Storing ghee: Here’s what you must know about storing ghee at home.

  • August 7, 2021
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Storing ghee

Storing ghee is the essential arrangement that every ghee enthusiast must know about. ghee can be used for cooking, medicinal uses, and sometimes even for aromatherapy, it’s critical to store it properly. The properties of this dairy oil are very stable, so it does not quickly go rancid.


How You Can Store Ghee

Ghee doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and several manufacturers suggest keeping it in the pantry at room temperature. It is semi-solid and relatively simple to deal with at room temperature. Dip a spoon into the container and scrape out the perfect quantity of butter, which is just marginally thicker (and a little chunkier) than other cooking oils at room temperature.


Storing ghee in a darker place

The oxidation process is accelerated by UV rays from sunshine, neon lamps, and other sources. To screen out UV rays, the storage container for ghee should be opaque. Ghee should be held in a dark spot if possible.


Does ghee go bad?

If you keep ghee at a relatively constant temperature, it won’t go bad for a couple of years. The date on the packaging is accurate, but it just tells you how long the vendor promises the best taste. When ghee is stored for an extended period of time or in poor weather, it becomes rancid. Rancid ghee has a clear odor (rather than the normal milky-sweet odor), a bitter flavor, and is sometimes a bright white color.


Storing ghee beyond the expiration date

A best-by or use-by date is printed on each ghee bottle. This date indicates how long the fat will be at its best. Ghee would not spoil a day or a week after the expiration date. This ensures you can even use it past the label’s expiration date.


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Source: NZ story.

Storing ghee


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