What is ghee, good for is an interesting topic.

It is about ghee benefits. Ghee is good for health in many ways.

Ghee is full of fat and more buttery than butter.

You can use ghee as a butter substitute. You may use ghee on your morning toast instead of butter.

It is a wonderful idea to use ghee for making the bulletproof coffee: simply add ghee in coffee, and your morning caffeine dose will be converted into an energy drink.

Ghee is good as a cooking oil.

You can use ghee for all types of cooking. It has a higher smoking point, and that is why the use of ghee is good for high-temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, slow-cooking deep-frying, etc.

Ghee is good for its therapeutic use.

A moderate amount of ghee in the diet helps in digestion and helps in controlling acidity and heartburn. Ghee clarified butter in the diet is good for the treatment of constipation and good colon health.

Ghee in the diet is good for skin hydration.

  • A daily dose of cow ghee is good for accelerating the weight loss program, for the flexibility of the bone joints, and soft and suppleness of body tissues, etc.

Ghee in the diet is good for eyesight,

Ghee in the diet is good for eyesight, and according to Ayurveda, it is good for improving fertility in women.

In Indian Ayurveda, ghee is counted as a brain caring cooking oil and it works well for a pregnancy diet.

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