How do you make cultured ghee?

  • July 7, 2021
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How do you make cultured ghee is all about ghee manufacturing!

The specialty of the cultured ghee making process is here a ghee manufacturer uses cultured butter as the raw ingredient instead of using unsalted dairy butter. The cultured ghee making process is an authentic age-old traditional process where the best authenticity of the raw ingredients and the process religiously maintains so that the product reached its optimum standard.   

How do you make cultured ghee is not about the product making skill only!

Also, It is about procuring cultured butter for making this special dairy staple. Cultured ghee is different than non-cultured ghee as pure cultured ghee contains lactic acid, whereas non-cultured ghee contains lactose. Because of lactic acid, cultured ghee acts as highly digestion-friendly and if the ghee is added to the diet, it helps in maintaining a healthy colon.

Cultured grass-fed ghee is prepared by boiling the cultured butter for an extended time. The boiling process eliminates the moisture content of the ghee and the ghee is produced with high aroma.

Only the best quality grass-fed cow milk is collected for making 100% grass-fed cultured clarified butter which can stay stored in a kitchen for the next 12 months from its date of manufacturing.

You can make cultured ghee at home, however, ghee companies are nowadays using professional and commercial processes for making cultured ghee for business supply.  

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