Ghee benefits that you may not be fully aware of

Ghee benefits that you may not be fully aware of

Ghee benefits in a wide range of ways streaming from building the bones stronger and result in weight loss phenomenally.

In view of recent popularity in the ketogenic diet, healthy fats have gathered a lot of attention. Ghee a typical type of fat prepared by heating butter to boost its natural entrant’s profile and tongue-twisting flavor.  

Ghee is enriched with fat soluble vitamins as well as healthy fatty acids.

Ghee is known to be one of the great and powerful healing food which benefits health in multiple ways. It contributes to getting the strong bone, weight loss, and remarkable remedy of indigestion as well as a top ranking cooking medium.

Ghee benefits Ayurveda:

Ayurveda educates us that ghee consumption offers a remarkable range of benefits. Which comprise clarity and mental strength as well as good digestion.

The classical texts of Ayurveda like Charaka, and Samhita, narrates that “the intake of ghee is benefited those who are suffering from diseases due to vitiation of Vata and Pitta and desire other augmentations like:

  • Good eyesight,
  • Physical fitness of the aged,
  • Child health,
  • Physical weakness,
  • Long life, strength, good complexion, voice, and many more.
  • Augments the activity of brains and enkindles digestive enzymes,
Cow ghee benefits:

Cow ghee is full of Antioxidants. The source of cow ghee is from grass-fed cows, as a consequence, it is a good source of K2, butyric acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA. It is a natural fatty acid comprising anticancer and anti-oxidant properties that augment digestion.

Milk with ghee at night benefits:

This is an excellent health benefit and home remedy to augment digestive capability and curing constipation. You can enhance your digestion by drinking a warm glass of milk containing a spoon of cow ghee. Use it before going to bed. It will also good bowl clearance in the morning. Ghee nutrition facts: One tablespoon of ghee contains around:

  1. Around 115 calories
  2. 14.9 grams of fat
  3. 9.3 grams of saturated fat
  4. 0 carbohydrates
  5. 38.4 milligrams of cholesterol
  6. 460.1 IU of vitamin A
  7. 0.42 milligrams of vitamin E
Ghee nutrition benefits:

1.      High smoke point (250 °C or 482 °F). We can cook food with ghee without it breaks down into free radicals like many saturated or unsaturated oils.

2.      Do not spoil easily so need any refrigeration. Longer the age greater it’s medicinal effect.

3.      No effect of dairy or casein intolerance.

4.      Nutritionally Rich Like Coconut Oil

Ghee for health:

Similar to butter, ghee has experienced a bad reputation in the past years due to its high saturated fat constituent. But research result revealed that is instead of increasing the risk of heart disease, ghee actually has cardiac benefits. Ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A, E and K.

Ghee benefits include:

  1. Improve digestion,
  2. Reduce inflammation,
  3. Promote weight loss and
  4. Strengthens the bones.
  5. It can decrease the Glycaemic Index
  6. Keeps Constipation at bay



Great health benefits of grass fed ghee that you may not be aware of

Great health benefits of grass fed ghee that you may not be aware of

Great health benefits of grass fed ghee, that you may not be aware of

Grass fed ghee is one of the purest forms of ghee, which is produced from grass fed cow’s milk. According to dairy specialists, cow ghee procured from grass fed cow milk contains loads of nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and K.

Pure Ghee made from grass fed cow milk is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), nine( 9) phenolic anti-oxidants, as well as several other useful minerals are present in ghee. For natural reason, grass fed ghee offers wide variety of health benefits for consumers.

Ghee is a lactose free dairy product

People who are lactose intolerant cannot take milk products mostly and milk products consumption may cause food allergy for these people. Cow ghee contains most of the benefits of cow milk and it lacks lactose and casein, hence consumption of cow ghee is mostly safe for these lactose intolerant people. 

Ghee is a stable fat for culinary use

In comparison to popular cooking oils like sunflower oil and safflower oil, grass-fed ghee is a primarily saturated fat and is highly stable cooking oil. For sautéing as well as for baking, Ghee is never broken into unsaturated fats, which ultimately becomes toxic to our health system. In comparison to polyunsaturated oils, consumption of pore ghee is safer for health because grass fed ghee hardly contains double bonds and acts more stable than these oils.

Ghee is a saturated fat

According to research and study, consumption of saturated fat is not that risky for heart health. Pure ghee is made of saturated fat and that is why moderate consumption of pure cow ghee is not risky for health, or it is safe to say that moderate consumption of cow ghee dies not trigger any heart disease..

Grass Fed Ghee is a source of bio-available vitamin A

One of the important ghee benefits is its Vitamin A content, especially in grass fed ghee. Vitamin A plays a vital role in balancing hormone in body, in maintaining liver health, fertility, and building stamina. The vitamin A in ghee is immediately useable by the body, and also contains the fatty acid cofactors required for absorption

Pure ghee contains Vitamin K

Grass fed ghee contains vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is helps in faster calcium absorption into your bones. You may consume sufficient calcium but it won’t affect much unless it’s go together with vitamin K2. As a fat-soluble vitamin, it requires the fatty acids in ghee for absorption.

Ghee contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid

 Cow Ghee is the best dietary source of CLA. Density of CLA is radically higher in ghee procured from the milk of grass-fed cows. Further, the fat content of ghee plays a vital role in body weight management due to its satiation quality.

Ghee is a source of butyric acid

Ghee contains a significant level of butyric acid, which is an anti-carcinogenic short-chain fatty acid. Butyric acid is already known as an agent that can inhibit the growth of mammary tumors. Studies show that it boosts numerous healing and soothing properties on the intestinal tract as well as it works as a potential antidote for Irritable Bowel Disease.

Cow ghee is a source of good cholesterol

Further, the good cholesterol in ghee is a point to admire, not to fear. According to nutritionists, good cholesterol does not cause the problem of atherosclerosis.  If good cholesterol is supplied to body through good quality fats, such as grass fed ghee, it allows the body to help in reducing the problem of inflammation.

These are the benefits of grass fed Cow ghee. Milkio Traditional cow ghee offers all these benefits because it is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk. You will get to enjoy all these benefits if you consumer Milkio cow ghee at moderate quantity every day.

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