Top 6 Healthy Reasons to use Ghee Daily: amazing health benefits of ghee

Ghee, popularly known as clarified butter, was once a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine. Due to its fat content, use of ghee in making food has become somehow restricted; rather it will be more appropriate to say that health freaks often dismiss the use of ghee in making food assuming it an unhealthy practice.

But contrary to this belief, Ghee is packed with multiple benefits, which can really help us in leading a balanced health system. Sounding interesting? Read on further here some amazing health benefits of ghee.  

It is a natural booster of brain power

According to nutritionists pure ghee contains Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Moderate intake of ghee helps in pacifying the health of nerves and brain. Regular supply of Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids reduces the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moderate consumption of ghee in diet helps in enjoying

health benefits of ghee: it boosts brain functioning and improves memory power and concentration.

Ghee is anti-carcinogenic

According to culinary specialists, ghee is enriched in saturated fat content and as cooking oil offers high smoking point.  This is one of the most important health benefits of ghee. The significance of high smoking points is that ghee or clarified butter does not burn out in normal cooking temperature and hardly produces free radicals when heated. Furthermore, ghee is rich in antioxidants: antioxidant content of ghee prevents its consumers from free radical damage.  As a whole, moderate consumption of ghee helps in natural prevention of cancer.

Ghee helps in natural melting of fat

Facing problem with tummy fat and extra stubborn fat at waistline? Instead of butter start using pure New Zealand ghee in your diet. According to nutritionists, Ghee contains essential amino acids that help in mobilization of accumulated fats in body allows the fat cells to get contracted in size. Regular dose of work out, adequate rest, and use of pure ghee instead of butter in diet will help you to be in shape faster.

Ghee facilitates digestion

It is a proven fact that health benefits of ghee include improved digestive ability of consumers. Ghee boosts the secretion of stomach acid and in this way facilitates digestion. This is one of the reasons, in Indian and Arabic cuisine, ghee used to be added in preparing complicated carb based recipes like.

Use of moderate quality of ghee along with diligent practice of yoga helps in quicker management of unwanted fat management of tummy area and waistline; however, it is recommended to use ghee in cooking according to the prescription on doctor.

How much ghee can be consumed safely?

This is a million dollar question. In fact there is no formula for calculating right proportion of ghee in cooking. It is recommended by nutritionists that consumption of two teaspoons of ghee at daily basis is safe and the quantity does not pose any health threat in general.

However people suffering from cardiac disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol should not try adding ghee in their diet.

It is rightly said that nothing is good when it is used in excess. Same can be applied for using ghee in daily diet. Moderate as well as restricted consumption can help you to enjoy the health benefits of ghee mentioned here.

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