Should we refrigerate ghee

The response is no, and pure ghee does not need to be held in the refrigerator. Ghee has a longer shelf life and is a shelf-stable commodity. You don’t need a fridge’s help to store ghee if you keep it in an airtight container in your kitchen. 

Cow ghee that is pure and unadulterated does not need to be refrigerated. You should refrigerate ghee after 12 months if you want to ensure the consistency of the ghee. While ghee is made from milk, it is not as perishable as other dairy products. However, moisture and milk proteins are removed from ghee during the slow cooking process, and dairy butter transforms into clarified butter, which is then boiled milk’s oil and fat content. Ghee has a long shelf life due to its fatty fat quality.


If we don’t refrigerate ghee, how should we keep it?
  • Ghee from grass-fed cows should be kept in an airtight jar, preferably made of dark glass with a tight lid. Keep the lid on the container to keep it out of direct sunshine. 


  • To remove the ghee from the jar, use a dry and clean spoon. Alternatively, you might put a small amount of cow ghee in a small jar. This is the most effective method for preserving the consistency and texture of bottled cow ghee.


  • When using the ghee, do not use a wet spoon. That would put the consistency of the product in jeopardy. Unwanted moisture can cause the whole bottle/jar of cow ghee to spoil. 


  • If you have bought a larger quantity of cow ghee, it is still safe to use ghee from a small container when required. To store ghee for everyday use, you can use airtight glass containers or steel pots instead of plastic containers. You do not need to refrigerate ghee as you can keep these containers at room temperature.


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