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Best organic grass fed ghee is highly praised by modern dieticians and nutritionists.

Ms. Rujuta Diwakar, the Celebrity dietician from India always prescribes ghee diet for people with active lifestyle and awareness about their healthy body weight management. 

There is no doubt that organic grass fed ghee offers plenty of health aids as well as beauty benefits for its users. But finding the best product out of the many can be tricky unless you follow a suggested checklist.

Check organic certification. What is organic ghee?

 If you to buy the best quality organic clarified butter, you have to be sure about its organic authentication.  There are many ghee manufacturers in market who claim their dairy product organic but cannot produce the certification validating their organic status.

Organic ghee is produced from all pure cow milk, and cows are fed best quality organic grass round the year.  Out of all types of cow ghee, organic cow ghee is certified authentic and is found enriched with multiple nutrients.  

Organic grass fed ghee: how much storage friendly is the product?

Storage friendliness is one of the premium advantages of using organic quality grass fed cow ghee. Usually, this superior quality brown butter offers longer shelf life without the support of refrigeration.

Before you buy organic ghee, do not forget to check its expiry date. Ideally it should be within 12-18 months from the date of production. Unless this longevity is given in written, you should not be happy with the claim of a manufacturer that he produces 100% organic grass fed ghee.

How to store ghee in your kitchen?

You can store ghee in your kitchen for long. You have to preserve the product in a dry place preferably in an airtight container. Ghee is highly photosensitive. So you must place the ghee container in a dark and dry space. Moisture exposure can impact negative for ghee quality. So you have to sure that the ghee storing shelf will not be humid. Glass jar is better for ghee storage, however, good virgin quality air tight plastic jar can serve perfect as your ghee storage container.

What to check before buying the best organic grass fed ghee?

If you are buying the organic grass fed ghee online, check few points beforehand:

  • If the shelf life of the product is 12-18 months from the manufacturing date.
  • If the ghee is made from 100% grass fed cow milk butter.
  • If it is produced by using traditional ghee making method.
  • If there is clear declaration about the natural quality of the product, which means its GMO, Additive, preservative, and synthetic color free natural dairy product.

If you are buying ghee from the local shop, check

  • If the ghee is of golden yellow color.
  • If the product offers a yummy nutty smell.
  • If the ghee offers a creamy texture.

100% organic grass fed ghee is indeed a dairy delicacy. However, it’s a definite privilege to add best quality organic cow ghee in diet but moderation in quantity and awareness about quality is a prerequisite.

Good quality organic grass fed ghee is known for its multiple health benefits, but unfortunately all cow ghee brands are not quality conscious. In order to stay away from quality compromised products, you can use the checklist narrated above.

You may try Milkio organic grass fed ghee. Made in New Zealand, Milkio organic ghee is Biogro certified dairy delicacy and will offer you all the ghee benefits. It is available for online purchase too.


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