Ghee digestion: how ghee helps in smooth and faster digestion

  • August 17, 2021
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Ghee digestion

Ghee digestion is a health-friendly trait of ghee, however, only pure grass-fed ghee can offer you this privilege. Ghee and its digestion power is not any magic. It is possible to get the support indigestion due to ghee content or ghee nutritional profile.

Ghee digestion: what are the benefits of ghee in the diet?

When ghee is added to the diet, it helps the process of digestion in manifold ways.

  • Ghee stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and prompts faster digestion—the enzymes in the gastric juice help break down the foods and complete the digestive process.
  • Ghee in the diet reduces the problem of bloating, flatulence, and acidity.
  • The butyric acid content of ghee helps in flushing out toxins accumulated in the digestive system and detoxifying the system.
  • When ghee is added to the diet, it helps maintain a healthy coating inside the stomach lining, supporting the stomach from the acids it secretes. 
  • Ghee stimulates stomach acids to help in faster digestion. In contrast, other cooking fats and oils are often found to slow down the body’s digestive process.
  • Ghee comprises healthy saturated fats, which include long, medium, or short-chain fatty acids. This fatty acid plays actively in the ghee digestion process.  

Ghee has been recommended since the ancient ages as a digestive and toxin removal support, for energy, sexual vitality, for vital skin and eye health, as a natural lubricant for the bone- joints, and for alkalizing the blood for better health.

Ghee offers one of the highest flash points (485ºF) for the ghee users’ benefits, which makes this dairy oil the best choice for high-temperature cooking like roasting, baking, etc. Other than ghee, almost all other cooking oils turn rancid when they are highly heated.


How can you add ghee to your diet?

You can use ghee in your diet in four simple ways to enjoy the privilege of ghee digestion. These are:

Ghee as a cooking oil: 

Ghee is a safe cooking fat that you can use for daily cooking as well as for gourmet cooking. Ghee offers a higher smoke point, and that makes it a safe oil for cooking. You can use ghee for baking, sautéing, roasting, deep-frying, etc.

Other than high-temperature cooking, ghee can be used for low-temperature cooking. Ghee as a cooking oil prevents the risk of cancerous disease in the body. It minimizes the danger of producing free radicals in the body.

Ghee as the butter alternative:

 Pure grass-fed ghee is a healthy butter alternative. You can use ghee as a spread on your toast, salad seasoning, cookies, etc. As ghee is lactose and casein-free dairy; you can taste the dairy nutrition and stay away from dairy allergy, no matter if you are dairy sensitive or not. Besides enjoying the support of ghee digestion, you will get to enjoy ghee nutrition at one go.

Ghee in Tea and coffee: 

The use of ghee in Tea and coffee is a popular Keto recipe, and health-conscious people use it to keep a check on their body weight. Instead of having black coffee, ghee in Tea and coffee with ghee works like an energy drink, reduced hunger pang m, and supplied butyrate support for colon care. Besides ghee digestion boost, ghee in coffee works as a filler food, energy booster, and slimming remedy.  

Ghee as taste enhancer: 

The rich, creamy texture of ghee and its fresh nutty aroma are the two innate characteristics of ghee, making it a natural enhancer. Adding ghee to a cooked dish is a beautiful, healthy way to use ghee digestion privilege and the quality of ghee as a taste enhancer.  

These are the 4 friendly and healthy ways to enjoy the support of ghee digestion power. In these ways, you can strengthen a healthy body with enhanced ghee immunity.  

However, this ghee digestion power is best enjoyed with grass-fed organic ghee. It is the best quality ghee with the optimum ghee nutrients. Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee from New Zealand is one of the best options you can try to enjoy the best ghee support of your digestion.

Why New Zealand?

“The New Zealand dairy industry has a long history as a trusted supplier of safe and sustainable dairy products, exporting for more than 170 years and to more than 130 different markets. We are known for our commitment to a strong global food system, open and free trade, and efficient supply chains, to ensure everyone has access to safe, affordable food.

Our milk comes from a good place. Trust in the quality and safety of New Zealand dairy products stems from our integrity as a country. New Zealand is open and transparent and has earned trust the world over. New Zealand’s robust regulatory framework has built global confidence in our food safety and quality.”

Source : NZ Story

Ghee digestion

About Milkio Grass-fed ghee:

Milkio Grass-fed ghee is cooked from 100% grass-fed cow-milk butter, and it is certified by BioGro, New Zealand, as an organic and non-GMO product. It is a natural product without synthetic color, flavor, and chemical preservatives. The purity of Milkio Grass-fed ghee is certified by the USDA.

Milkio Grass-fed is storage-friendly, which you can store for 12-18 months (from the manufacturing date) in your kitchen without the support of refrigeration. The ghee contains 64% healthy saturated fats, and it offers a rich, creamy texture with a golden yellow hue.

Milkio Grass-fed ghee is Gala and Kosher certified. It is Keto and Paleo diet recommended fat. Milkio ghee is 100% lactose, casein, gluten, and carb-free dairy product that you can eat as your diet staple.

Milkio organic ghee is available for online purchase, and it is the easiest way to buy good quality ghee to enjoy ghee digestion support. It is now available on eBay and Etsy for the purchase convenience of the US audience. For the availability of Milkio Ghee in non-USA territories.

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