Private Label business: Your Brand, Our Quality, Unlimited Potential

Private Label Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Suppose you are a business owner, company, or individual continuously demanding your brand over time. Then, you should consider custom branding services like private labels or contract manufacturing ghee services by Milkio Foods for your business expansion.

These white-label ghee containers can be of any size and design you wish. Just send us your Custom Label Products containers’ design and size, and we can manufacture our product in your designated container.

We can manufacture white-label products in PET jars, tins, or tubs in our RMP- and NZFSA-authorized production facility based in New Zealand.

** Note: We are capable of manufacturing 1 container load per week.

Private Label Milkio Ghee
Private-label Milkio Ghee

Private Label Contract Manufacturing Process And Steps:


Share your product concept with us


We will clarify our understanding of your SKU size, container design, quantity, packaging, design, shipping, and testing requirements.


Based on your requirements, an interim product will be developed and shared with you. The final product will be based on the changes you suggested (if any).


As agreed upon between Milkio and you, the final product will be produced as per your specifications and despatched as per the contracted mode of transport.

Share your product concept with us.

We will clarify our understanding of your SKU size, container design, quantity, packaging, design, shipping, and testing requirements. Based on your requirements, an interim private-label product will be developed and shared with you. The final product will be based on the changes you suggested (if any). As agreed upon between Milkio and you, according to the Private Label Partnerships, the final private label product manufacturing will be done as per your specifications and despatched as per the contracted mode of transport.

Features of Contract Manufacturing by Milkio:

Ghee Contract Manufacturing
Ghee Contract Manufacturing

Continuous Supply Contract

Contract manufacturing is a contracted supply agreement where Milkio supplies product(s) to you as per the agreement of supply schedule – generally on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Minimums & Customisation

Minimum supply on every schedule as per contract. Complete customization of product, packaging, label, or artwork design is possible for Contract-manufactured products.

New Product Development

New private-label products can be developed in its own Branding Solutions under contract manufacturing by Milkio. For example, we can develop Ghee with a chocolate or Vanilla infusion.

International Shipping

Milkio can arrange international shipping if the client wishes to. Otherwise, you can arrange your shipping from the Milkio factory gate.

Focus on volume selling.

Contract manufacturing by Milkio enables companies and individuals to cater to the market in high volumes with customized branding.

Low Cost

Generally, with contract manufacturing, the prices for each supply are fixed. With larger quantities, Milkio gets economies from manufacturing at a larger scale. These translate into more economical private-label products for you.

Why choose milkio for private label contract manufacturing Services

Top-Notch Client Servicing

Per the market feedback collected from the existing clients’ reviews, we have reached the top of contract manufacturing service excellence within a short period. Our contract manufacturing clients come from around the world with varied orders. Some of our clients order bulk products from us and repack and label them at their end. Some of our clients send us their jar and label designs, and we manufacture private-label products adhering to the mutually agreed specifications.

Authentic grass-fed ghee products

In an environmentally threatened world, authentic natural products guarantee clean, green, environmentally sustainable food products that are healthy for human consumption. Grass-fed products are naturally healthy food items known for their wholesome quality. Milkio maintains a USFDA-approved manufacturing facility and a team of dairy experts. Milkio grass-fed ghee products are produced with the best care and finest raw ingredients. Our products are guaranteed by New Zealand certification authorities such as RMP and MPI.

Grass-fed farming yields grass-fed butter.

The food we consume plays a significant role in shaping our overall health. The same goes for animals, like cows and sheep, whose diet directly affects the quality of milk they produce. Milkio uses only the finest raw materials to make our grass-fed ghee products. We source our milk fat from ethically treated animals that feed on healthy grass, producing milk that is full of natural goodness. We take pride in our rigorous testing and quality standards, which enable us to meet the highest customer expectations.

Our products for your distribution business:

Distribution process and steps:

Our capabilities for your distribution business:

If you are a business owner, company, or individual with a distribution business, you should consider distributing Milkio-branded products in your distribution area.

We regularly manufacture private label products in PET Jars, Pouches, Tin, or Tub in our branded SKUs in our RMP and NZFSA-authorized production facility in New Zealand. We are capable of manufacturing 1 container load per week.


Share your requirements with us.


We will clarify your requirements for SKU size, quantity, packaging, design, shipping, and testing requirements.


As agreed upon between Milkio and you, the final order will be produced as per your requirement and despatched as per the contracted mode of transport.

Why Choose Us For Your Ghee Distribution Business

Within a short period, we have risen to the top of marketing our brand. Our brand is already present in 24 countries across the world. We have also started selling our brand on Amazon and Walmart. We are the only New Zealand company to achieve the following:

  1. The only company in New Zealand exporting Organic Ghee
  2. The only company in New Zealand exporting grass-fed ghee in the B2C segment

6 benefits of hiring private Label B2B services from Milkio Foods

“Discover the Winning Formula: 6 Unbeatable Advantages of Partnering with Milkio Foods for Private Label B2B Services. Elevate Your Brand, Delight Your Customers!”

  • Quality Assurance: Milkio Foods is renowned for its exceptional ghee products, and this reputation extends to its Private Label B2B services. When you partner with Milkio, you can trust that your private-label ghee will meet the same high standards of quality and purity that have made Milkio a trusted name in the industry.
  • Customization: One of the critical advantages of Milkio’s Private Label services is the ability to create a custom formulation for your ghee. This allows you to tailor the taste, texture, and other characteristics to meet your target market’s preferences and requirements.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Developing your ghee production facility can be costly and time-consuming. With Milkio’s Private Label services, you can save time and money by outsourcing production, quality control, and packaging, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Brand Expansion: Private Label B2B services provide an excellent opportunity to expand your brand’s product offerings. You can leverage Milkio’s expertise and reputation in ghee manufacturing to introduce new ghee products under your brand name, enhancing your brand’s image and customer trust.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex landscape of regulatory approvals and certifications can be challenging. Milkio Foods has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your private-label ghee products meet all necessary regulatory requirements, saving you the headache of compliance issues.
  • Diverse Packaging Options: Milkio Foods offers a variety of packaging choices for your private-label ghee. This flexibility enables you to select packaging that aligns with your brand’s identity and customer preferences, boosting the appeal of your products in the market.

By leveraging Milkio Foods’ Private Label B2B services, you can confidently enter or expand your presence in the ghee market, knowing you have a trusted partner dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service.


  1. What Sets Your Ghee White Label Service Apart?

    Our Ghee White Label Service stands out with unmatched quality, customizable packaging, and an authentic traditional process. We offer a unique blend of quality, flexibility, and personalized branding support, ensuring your product stands out.

  2. Can I Customize the Ghee Packaging for My Brand?

    You can customize your brand’s identity with our flexible ghee packaging options. Tailor the design to align perfectly with your brand, creating a distinct and memorable presence in the market.”

  3. How Can I Start White Labeling Ghee Products for My Business?

    To start white labeling ghee for your business, contact us! We’ll guide you through the seamless process, from choosing products to personalized branding, ensuring a successful partnership.

  4. Do you provide marketing support for white-labeled ghee products?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive marketing support for your white-labeled ghee products. Our support features include helping to create promotional materials and strategic guidance, and we will try our best to promote the visibility and success of your white-label brand.

If You Wish to partner with us to Import/Buy/Distribute/Trade Our Milkio products, or for developing Private label ghee and Khoya products, or contract ghee or Mawa manufacturing support, Please Feel Free To Contact Us Via Our Email, We Will Be In Touch With You Within the next 48 Hrs.