Organic ghee Dubai: enjoy your family recipe with this pure dairy

  • September 7, 2021
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Organic ghee Dubai is a versatile kitchen staple. It will help you in making delectable dishes for your family members.

Modern dieticians call it a 21st century superfood as besides adding great taste, ghee can offer you excellent health benefits.

However, quality consciousness and moderation are the two keys for successful ghee cooking.  In Middle East use of ghee is quite common for adding taste and an opulence in its cooked dishes.  Slow cooking is one of the prerequisites of Dubai cuisine. Culinary experts here add good quality ghee as a versatile cooking oil. Hence, organic ghee Dubai  is in great demand.

Why Organic Ghee Is In High Demand?

Organic certified ghee is pure in terms of its ingredients and it never contains synthetic color, preservative, and additives. It is free from the risk of allergy as organic cow ghee is completely free of lactose and casein, which often cause food allergy in dairy sensitive people.

Furthermore, pure organic ghee is highly shelf-stable and can be stored up to 18 months from the date of manufacturing without the support of refrigeration in your kitchen.

Ghee Benefits In Desert Climate Of Dubai And Neighborhood

Ghee in diet helps in many ways in dry climate of Middle East. Some of these ghee benefits are:

  • Coolant effect of ghee keeps digestive system well balanced and helps in faster digestion.
  • Ghee in cooking offers a moisturized impact: it helps in maintaining skin and hair despite the fry weather around.
  • Ghee in food helps in getting added energy when it is needed.
  • Ghee offers anti-aging benefits for the consumers.

Buying organic ghee Dubai is the best and cost effecient way to  add ghee benefits in the diet.

Organic ghee Dubai
Organic ghee Dubai

Some Popular Emirati Dishes That Are Highly Popular In Dubai and Middle East

  • Majboos: It is a lip smacking Arabian dish consisting of chicken and rice with assorted spices and ingredients such as cinnamon, chickpeas, saffron and cardamom. It is usually served with chicken and special sauce of tomatoes and chilies. Ghee is a staple ingredient for sautéing and seasoning.
  • Bottom chicken: The bottom chicken recipe is a culinary delight. The chicken is placed under the cooked rice in the cooking pot. The ingredients are mainly steamed rice, chicken, curcuma, yogurt, boiled potatoes and finely sliced onion and of course the cooking medium is pure cow ghee. .
  • Madroob: This is a delicious dish for seafood freaks. Madroob is an authentic Emirati dish. It is cooked with tasty Hamour fish along with Egyptian rice, fried tomato, minced garlic, chopped, onion, cloves and cinnamon powder and best quality organic ghee Dubai as cooking oil.
  • Al-Jabab bread: This is somehow almost similar to normal pan cakes. The added attraction of this recipe is the yummy flavor of the special Emirati syrup containing rosewater, cardamom and honey. It is one of the delicious Emirati desserts and with ghee fry it will taste scrumptious.
  • Jami: This is one of the most popular easy recipe in UAE cuisine. It is prepared with laban (buttermilk) with pure cow ghee. This Middle East recipe is perfect for a light but healthy breakfast.
  • Bathieth: If you love sweet dish you don’t prefer too sugary dishes, this is just the right culinary delight for you! The sweet dish is prepared with dates, Organic ghee Dubai, brown wheat, almonds, hazelnuts sesame, and rosewater for adding flavor.
  • Khameer bread: Emirati bread Khameer is cooked with ghee baking. Made of light dough containing curcuma and saffron, pure cow ghee adds a unique nutty flavor in this bread.
  • Markouka: This delicious Middle East recipe is made with ghee cooked chicken along with zucchinis, carrots, wheat, and boiled potatoes with black pepper.
  • Ayish: It is a dish of rice that generally served with red meat or chicken: the meat dish is prepared with ghee along with rosewater, curcuma, and saffron dash.

Organic ghee Dubai is quite a popular and a popular dairy product, however, all ghee brands available in Dubai and neighborhood market is not officially organic certified.

In order to enjoy best ghee benefits you should use only organic certified pure cow ghee only.

If you are wondering in the market of Dubai for buying a reliable organic certified ghee, you may try Milkio traditional 100% grass fed ghee. Enjoying Middle East cuisine will be especially delectable with Milkio ghee.  Milkio 100% organic ghee, Milkio Cultured organic ghee, Milkio A2 Grass fed organic ghee are USDA certiied products.

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