Organic desi cow ghee: a guarantee of purity

  • August 7, 2021
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Organic desi cow ghee is one of the most wanted dairy products now that people are adding in their diet. It is tasty as well as good for health in many ways.

Have you ever thought the reason organic desi cow ghee has earned so much popularity? No doubt ghee has become a global product, but a special emphasis is still being laid on the term desi. The term desi is used to signify the traditional authenticity of the dairy product. 

What does desi mean?

When ghee is explained as desi, it signified that manufacturers have used a quality controlled manufacturing process. The traditional method of making ghee is not suitable for commercial production hence manufacturers use the process where the traditional process is followed and the resultant product ghee complies with the benchmark quality.   

According to the origin of ghee, it was initially a homemade process in India. Curd was churned to produce ghee butter. Ghee butter gets boiled for producing clarified butter or pure ghee. When we describe a product as desi ghee, we point at its unadulterated quality and natural purity. It is an assurance about the product that it is as pure as homemade (desi) ghee.

What is the significance of the organic label?

An organic product is a pure product. Complying the rules of the organic label, an organic product does not tamper with the standard of natural quality. It a product is labeled as organic, it has to be certified by an organic certifier and the raw ingredients of the product have to be organic.

Organic desi cow ghee
Organic desi cow ghee

There are different quality benchmarks of an organic product and it varies country wise. For example, the organic benchmark of the USA may differ from the organic etiquette of New Zealand.

What is the specialty of organic cow ghee?

Organic cow ghee is a product of organic dairy farming. Only organic cow milk is used for making organic cow ghee. Organic cow milk is accumulated from organic dairies, who maintain their cattle in an organic natural way.  

In the organic farms of New Zealand, cows graze in an open field freely and they don’t stay in captivity. An organic dairy farmer never offers their cows hormonal medicines or antibiotics to boost milk production. As a result, organic cow milk is found without the residues of hormonal medicine, antibiotics, etc., which is more nutritious and enriched with better taste.

In an organic dairy farm, cows are mostly grass-fed and these food values of green organic grasses get reflected in the milk quality. According to research, organic cow milk contains more quantity of beta carotene than the cow milk collected from cows maintained on grain-feed. Organic ghee is made from this premium quality extra-nutritious cow milk, hence the ghee offers its exclusive quality for consumers.

How organic purity is assured?

When a ghee manufacturer claims their prepared ghee is of organic quality, the name of the ghee certifier comes in front. A premium organic certifier will check and analyze the ghee by its quality, and if the quality is judged at par, they offer their endorsement. However, when ghee is certified by a product certifier, it is guaranteed that,

  • The product is free of chemical color, flavor, or preservatives,
  • All the documents of the raw materials of the product (ghee) are verified and duly audited.
  • The organic deity farm is periodically audited for its authenticity on quality control, etc.

So when you are buying an organic certified ghee, you are buying something that is 100% guaranteed natural and all sorts of adulteration free. Organic cow milk is free from all traces of antibiotic medicine residue or hormonal medicine residues and that makes it more health-friendly and wholesome. For example, when organic ghee complies with the USDA standard, consumers can take it granted for 95-100% pure and natural.

The word Desi is signifying the global status of ghee

Nutritionists and dieticians are favoring pure cow ghee in a diet because ghee is enriched with a wide variety of health benefits. Organic desi cow ghee offers some wholesome benefits like a digestive aid, constipation control, immunity booster of the human body, keeping brain cells active, and body tissues soft and flexible, etc. One of the amazing benefits of pure organic ghee is its support in the weight loss program. 

Pure ghee contains up to 64% saturated fat and that is one of the reasons you can use ghee as a filler food, which takes time to get digested. Dieters are now using the high calorie of ghee and its fat content for controlling calorie intake and for substitution of carb-intake. Ghee is identified as Paleo and Keto friendly dairy product that helps in organic weight control for people using ghee in the diet instead of using other cooking oil.

Organic desi cow ghee
Organic desi cow ghee

In other words, pure cow ghee, which is prepared in the traditional (desi) process of quality adherence, is found the most reliable variety to enjoy the best ghee benefits. For natural reasons, organic desi ghee is enjoying wide popularity worldwide. Organic desi cow ghee is an authentic source of pure saturated fats, which people of all ages and lifestyles can add in diet and enjoy its benefits.

Desi cow ghee is storage-friendly

In India, Desi cow ghee was a homemade product and people use to store it in the kitchen. Ghee preserved for a long time was used as a natural medicine for therapeutic effects in many physical disorders. Organic quality cow ghee is extensively storage friendly that you can store in your kitchen without any refrigeration support.

You may store Organic desi cow ghee at least for 12 months from its date of manufacturing.

If you are planning to buy organic desi cow ghee for your kitchen, you may tri Milkio Organic cow ghee. Prepared from 100% grass-fed cow milk, Milkio organic ghee is produced by the creamery butter method and it is certified by AsureQuality and BioGro of New Zealand. The ghee complies with the USDA standard of 100% purity, and the product is Halal and Kosher certified. Milkio organic cow ghee is now available for online purchase, and in regular retail outlets.

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