9 Health benefits of ghee clarified butter you may use in your favor

  • August 7, 2021
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Health benefits of ghee-clarified butter are wholesome and holistic

The health benefits of ghee clarified butter are multiple and multifaceted, provided you use the best quality grass-fed ghee from a safe and protected place. Ghee-clarified butter is pure butterfat extracted from milk butter. 


Ghee Benefits
9 Health benefits of ghee clarified butter you may use in your favor 1

The health benefits of ghee clarified butter are the results of ghee nutrients. If we quickly look at ghee ingredients, it will be easier to list the ghee benefits. Grass-fed ghee is considered the best quality as grass-fed cow milk is the base ingredient of making milk butter, and grass-fed cow milk offers more nutrients than grain-fed cow milk. 

What is the specialty of grass fed ghee?

The best health benefits of ghee clarified butter are available from grass-fed ghee. Cows and sheep that are grass-fed, are called grass-fed cattle, and grass-fed cattle are a part of organic dairying. Grass-fed cows offer highly nutritious milk containing more CLA butyrate (butyric acid) and beta carotene than grain-fed cow milk. The increased quantity of nutrients in grass-fed ghee makes it a superior quality dairy product, and grass-fed nutrition means a better range of health benefits

We will discuss here the health benefits of ghee clarified butter of grass-fed variety. Other than grass-fed varieties of ghee, it cannot offer the whole range of grass-fed benefits and ghee nutrition because of the compromised nutrient level in these ghee varieties.  

Ghee nutrients that play significant roles in ghee nutrition

The best health benefits of ghee clarified butter are based on its nutrient content. Grass-fed ghee contains up to 64% saturated fats, and this fat content comprises different health-friendly fatty acids. Some noteworthy fatty acids are Conjugated linoleic acid, Butyric acid, Omega 3 and 6, etc. Grass-fed contains Vitamin A, D, E, and K2, some antioxidants.

The premium health benefits of ghee clarified butter largely depend on the ghee nutrients. In grass-fed ghee, ghee nutrients are available in higher quantities. Hence, ghee health supports are available from pure grass-fed ghee only.

Health benefits of ghee clarified butter if added to the diet

It is easy to extract the best health benefits of ghee clarified butter from dietary uses. However, you should use ghee in moderation and not settle on quality-compromised dairy products. For instance, Milkio Grass-fed ghee is a natural product. The best health benefits of ghee clarified butter from Milkio are,

  1. Promotes faster digestion: Grass-fed ghee promotes speedier digestion. Ghee in the diet reduces acidity, bloating, and flatulence and helps you digest your food faster. 
  2. Helps in natural weight lossGhee contains CLA and butyrate, which are natural supplements for weight loss without any side effects. Ghee, when added to your food, helps detox the health system and reduces inflammation in the body. It is one of the most notable health benefits of ghee-clarified butter, making it keto-friendly fat. 
  3. Keeps colon healthy: Grass-fed ghee contains butyric acid, which helps keep the colon healthy. Butyrate in the food regularizes bowel movement and reduces the irritation of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, which is one of the natural health benefits of ghee-clarified butter. 
  4. Promotes healthy skin, hair, and eyes: Grass-fed ghee in the diet offers natural support for maintaining the youthful glow of skin and hair. Ghee in the diet is an easy way to prevent wrinkles on the skin and premature greying of hair. 
  5. Improves body immunity: Ghee nutrition includes the support of healthy fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, etc. These nutrients play an essential role in the human body and increase the body’s resistance to diseases and infections. Ghee has been identified as a natural booster of immunity in the body. It is one of the premium health benefits of ghee-clarified butter. 
  6. Takes care of brain health: Healthy fats of ghee contain Omega-3 fatty acids, a natural supporter of brain health. Regular ghee consumption in moderate quantities helps in promoting brain health. For kids, it helps improve the concentration power of the brain, which is one of the best health benefits of ghee clarified butter.
  7. Makes bones strong and healthy: Pure grass-fed ghee contains vitamin K2. It stands responsible for the calcium absorption power of the body. K2 content in ghee acts as a calcium extractor from other food sources and fortifies bone and teeth. K2 content in ghee removes calcium from unwanted places like coronary arteries and keeps the heart healthy. 
  8. Ensures good heart health: Pure grass-fed ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, E, D, and K, which are heart-friendly in different ways. CLA and Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain a good heart, which is one of the exclusive health benefits of ghee-clarified butter.  
  9. Helps prevent the risk of cancer in the body: CLA is a healthy fatty acid in ghee that acts as an antioxidant and reduces adverse inflammation in the body. It impacts cancer cells and causes self-destruction of them, known as apoptosis. Due to the high smoking point of ghee, it stays stable as a cooking oil. The stability of ghee prevents the formation of free radicals in the body, which is assumed to induce cancer in the body. 

The 9 points discussed here explain the health benefits of ghee clarified butter. Still, only grass-fed ghee can offer you all these ghee benefits. If you want to enjoy all the ghee benefits, always choose a healthy, active lifestyle and grass-fed ghee from an authentic brand.

How to use grass-fed ghee in the diet?

One of the best ways to pull the best health benefits of ghee clarified butter in your favor is to use the dairy in your diet. We have suggested here a few easy ways:

Grass-fed ghee is a versatile cooking fat that can be used in various ways to enhance the flavor and nutrition of your meals. Here are some ways to incorporate grass-fed ghee into your diet:

Cooking and Sautéing:

  • Use ghee to substitute butter or cooking oils when sautéing vegetables, frying eggs, or searing meats. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for high-heat cooking.


  • Drizzle ghee over vegetables before roasting them in the oven. It adds a rich, nutty flavor and helps achieve a crispy texture.


  • Use ghee as a replacement for butter or oils in baking recipes. It can impart a delightful flavor to cookies, cakes, and muffins.


  • Add ghee to your stir-fry dishes to infuse them with a buttery aroma and flavor.

Topping for Grains:

  • Melt ghee and drizzle it over cooked grains like rice, quinoa, or couscous for added richness and flavor.


  • Spread ghee on toast or crackers in place of butter. You can also use it as a topping for baked or sweet potatoes.

Coffee or Tea:

  • Try adding a small amount of ghee to your morning coffee or tea. This is often called “bulletproof” or “butter coffee” and can provide sustained energy.


  • Melt ghee and drizzle it over freshly popped popcorn for a delicious and savory treat.

Soups and Stews:

  • Stir ghee into soups and stews just before serving to impart a creamy texture and enhance the overall flavor.

Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisine:

  • Ghee is a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. Use it in traditional dishes like curries dals or as a flavor-enhancing finishing touch.


  • Mix ghee with herbs and spices to create a flavorful seasoning paste for grilled vegetables, seafood, or meats.


  • Add a small amount of melted ghee to your morning smoothie for an extra dose of healthy fats and a creamy texture.

Remember that while ghee is a nutritious and flavorful addition to your diet, it’s calorie-dense, so use it in moderation. It’s also important to consider individual dietary preferences and any dietary restrictions when incorporating ghee into your meals.

About Milkio Grass fed ghee

Milkio Grass-fed ghee is made in New Zealand and offers natural goodness to its consumers. Milkio grass-fed ghee is all-natural and does not contain artificial color, flavor, or chemical preservatives.

It is a non-GMO certified product (by Non-GMO Project Verified, USA) and an organic certified dairy product by BioGro, New Zealand. Try Milkio Grass-fed ghee to enjoy the best health benefits of ghee clarified butter.

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