health.

Vitamin A helps in brain development as well as helps in maintaining the good health of the eyes.

Multivitamins in clarified butter promote immunity and increase the fertility power of humans.

Ghee contains Butyrate, which helps in maintaining a healthy colon.

Ghee contains Omega 3, 6, and Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that helps in weight loss if you can couple your lifestyle with exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate rest.

Ghee in pregnancy diet boosts fetus’ health as well as it boosts the health of the carrying mother.

Although clarified butter is a dairy item but its free from allergic milk protein part and that makes it suitable for dairy free diet.

What makes ghee versatile?

Besides the general query “is ghee dairy free”, pure cow ghee is also called a versatile cooking oil. There are some strong reasons being calling ghee versatile.

Ghee can be used in all types of cooking like barbeque, baking, deep-frying, sautéing, slow cooking, etc. It is considered a safe cooking oil because of the higher smoke point of this dairy cooking oil. Because of a higher smoking point, ghee is a safer cooing fat option than coconut oil and Olive oil.

Besides its use in cooking, ghee can be consumed as raw as a healthy substitute to regular butter. You can add it to toast as a spread and you can add it to your tea and bulletproof coffee for converting your morning beverage into an energy drink.

Culinary experts use Ghee in the cooking of both veg and non-veg dishes. Similarly, Butterfat is used in making dessert dishes. You can use organic grass-fed ghee as well as homemade ghee for both daily cooking and gourmet cooking. 

Himalayan Pink salt ghee is a healthy substitute for traditional salted butter. The ghee does not contain milk protein but the Himalayan pink salt in it offers a salty taste and combo benefits of Himalayan pink salt and grass fed ghee

Ghee as a kitchen staple

This kitchen staple can be used in making different Ayurvedic medicines. Also, you can use this milk fat as a staple ingredient of some popular home remedies.

Ghee is a healthy seasoning. You can use ghee in salad and season for boiled veggies. Its unique nutty aroma increases the palate of the cooked dish in your diet. 

Ghee works as a taste enhancer in food dishes, which is quite popular in Indian, Pakistani, and Middle East cuisines.

Ghee is used in morning coffee for making bulletproof coffee, which is full of saturated butter fat and vitamins like A, E, K2, and D. 

The healthy fat content of ghee clarified butter works as an energy source and filler food. Ghee aids in natural weight loss and that makes it a Keto diet-friendly cooking fat.

For all these qualities, ghee is rightly called a versatile kitchen staple and cooking fat. Ghee benefits are easy to implement. However, for all the ghee benefits, you should use organic 100% grass fed ghee from the market in your diet.

If you are planning to buy the best quality ghee for your diet, you may try Milkio organic grass-fed ghee. Made in New Zealand from 100% grass-fed cow milk-butter, this dairy product will offer you all unique ghee benefits.

Milkio grass-fed organic ghee is certified by BioGro, the leading product certifier in New Zealand. Produced from unsalted butter, it is a natural product free from synthetic color, flavor, and preservative. Milkio organic ghee is full of healthy fat and contains no sugar, gluten, protein, carbohydrate, and harmful trans fats. It is 100% pure and endorsed by the USDA for its purity.

Milkio ghee is lactose and casein-free, hence you don’t need to wonder about “is ghee dairy free” or not. You can add Milkio ghee for people with severe lactose intolerance.



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