What is ghee good for? Why should we add ghee to our diet?

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What is ghee good for? If you have to answer this question, hardly you can answer it in a few words.

What is ghee good for? You cannot explain ghee clarified butter in one word. This dairy oil has different applications, and all of them are health-friendly. It is a better butter with so many health benefits.

Ghee is saturated fat-based cooking oil, and we can use ghee in cooking in different methods. Regardless of Indian cuisine, European cuisine, or US cuisine, the use of ghee in preparing food is well accepted. The best part of ghee uses in the diet is you can use this dairy oil in daily cooking and gourmet cooking with equal ease and versatility. 

Now let’s discuss next what is ghee good for. However, only 100% pure grass-fed ghee will offer you versatility and holistic health-friendliness at its best. 

what is ghee good for? Ghee as a healthy cooking oil

You can use ghee as a healthy cooking oil. The high smoke point of ghee is the reason we call ghee healthy and safe. In comparison to other common cooking oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and canola oil, ghee offers a 482-485 degrees Fahrenheit smoke point. Because of a high smoke point, ghee acts as a stable cooking oil and perfectly fits in low-temperature cooking as well as high-temperature cooking methods.

We can use ghee for baking, sautéing, slow-cooking, deep-frying, etc. At the same time, we can use ghee in regular cooking processes.

Ghee is a tasty and wholesome butter alternative

You can use ghee as a nutritious butter alternative. Similar to butter, ghee contains loads of saturated fats and fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Ghee contains long, medium, and short-chain fatty acids: healthy fatty acids like Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Butyric acid, etc., add a dose of healthy fats to your food.

  • We can use ghee in the morning toast as a butter replacement.
  • You can add ghee to your morning coffee instead of milk and sugar. The high calorie of ghee and its aromatic creamy texture turns your morning black coffee into an energy-packed bulletproof coffee.
  • You can use ghee in baking: the high smoke point of ghee makes it a safe oil, and it adds a unique nutty aroma to it.


What is ghee good for? Ghee is a healthy taste enhancer

Pure ghee offers a creamy texture and a freshening aroma. If we are wondering about what is ghee good for, ghee’s texture and its aroma make it a natural taste enhancer for cooked dishes. 

You can use ghee in all cooked dishes, and you will get to enjoy a special mouthwatering aroma in your preparation.

You may try ghee as a healthy seasoning on your Barbequed foods and fresh salads. 

Just drizzle pure ghee clarified butter on the cooked dish, and you are done. 

It is rightly said that ghee is versatile: you may use the dairy oil as a taste enhancer for sweet and non-sweet dishes. The result will be palatable. 

Ghee for weight loss benefit

Although ghee contains up to 64% saturated fats and has a bad reputation as a fattening oil, modern dieticians are recommending ghee as a weight-loss-supporting cooking oil. The credit goes to its fat content. Let’s learn more about what is ghee good for.

What Is Ghee Good For
What is ghee good for? Why should we add ghee to our diet? 1

Pure ghee contains fatty acids like CLA that helps maintain lean mass in the body and reduces inflammation in internal organs.

Pure grass-fed ghee contains butyric acid, which stands responsible for the natural laxative quality of this dairy staple. Butyrate is a natural supplement of a healthy colon. The use of grass-fed ghee in the diet reduces the irritation of constipation and Colitis types of diseases.

What is ghee good for? Grass-fed ghee for therapeutic benefits

One of the most interesting answers to the question of what is ghee good for is the therapeutic use of ghee in well-being. Pure grass-fed ghee is an excellent dairy oil that, besides a culinary ingredient, can help you in enjoying therapeutic benefits. 

The best part of therapeutic ghee benefits is the adaptability of ghee in the diet. You can avail of the ghee benefits if you add ghee to your daily diet while maintaining strict moderation.  

  • Ghee for brain care: Ghee in the diet is an excellent natural way to take care of your brain. It applies to all people of all ages. For the kids, ghee in the diet is helpful to boost the power of concentration. For seniors, ghee in the diet prevents the onset of memory-related diseases.
  • Ghee for a healthy heart: We commonly get scared about ghee in the diet because we have a fixed notion that ghee fat can damage the heart and cholesterol levels. But grass-fed ghee offers only saturated fats and no trans-fat at all, which goes in favor of a healthy heart.
  • The fat-soluble vitamins are available in grass-fed ghee, and that takes care of active heart care. However, the ghee diet is healthy for the heart without any existing cardiac issues.
  • Ghee for strong bones: Moderate ghee in the diet improves the calcium absorption power of the body. It prevents bone decay and also extracts calcium from the artery and other foods, and makes bones fortified. 
  • Regular ghee in the diet helps in preventing bone diseases like osteoporosis etc.   
  • Ghee for skin and hair care: The vitamin content in pure grass-fed ghee promotes healthy skin and lustrous hair. Ghee is a natural moisturizer that helps in maintaining the internal moisturizer of the body. Ghee in the diet results in shiny and dandruff-less hair, silky skin, and natural wrinkle prevention.
  • Ghee clarified butter is a natural immunity booster: You can add ghee to the diet, and you will get to enjoy a robust immunity in the body, which can enhance the infection preventive power of your body.
  • Ghee at night helps in sound sleep:  If you decipher ghee ayurvedic use, you will find that ghee at night with lukewarm water or milk can helps you in enjoying a better quality of sleep. This helps patients with insomnia.  
  • Ghee is safe for lactose intolerants: ghee nutrition is quite beneficial for people of all ages. Pure grass-fed ghee is lactose and casein-free, and that makes it a safe dairy for lactose intolerants.

What is ghee good for? Why grass-fed ghee?

Whenever we read about ghee uses, or we try to collect information about what is ghee good for, we get the name grass-fed ghee as the best quality.

The quality of ghee largely depends on the diet of the cows as the diet of the cow reflects in the produced milk quality. According to research, grass-fed cows are fed on grass and grass-based fodders, and the milk these cows produce is superior in quality to grain-fed cows. For instance, grass-fed cow milk contains at least 5 times more CLA than grain-fed cow milk butter.

For a simple reason, grass-fed ghee produced from grass-fed milk-butter contains more nutrients than grain-fed butter. For the best ghee benefits, you should buy grass-fed ghee, which is of the best quality and is capable of offering you the best benefits.

How to buy the best grass-fed ghee?

Buying the best grass-fed ghee is a vital part of deciding “what is ghee good for” your life. If you are looking for grass-fed ghee to purchase, you may try Milkio grass-fed ghee.

Made in New Zealand and manufactured by Milkio Foods, Milkio grass-fed ghee is organically certified by BioGro NZ, a natural product endorsed by the USDA. Milkio Foods manufactures ghee in small batches. Milkio grass-fed ghee is Keto and Paleo diet-friendly.

Milkio grass-fed ghee offers a high smoke point, and it is shelf-friendly dairy oil. If you are wondering what is ghee good for, by using Milkio Ghee, you will get assess grass-fed ghee benefits. You may please check the Milkio website to learn more about Milkio Grass-fed ghee products. 

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