Organic grass fed ghee: ghee buying tips

Organic grass fed ghee: ghee buying tips

Organic grass fed ghee has earned global popularity and this dairy product is now available under different brands.

But the irony is all ghee qualities are not at par. Dieticians and nutritionists are recommending mostly to use organic quality grass fed ghee in ghee diet. However ghee uses have to be moderate by all means.  The quantity about how much ghee should be consumed varies from one person to another, and it also depends on the general health of the consumers.

 What is the organic grass fed ghee?

Organic ghee is a natural dairy product that offers plenty of health benefits. It is produced from pure and best quality raw materials like pure cow milk. For producing organic grass fed ghee manufacturers use the purest form of milk butter procured from 100% grass fed cows’ milk.

The milk used in this process are collected from 100% grass fed cows, which is full of best milk benefits. As a result, organic grass fed ghee meets the highest quality standard.

 How to verify the organic status?

Real organic grass fed cow ghee brand will have valid organic certification. If a ghee manufacturer claims his product as organic, it has to be legally certified.

For example, Milkio Foods produced organic cow ghee is certified by BioGro NZ, one of the largest and well-known certifier for organic produce and products in New Zealand. Milkio organic grass fed cow ghee is produced by using 100% grass fed healthy and happy cow milk.

How to check ghee quality online?

It is a real life issue that in online purchasing you cannot check the product physically. Here you have to check the product quality by using few guidelines:

  • Check the certification: true organic products will show organic certification on the label
  • Look for the expiry date: organic grass fed ghee is a shelf stable product, can be stored for 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing
  • Best organic ghee is storage friendly: you don’t need refrigeration support to store it in your kitchen
  • Best quality cow ghee is beneficial for health and other ghee benefits: check if the ghee you are buying is natural and unadulterated
  • Good quality cow ghee is photosensitive. You will find it packed in non-transparent container or in a pack for making it moisture proof, heat proof, and protected from unwanted exposure to light
  • Organic cow ghee offers high smoke point. Adulterated ghee will show lower smoke point.

How to taste ghee purity in home?

Adulteration in cow ghee is a common mischief. Post purchase you can check the purity of ghee by using these simple methods.

  • Take some ghee from the purchased container in a test tube and add sugar in it: heat the mix. If a layer of red color is found at the bottom of the test tube, the ghee contains vegetable oil.
  • Take few drops of melted ghee in another test tube and add 2-3 drop of iodine solution in it. If the solutions turns purple in color, there is adulteration of sweet potato or normal potato mesh in the ghee.
  • Take some ghee in a glass jar and place in it refrigerator. If there is mix of coconut oil in thee ghee, the melted ghee will create two layers.
  • Organic grass fed ghee is a pantry staple and can help in maintaining good skin care and hair care. External use of ghee is beneficial as cooking with ghee is good for maintaining good health and wellbeing. But it is important to use best quality grass fed organic cow ghee for enjoying best ghee benefits.

 How organic ghee is used?

  • Organic ghee is used in cooking. You can use it for baking sautéing, deep fry, as well as for seasoning salads, etc.
  • Organic grass fed ghee has some unique medicinal properties. You can use it raw. For example, like ghee benefits in Ayurveda medicine, the remedy can be enjoyed by consuming organic ghee with milk before bedtime.
  • Similarly, using raw ghee for coffee is a healthy option; if you want to reduce your body weight, add organic grass fed cow ghee, the best ghee for coffee, and turn your morning beverage into a health drink.
  • Like internal use you can use organic ghee for hair and skin care by external massage.
  • Health freaks following Keto diet can include organic ghee in their diet as a fat source.
  • Organic grass fed ghee is the best ghee for Keto for its umpteen fat content.

 Want to buy 100% grass fed organic cow ghee? 

Buy Milkio grass fed organic cow ghee and enjoy all the ghee benefits at its best! This New Zealand ghee is one of the best organic ghee in its category. You can buy this premium quality organic ghee online and from regular stores.

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Ghee manufacturers’ concern in quality ghee production

Ghee manufacturers’ concern in quality ghee production

Ghee manufacturers are the main persons behind the quality assurance of the ghee.

Wide varieties of ghee products are available under different brand names, but people mostly select the products which are from reliable brands. Consumers consider a brand reliable where the profile of the product manufacturer stands consistent. This is applicable for ghee manufacturers too.

 How is ghee manufactured?

Ghee differs somewhat in its process of production. Ghee is naturally prepared by boiling milk butter, which is prepared by churning the milk cream (conventionally it is prepared by churning curd), removing all the impurities come up on the surface, and then preserving the clear liquid fat. The solid residue settled to the bottom has to be discarded.

What ghee contains?

Ghee is comprised of a wide range of short, medium, and long chain fatty acids, both unsaturated and saturated type. Ghee  clarified butter contains Omega-3 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and K. Ghee made from organic butter of pasture raised cows is one of the best natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

What is special about ghee?

In addition to vitamins and antioxidants, the components in ghee helps in decreasing inflammation and keeps digestive system clean and detoxed. This dairy item is also helpful for adding in diet because it can maintain a healthy digestive system. Furthermore, clarified butter, especially when derived from grass-fed cow milk, contains the health friendly fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which offers support in natural weight loss. Ghee manufacturers use premium raw material to maintain ghee’s special quality.

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How ghee manufacturers produce pure organic ghee?

Ghee is characteristically prepared by simmering butter, and it is churned from butter cream. Pure ghee is produced without using any additive, color, or preservatives. Ghee manufacturers use the best raw materials procured from listed farms of the country who follow the rules of organic farming.  Organic ghee is certified by an organic certifier about its compliance to the organic ghee label.

What is ghee residue called?

 Ghee manufacturers consider the Ghee-residue as the by-product of ghee producing process. During the manufacturing method of ghee, the solids present in the cream/butter take the form of some small granular particles, which are known as ghee-residue.

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How many liters of milk make 1 kg ghee?

Usually, about 25 liters of pure milk is required for making 1 kg of clarified butter. But the amount varies from 16 liters to 35 liters and can go as high as 40 liters under certain special conditions. To make 1 kg of traditional (ancient Indian) ghee or clarified butter, according to ghee manufacturers, usually 30–35 liters of cow milk is required.

Can you make ghee from Curd?

Yes, there is an easy process you can follow for making ghee by using curd.  For example, Bilona Ghee is procured by churning the curd of milk. Small scale ghee manufacturers use this method where the whole curd is churned with a woody churner using the bilona method. After that the churned cream gets heating by boiling method and ghee is made.  In this process around 30 KG of Curd is used for making around 1 kg of ghee or clarified butter.

What happened when ghee burns?

Burning ghee exerts oxygen in the environment. Each ghee molecule comprises roughly 3–5 oxygen atoms, which get released at the time of burning ghee. However, burning ghee consumes 50x-100x more oxygen than it contains oxygen in its molecule.

Does ghee go bad?

Usually ghee clarified butter is a storage friendly dairy product. Unless the product gets over exposed to heat, light, or moisture, there is little chance to get it spoiled.  You should store ghee according to the ghee manufacturer’s recommendation.

If the storage condition is maintained, there is hardly any possibility of going ghee bad.  However only pure grass fed ghee is shelf stable. Adulterated ghee has a tendency to get rancid, and the taste, smell, and color will get obnoxious.

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Does ghee need refrigeration?

Usually ghee is a shelf-stable dairy product. After you open the lid of the ghee container, you can keep a container grass fed ghee in the normal temperature usually.  However for refrigeration support need it is always better to follow the instruction of the ghee manufacturer.

If you follow the storage instruction, you will be able to preserve your purchased ghee for long.   The simple rules are:

  • Do not store ghee in a plastic jar: prefer to keep it in a dark colored glass jar or in a steel container.
  • Always keep the ghee container in a dark and dry shelf away from moisture.

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How can we identify pure ghee?

In order to identify the purity of the ghee clarified butter you have purchased, do not rely on the claim of the concerned ghee manufacturer.  You can do two simple tests at home to verify the quality of the ghee you have purchased.

  • Take a teaspoon of melted ghee in a test tube or in a transparent bottle. Add a dash of sugar. Now close the container and give it a strong shake. Let it stand for 2-5 minutes. If a red color appears at the bottom of the vessel, then the sample contains vegetable oil.
  • Melt a small quantity of the ghee/butter. Pour it into a glass jar and place in the fridge till it gets frozen. Presence of a separate layer in the jar indicates the presence of other oils.

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How Quality assurance is a pivotal point of ghee production?

Maintaining total supply chain for best arrangement of raw materials, the ghee making process, arranging proper equipment, and recruiting right and skilled workforce is the sole decision and responsibility of the ghee manufacturer. Ghee making process is a sensitive one and it has to be implemented with all intricacies maintained.

Milkio grass fed ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk. It is a pure ghee, which is free of color, flavor, or synthetic preservative. 

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Ghee manufacturer of Milkio grass fed ghee is Milkio Food and the company is based in New Zealand. Milkio Ghee is available for purchase in online as well as in regular stores.

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How to make ghee: what makes grass fed ghee unique in its category

How to make ghee: what makes grass fed ghee unique in its category

How to make ghee is all about ghee production.

But the process and its arrangement decides the premium quality of this dairy product. Ghee is manufactured till date with the traditional boiling process as dairy experts opine that traditional slow cooking process is the best for this dairy delicacy.

What is the traditional ghee making process?

It is a slow cooking process where milk butter is the raw material. In order to make ghee, you need to melt gently the butter in a saucepan against medium-low heat. Once the butter is melted, the butter will get separated into three distinct layers. Foamy layer will be on the top, the milk solids will accumulate to the bottom of the pan, and (ghee) clarified butter will stay between these two layers.

What is the color of the ghee prepared?

Once prepared, the clarified butter gets the color of golden yellow. If you boil it further, the golden yellow color may get the caramelized and the final product becomes semi liquid in room temperature. This time the color of ghee can be little brownish, which is the reason ghee is also called brown butter.

What makes ghee unique?

Ghee has nutritious content, which is health friendly as well as it has dome medicinal properties.  Unlike fat based oils, ghee does not impose harmful effect on heart if consumed in moderation. Ghee diet is helpful for people of all ages and it helps in improving lifestyle.

Ghee health benefits:

  • Ghee contains fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K. These are all heart friendly vitamins that supports healthy heart.
  • This dairy product contains sufficient butyrate that is a medicinal supplement for healthy colon. Ghee in diet is a simple but healthy way to control the recurring complication of constipation.
  • This #dairystaple contains healthy #saturatedfats and that help in natural weight loss management for people with active lifestyle. The Omega 3, 6, and CLA of ghee stand responsible for weight loss, heart health, and helps in getting energy and endurance for improved life style.
  • This #dairyproduct is anti-inflammatory in its effect. Moderate ghee is diet helps in reducing inflammation of body.
  • Ghee in food is a good remedy for reducing the discomfort of acidity.
  • Ghee is safe for lactose allergic people because it has negligible amount of lacrosse and casein.

Ghee medicinal benefits:

  • Morning tea or coffee with ghee and without sugar is as good as an energy drink. It works as a filler food too.
  • Ghee in lukewarm water at bedtime is a good medicine for insomnia.
  • Ghee with lukewarm water in empty stomach helps in body detoxing.
  • Ghee massage maintains good skin health and keeps hair heath at par.
  • Ghee diet improved brain power, boost concentration, and enhance memory in kids and aged people.
  • Food cooked with ghee is especially helpful for boosting virility in men and fertility in women. According to Ayurveda, ghee enhances libido power as well if taken in moderation.

These are some of the benefits of ghee that makes it unique in dairy product category. But all types of ghee are not this much health friendly.

Here how to make ghee plays a vital role of quality control.

Grass fed ghee:  why it is the best quality?

It has been surveyed and checked that grass fed cow ghee is the best in its category. This premium quality ghee is produced from grass fed milk-butter.

Cows that are grass fed and are not kept under captivity, produce better quality milk. The butter produced out of this superior quality of milk butter contains higher percentages of nutrients and fats that stand responsible for its better benefits.

Thus is the reason how to make ghee or the process of making ghee matters a lot in deciding the ghee quality. Unless the best quality in maintained, consumers will not get best benefits by their ghee diet.

Looking for a premium quality #ghee for your kitchen?

Try #Milkio traditional organic grass fed ghee. Produced from best quality grass fed milk butter, Milkio organic cow ghee is now available online for your hassle free purchase.

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Ghee benefits that you may not be fully aware of

Ghee benefits that you may not be fully aware of

Ghee benefits in a wide range of ways streaming from building the bones stronger and result in weight loss phenomenally.

In view of recent popularity in the ketogenic diet, healthy fats have gathered a lot of attention. Ghee a typical type of fat prepared by heating butter to boost its natural entrant’s profile and tongue-twisting flavor.  

Ghee is enriched with fat soluble vitamins as well as healthy fatty acids.

Ghee is known to be one of the great and powerful healing food which benefits health in multiple ways. It contributes to getting the strong bone, weight loss, and remarkable remedy of indigestion as well as a top ranking cooking medium.

Ghee benefits Ayurveda:

Ayurveda educates us that ghee consumption offers a remarkable range of benefits. Which comprise clarity and mental strength as well as good digestion.

The classical texts of Ayurveda like Charaka, and Samhita, narrates that “the intake of ghee is benefited those who are suffering from diseases due to vitiation of Vata and Pitta and desire other augmentations like:

  • Good eyesight,
  • Physical fitness of the aged,
  • Child health,
  • Physical weakness,
  • Long life, strength, good complexion, voice, and many more.
  • Augments the activity of brains and enkindles digestive enzymes,
Cow ghee benefits:

Cow ghee is full of Antioxidants. The source of cow ghee is from grass-fed cows, as a consequence, it is a good source of K2, butyric acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA. It is a natural fatty acid comprising anticancer and anti-oxidant properties that augment digestion.

Milk with ghee at night benefits:

This is an excellent health benefit and home remedy to augment digestive capability and curing constipation. You can enhance your digestion by drinking a warm glass of milk containing a spoon of cow ghee. Use it before going to bed. It will also good bowl clearance in the morning. Ghee nutrition facts: One tablespoon of ghee contains around:

  1. Around 115 calories
  2. 14.9 grams of fat
  3. 9.3 grams of saturated fat
  4. 0 carbohydrates
  5. 38.4 milligrams of cholesterol
  6. 460.1 IU of vitamin A
  7. 0.42 milligrams of vitamin E
Ghee nutrition benefits:

1.      High smoke point (250 °C or 482 °F). We can cook food with ghee without it breaks down into free radicals like many saturated or unsaturated oils.

2.      Do not spoil easily so need any refrigeration. Longer the age greater it’s medicinal effect.

3.      No effect of dairy or casein intolerance.

4.      Nutritionally Rich Like Coconut Oil

Ghee for health:

Similar to butter, ghee has experienced a bad reputation in the past years due to its high saturated fat constituent. But research result revealed that is instead of increasing the risk of heart disease, ghee actually has cardiac benefits. Ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A, E and K.

Ghee benefits include:

  1. Improve digestion,
  2. Reduce inflammation,
  3. Promote weight loss and
  4. Strengthens the bones.
  5. It can decrease the Glycaemic Index
  6. Keeps Constipation at bay



Clarified butter: why and how it is a wise choice for your cooking

Clarified butter: why and how it is a wise choice for your cooking

When you read in magazines or you are suggested by our health freak friends at random that clarified butter is a unique dairy staple, the question may pop up in your mind that what is clarified butter?

The straight answer is the clarified butter is the milk fat that gets converted from butter when water and milk solids are separated from milk fat by shimmering milk butter in a slow cooking process.

It is a traditional dairy product, which is believed originated from India and predominantly was popular in cooking Asian cuisine as ghee. However, recently clarified butter ghee has gained wide popularity for its list of health benefits if added to diet. 

When butter is cooked further and the shimmering butter gets free from lactose and casein, the milk protein, it becomes more clarified that its milk butter stage and it is called clarified butter. With further cook, clarified butter gets its caramelized color and becomes dense in its consistency. However if you compare clarified butter vs. ghee, you will find plenty of similarities like higher smoking point, loads of milk fat in the product, lactose and casein eliminated dairy, and longer shelf life.

What makes ghee a popular cooking ingredient is a matter of extensive explanation.

Apparently, it is seen that the versatile use and homemade preparation formula was one of the reasons for using this dairy product in kitchen. But recent research on this product has revealed some more benefits of using clarified butter ghee in cooking.

What makes ghee cooking friendly?

There three apparent reasons for cooking with ghee. Rather there are three reasons that has made this milk day a kitchen friendly product.  These three reasons are:

Ghee has higher smoke point:

Unlike other cooking oils, ghee enjoys higher smoke point and that makes this anhydrous fats safe for cooking in higher temperature.  Oils with low smoke point offers low burning point, which means these low smoke point oils burns faster and tend to produce more free radicals.  Cooking with ghee is safer for its higher smoke point.

Ghee can be used for all types of cooking:

Ghee can be used for high temperature cooking like baking, deep frying, sautéing, etc.  Furthermore, you can cook veg, non-veg, as well as dessert dishes with ghee. Versatility is one of the advantages of cooking with ghee.

Ghee can be stored for long in kitchen:

Ghee is a shelf stable dairy product, which you can store in kitchen in an airtight container in a dry place. Good quality grass fed cow ghee offers 12-18 month shelf life if stored properly. Hence buying ghee in larger quantity is a wise decision.

What makes ghee health friendly?

  • Cooking with ghee is not only good for adding taste in prepared meal, this dairy product helps in enjoying some special health benefits.
    • Some of these benefits are:

  • It is loaded with saturated fats, which helps ghee in working as a filler food. Ghee is high in calorie and that is why on moderate consumption with tea coffee, etc. the drink can provide your energy.
  • It contains CLA, a type of fatty acid that supports in weight loss.
  • Ghee in diet helps in maintaining heart health. It helps in controlling harmful cholesterol count in blood.
  • Pure cow ghee contains butyrate and that helps in maintaining a clean and healthy gut. In short ghee is diet is a great remedy to reduce the bout of constipation.
  • Clarified butter is good for pregnancy diet and it was believed in ancient Indian Ayurveda that ghee diet helps in natural development of fetus.
  • Ghee in diet at daily course along with active lifestyle can improve natural immunity of the consumers.
  • Facing problem in concentration and memory retention? Try ghee diet in moderation.
How to make anhydrous milk fat recipe:

Homemade DIY process

When making ghee, unsalted butter is recommended to obtain a pure and no salty flavor butter.

Cut the unsalted butter into small pieces to facilitate heat penetration, place the butter pieces into a saucepan to melt at low heat slowly without stirring it and don’t let it brown.

Separate milk solids from butterfat, as the butter melt you can see it separate into three layers;

  • The top layer is thin and foamy; this represents some of the milk solids.
  • The middle layer is the bright golden butterfat.
  • The bottom layer is made up of water and milk solids.

 When the butter starts boiling, skim off the white foam with a spoon. When the butter is finished melting and there is no more foam on top,  you can remove the pan from the heat and let it be cool for about 5 minutes or more so that the solids in the pan gets settled at the bottom. Skim off the left over bits of the foam that flow to the surface of the saucepan, slowly decant or pour off the clear butterfat into a glass liquid measuring cup carefully to leave much of the solid behind as you can.

Line a fine mesh strainer with several layers of cheesecloth and set it over a heat proof container, pour the warm butterfat through the cheesecloth to filter out any remaining milk solids. You can store your clarified butter ghee in an airtight container, in a fridge to keep freezed for several months.

Clarified butter is not a usual dairy product, it is a complete natural product that is helpful for maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. According to modern research pure cow ghee is better than any other cooking oil or dairy butter if can be used in moderation.

Grass fed cow ghee is being considered as the best variety of clarified butter. Always go for the best quality of pure cow ghee in your cooking to enjoy ghee benefits.

Where to buy clarified butter?

Now the question is where to buy clarified butter?

You can buy it online or offline but it has to be of pure quality. Check if the product, you have selected, is free from synthetic color, flavor, or preservatives.

If you have doubt if can you buy clarified butter online, you can be rest assured that you can buy it, provided you know the manufacturer, the reliability of the profile, and the quality assurance certificate of the clarified ghee you have shortlisted so far.

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