Ghee meaning is not about a word meaning, it is about a complicated concept of adding wellness to life.

Etymologically ghee is called in English as butter Oil, clarified butter, drawn butter, seafood butter, etc. the same product is called in French as beurre clarifié, beurre noisette (hazelnut butter, nutty butter or brown butter), etc.

Ghee is a natural dairy product and it is produced from milk fats. There are different methods for making ghee, however, the traditional slow cooking method is mostly used for manufacturing of best quality pure ghee. Here pure ghee is used for pure and 100% grass fed cow ghee.

What is special about ghee meaning is its positive effect on lifestyle.

Ghee in diet is not only meant for enhancing taste and flavor of food, it is about adding natural wellness to your way of living.  It’s a feel good food that will always add a special stimulus to stay fit and motivated.

How ghee is helpful for your external health

Pure cow ghee is called a natural elixir. Besides the use of ghee is diet, this diary product is completely compatible for its external use. You can use ghee as a body massage oil. Skin massage with ghee is an easy but sure-shot way to maintain a natural glow on skin.

Ghee massage on head is quite helpful for maintaining excellent hair health. Ghee application in hair keeps them moisturized, removes dandruff, and control the tendency to get fizzed.

Application of pure cow ghee helps in mending cracked skin: especially for chapped lips ghee massage works like wonder.

Ghee massage on under eye area is extremely helpful for reducing the unsightly appearance of fine line, wrinkles, and ski blemishes.

How ghee can add to your body’s nutrition?

Pure cow ghee is rich in nutrients. It contains multiple vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Pure ghee is loaded with 64% saturated fats, which includes Omega 3, and 6 fatty acids and Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Also Ghee contains sufficient butyrate.

  • All the fat soluble vitamins in ghee are heart friendly: ghee in diet helps in keeping heart health at par.
  • Butyrate in ghee helps in relieving constipation. If you are suffering from chronic IBS problem moderate ghee in diet can help you in getting relief.
  • Moderate cow ghee in diet is a natural remedy to keep control on cholesterol level in blood.
  • Ghee in cooking can significantly help in digestion, development of immunity, strong bones, and nil, hair, skin, and eye health.

How ghee enhances your wellbeing?

Pure cow ghee in diet is helpful for physical wellbeing of your body if used in moderation and if a healthy life style is coupled with ghee diet.  According to research, ghee diet helps in

  • Improving concentration and memory power.
  • Boosting a feel-good mood.
  • Energizing if added to tea or coffee.
  • Supporting in weight loss if assisted by exercise and adequate rest.
  • Detoxing of health system if consumed in empty stomach with water.

Grass-fed ghee benefits

Pure cow ghee in cooking is the most natural way to add ghee benefits in your life.

The benefits of having ghee is an all-rounder one that contributes in complete wellbeing of an individual with general health and active lifestyle.

This is the reason, it is rightly said that consumption of ghee meaning is not helpful for adding taste and richness to diet, it is helpful for leading a balanced lifestyle leading toward a complete wellbeing of mind and body in a holistic way.


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