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Best organic grass fed ghee is highly praised by modern dieticians and nutritionists.

Ms. Rujuta Diwekar, the Celebrity dietician from India mostly prescribes a ghee diet for people with an active lifestyle. Also, the ghee diet is suitable for people who maintain awareness about their healthy body weight management.

There is no doubt that organic grass fed ghee offers plenty of health aids including some beauty benefits for its users. But finding the best product out of the many can be tricky unless you serach methodically, online and offline.

One of the easiet way to identify the best organic grass fed ghee is to verify the organic certification. But before that we should discuss about what organic ghee is.

What is organic ghee? Why the organic certification is important?

If you buy the best organic grass fed ghee, you have check its organic authentication. Many ghee manufacturers are there in the market who claim their dairy product organic but cannot produce the certification validating their organic status.

Organic ghee is produced from all pure cow milk. Milk from only grass fed cow is used as raw ingredients. These grass-fed dairy cows are kept free on the green pasture and they are fed with the best quality organic grass round the year. 

What is organic pasture?

All pastured are not organic green pasture. An organic dairy farm collects its cattle feed only from the green pastures which are not treated by chemical fertilizers at least for the last three years.

he restriction makes organic grasses free from pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues. The purity reflects in the quality of organic butter produced from this organic cow milk.

 Grass fed ghee contains higher quantity of nutrients. For instance, the amount of CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) and Omega 3 fatty acid is higher in grass-fed cow ghee than  grain-fed cow milk. 

According to dairy research, organic grass fed raw milk of cow is more nutritious than grain-fed cow milk, so is grass fed butter. So for simple reason, organic ghee is more nutrient-rich than non-organic ghee. Milkio grass-fed ghee is certified authentic as it is manufactured from organic and 100% grass-fed butter/cream produced from organic milk.

Before you buy the best organic grass fed ghee, check the organic certification and the name of the product certifier. Milkio organic grass fed ghee is organic-certified by BioGro, New Zealand. It is a certified non-product, and it is certified by USDA for its 100% purity. If you are looking for the best quality organic grass-fed ghee, Milkio ghee is your right choice.

Organic grass fed ghee: how much storage-friendly is the product?

Storage friendliness is one of the premium advantages of using best organic grass fed ghee. Usually, this superior quality brown butter offers a longer shelf life without the support of refrigeration. The user can buy the product in bulk and can store it easily on the normal kitchen shelf.

Before you select and buy the best organic grass fed ghee, do not forget to check its expiry date. Ideally, it should be within 18 months from the date of production. You should check the product manufacturing date. You will get it on the product label.  Before buying, you should be happy with the claim of a manufacturer that he produces 100% organic grass fed ghee.

How to store ghee in your kitchen?

You can store ghee in your kitchen for a longer tenure. Just preserve the product in a dry place in an airtight container. 

Ghee is highly photosensitive. So, you must place the ghee container in a dark and dry space. Moisture exposure can damage the ghee quality. So be sure that the ghee storing shelf is not humid and dry enough. The aim is to restrict moisture intrusion in the dairy you have stored there. 

A Glass jar is a better storage container for organic ghee storage, however, a good virgin quality air-tight plastic jar can also serve as a safe ghee storage container.

What to check before buying the best organic grass fed ghee?

If you are buying the best organic grass fed ghee online, check five tricky points beforehand:

  1. If the shelf life of the product is 18 months from the manufacturing date.
  2. If the ghee is made from 100% grass fed butter or cream, which is produced from grass fed cow milk only.
  3. If the product is produced by using the traditional ghee making method, so that the purity of the raw ingredients is saved as maximum as possible.
  4. If there is a clear declaration about the natural quality of the product, which means it’s GMO, additive, preservative, lactose, casein, and synthetic color free natural dairy product. The best organic grass fed ghee is certified pure by reputable certifier like USDA.
  5. If you can get the details of organic certification.

If you are buying ghee from the local shop, check

  • If the ghee is of golden yellow color.
  • If the product offers a yummy nutty smell.
  • If the ghee offers a creamy texture.
  • If the product needs refrigeration support while storing in the kitchen.

The best organic grass fed ghee, as well as cultured ghee, is indeed a dairy delicacy. However, it’s a definite privilege to add the best quality organic cow ghee to the diet. But you have to maintain moderation in quantity and buy an quality assured product.

Organic grass-fed ghee: why it is an exclusive product?

Organic products are exclusive because of the limited availability, high cost of maintenance. In organic dairy, yield is lower than conventional dairy which makes the supply scare than non-organic ghee ingredients.

Here all the dairy related processes including milking is done mainatining natural process. In an organic dairy, the highest grade of animal welfare is maintained, which also attracts added maintenance costs. 

Arranging organic grass for cattle feed is expensive and that adds added cost to organic yield. Maintaining organic grass fed cows is expensive because they are never treated by antibiotics or hormonal medicines.

Overall, organic grass-fed cow’s milk and organic butter is expensive, which makes grass fed organic ghee an expensive dairy product. But buying the best organic grass fed ghee for your pantry is always a wise choice.

Organic grass-fed ghee benefits:

Let’s take a look here at the ghee butter benefits you will get to enjoy from your organic ghee purchase:

  • Ghee improves the ability of digestion. It reduces the problem of acidity, flatulence, etc. 
  • Grass fed ghee contains more butyrate and that helps in maintaining a healthy colon. Ghee diet reduces constipation.
  • Organic grass fed ghee offers a higher smoke point and acts as a safe cooking oil. It is more storage-friendly than other popular cooking oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or other vegetable oil products.
  • Pure ghee povides natural weight loss support. It is enriched in healthy and saturated fat content is the reason it is counted as Keto-friendly dairy food. Melted ghee is a healthy alternative to regular butter.
  • The healthy fat content and heart-friendly vitamins in ghee help in maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Ghee in the diet makes bones fortified.
  • Ghee diet promotes good health of skin, hair, eye, and brain.

 The best organic grass fed ghee is known for its multiple health benefits, but unfortunately, all ghee brands are not stringent about product quality and food safety. Besides, all grass fed milk made ghee is not the best organic grass fed ghee.

Consumers may not get the expected the best organic grass fed ghee benefits  unless they opt for an authentic branded ghee product. If you wish to avoid quality compromised quality compromised ghee products, you may use the checklist narrated above.

About  Milkio  100% organic Grass fed ghee

Milkio Foods, New Zealand offers  100% organic grass fed ghee, and cultured organic grass fed ghee, A2 organic grass fed ghee for your kitchen. These organic ghee products are USDA certified, Non-GMO verified, keto, Paleo diet friendly and Halal Koshar apporved dairy.

Milkio 100% organic ghee has received good feedback from the market as the best best organic grass fed ghee. The certified organic grass fed ghee is available for online purchases from Amazon, Walmart, Milkio E commerce service, etc. 


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