Can you make ghee with cultured butter?

  • July 7, 2021
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Can you make ghee with cultured butter?

Can you make ghee with cultured butter? The dairy experts will say yes against this query as cultured butter is used for making cultured ghee. Cultured ghee is high aroma ghee butter which is a zero lactose dairy product. Instead of lactose, cultured ghee contains lactic acid as cultured ghee contains lactic acid.

Cultured grass-fed ghee is a more digestion-friendly dairy product than normal ghee butter and helps in better ingestion. The lactic acid works as a colon friendly ingredient supplement, and that is why without having any live culture in the product, it works like a probiotic product that soothes digestion and helps in better gut management.

Cultured butter words as a raw ingredient of cultured ghee and the butter are boiled in a slow cooking process to extract moisture out of it. Cultured butter is made from raw milk and it is treated with yogurt for introducing the fermentation process in it. As cultured butter offers a more intense buttery aroma, cultured ghee produced from cultured butter releases high aroma naturally.

Milkio cultured organic ghee is organic and NON-GMO certified by BioGro New Zealand. It is USDA certified for its 100% purity. Cooked from cultured butter, Milkio Organic grass-fed ghee is shelf-friendly and high aroma product that contains lactic acid for better digestion and it safeguards lactose intolerants from the risk of a dairy allergy.

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