Dalda ghee vs. desi cow ghee

  • September 7, 2021
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Dalda ghee is a well-known product is market, which is the colloquial name of hydrogenated vegetable oil.

This product is widely available in market and it is cheaper in price than good quality ghee. This vegetable oil looks creamy and resembles often cow ghee in look.  This is one of the reasons people get confused with the term desi ghee.

What is desi ghee?

Desi ghee actually means pure and unadulterated cow ghee, which is produced in traditional churning process using Unsalted milk butter.  Desi pure cow ghee contains animal fat and unlike Vanaspati ghee, it is completely free from vegetable or synthetic fat, which proves healthy for lifestyle.

Dalda ghee vs. desi cow ghee: which one is healthier?

The primary difference between desi ghee and dalda is, dalda is the example of hydrogenated refined oil, whereas Pure (desi) ghee contains saturated fats. Dalda contains trans-fat mostly, which is marginally found in grass fed ghee.

It is medically proven that consumption of Trans-fat in diet can turn harmful for health and especially for heart.

On the other hand, saturated fats in desi ghee is good for heart health if you can add in your diet maintaining moderation. Also pure ghee contains vitamins A, E, D, K, loads of healthy friendly fatty acids and CLA for maintaining a healthy body. Desi ghee is much more helpful for health management, while health freaks have found Vanaspati ghee a strict NO in their diet.

Dalda ghee vs. desi cow ghee: which one is safe?

Desi ghee offers higher smoke point, which is almost 250 degrees centigrade, while Dalda Vanaspati offers its smoke points at 200 degrees centigrade.

For obvious reason it is health safe to cook with the help of desi ghee because in higher temperature ghee will offer better stability.

Desi ghee is storage friendly and can be stored up to 18 months without the support of refrigeration, while Vanaspati ghee is not that storage friendly and it has to be used by 6-8 months from the date of manufacturing.

Dalda ghee vs. desi cow ghee: colon management

Desi cow ghee contains Butyrate, which is not available in Vanaspati ghee. As a consequence, ghee in diet helps in getting freedom from stress and irritation of constipation or recurring problem of lifestyle disease like (IBS) Irritable bowel symptom.  This butyrate advantage is not available with dalda ghee. Instead of cooking with ghee, if you start cooking with Dalda ghee it will definitely not reduce the hex of constipation or irregular bowel movement.

Dalda ghee

Desi ghee Offers lots of health benefits

Desi ghee contains loads of nutrients, whereas Dalda ghee hardly contains health friendly ingredients. If ghee diet is coupled with healthy exercise regimen, ghee can help in reducing body weight.

No such weight reducing power is known about Dalda ghee, which is a definite disadvantage of using this vegetable oil in diet instead of using desi ghee.

Dalda ghee and desi ghee may look almost same but dalda ghee does not have the yummy nutty flavor of the healthy milk fat. You cannot call Dalda as ghee as it is the brand name of a specific type of hydrogenated oil and it is not a dairy product. But Desi ghee is a pure natural product that is enriched with plenty of health benefits for its users, and it is a dairy product as it is made of unsalted milk butter.

If you are looking for 100% desi cow ghee, try Milkio 100% organic grass fed cow ghee.

You will love the ghee diet as well as you will get to enjoy special wellness in your life. Milkio ghee is from Pure New Zealand, and it is a USDA certified dairy, which is lactose, casein, and sugar free. 

Milkio ghee is available online from Amazon.com, Walmart.com. You may place order for Milkio Grass fed ghee at Milkio E commerce. 

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