Does butter burn faster than ghee? Find out more about this

  • August 17, 2021
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Does butter burn or is it safe for high heat cooking? The smoke point measures the temperature at which the oil tends to flame and smoke. If you cook with oil that has been heated beyond its smoke point, you do more than offer a burnt taste to cooking. Beneficial nutrients and essential fatty acids present in many unrefined oils are lost by overheating. For these reasons, it is necessary to learn: does butter burn faster than ghee?

does butter burn
does butter burn

The cooking oil you use relies on how you want to use it, its nutritional consistency, and its flavor. Based on the source referred to, the smoke point of the cooking oils will differ significantly due to oil contaminants and the fact that the oils break down steadily rather than at a fixed temperature.

At what temperature does butter burn?

The smoke point of butter is 350° F. It is used for cooking and baking up to this temperature, but it will burn above that. Butter is solid at room temperature and fluid when it is warmed. Baked good dishes that call for creaming sugar and butter should be created with room-temperature, entirely softened butter, making it easier to merge these two ingredients. But when it comes to high temperatures, butter does burn quickly.

Why is ghee better for cooking at a higher temperature?

Ghee smoke and taste are also ideal for high-heat cooking. Ghee has a smoke rating of 485°, which is greater than all other cooking oils save safflower and rice bran. And unlike synthetic seed and nut butter with equivalent high smoke points, ghee has a higher nutritional value and unique taste. 

Along with the great taste, ghee has a higher smoke point than butter. This makes ghee perfect for sautéing, cooking, and grilling, while butter is only suitable for baking and little cooking. Clarified butter or ghee is a type of butter that contains just pure butterfat. As ghee has a higher smoke point than butter, it is best to choose ghee over butter for preparing food that requires high-temperature cooking. It adds up the common question about does butter burn faster than ghee.

does butter burn
does butter burn

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