What is cultured ghee, and how is it safe for severe lactose intolerants?

  • September 14, 2021
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What is cultured ghee?

What is cultured ghee? No matter how different it may sound, this unique ghee is a dairy elixir and is a burst of cultured liquid sunshine for your food with various benefits. But what is exceptional about cultured ghee?

Define: What is cultured ghee

When we use the cultured word product, it denotes that the product has a live culture. Having said that, cultured ghee is slightly different as it does not contain any live culture, yet it is one of the best health-friendly products, similar to a probiotic product. Thus unlike regular ghee, cultured ghee gets prepared from cultured butter.

What is unique about cultured ghee?

The main USP of cultured ghee contains lactic acid, making it a unique dairy from your regular ghee butter. It is a 100% Lactose-free product.


Does lactic acid make any difference?

The urbane forte of cultured ghee lies in its lactic acid in the ghee content. It is 100% safe for lactose-intolerants and food-sensitive people. Generally, milk sugar lactose is the activator for food allergy caused by dairy products for lactose intolerants. However, as cultured grass-fed ghee is free of Lactose, it is free of the risk of food allergy, which is a common fear for severely lactose intolerants.

What is cultured ghee
What is cultured ghee

Cultured Ghee health benefits

After deliberating, what is cultured ghee? The second most key concern about cultured ghee is its multipurpose health benefits.

  • Source of natural hydration

Cultured Grass-Fed Ghee is hydrating in its spontaneous form. Ghee in the diet aids as a natural hydrator. It naturally locks the moisture in the skin and, simultaneously, retains the tissues in the body soft and flexible.

  • Good for your Gut

Cultured ghee holds a higher quantity of butyrate in the form of butyric acid, which is a natural supplement of gut care 


  • Adding Cultured ghee to diet befits in natural weight loss

It is full of fatty acids, including short-chain fatty acids, long-chain fatty acids, and medium-chain fatty acids. Conjugated linoleic acid is one of them. It is one of the therapeutically verified supplements for natural weight loss for the body.

What is cultured ghee
What is cultured ghee

Are you eyeing the prime quality cultured cow ghee?

All these facts above will enlighten to you “what is cultured ghee.” Still, this ghee is termed traditional ghee all because of its conventional manufacturing process. Besides high aroma, cultured ghee is more shelf-stable than regular ghee.

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