What is cultured ghee? How much health friendly it is?

What is cultured ghee? When we speak of a cultured product, it denotes that the product contains live culture, but while we speak of cultured ghee, it is slightly different. Cultured ghee does not contain any live couture, but it is nutritious and health-friendly like a probiotic product. Cultured ghee butter is health friendly in many ways.

What is unique of cultured ghee?

The name speaks a lot. The manufacturing intricacy of cultured ghee is its raw ingredient. Unlike regular ghee, ghee manufacturer uses cultured butter to prepare the product. Cultured butter contains lactic acid, and lactic acid is the X-factor that makes cultured ghee quite different than regular ghee butter.

How lactic acid makes the difference?

The specialty of cultured ghee is due to the lactic acid in the ghee content. It is 100% safe for lactose-intolerants and food sensitive people. Usually, milk sugar lactose is the trigger for food sensitivity caused by milk-made products for dairy sensitive people. But as cultured grass-fed ghee does not contain Lactose, it is completely free of the risk of food allergy, which is a good dietary concern for severely lactose intolerants.

The impact of lactic acid:

  • Cultured ghee is a digestion-friendly food product that stimulates the gastrointestinal efficiency of the human digestive system as a result, goods cooked in cultured ghee digests faster.
  • The process of fermentation keeps its positive impacts at the time of manufacturing cultured ghee. Lactic acid is a high aroma product that offers a more buttery taste.
  • Due to lactic acid, cultured clarified butter turns creamier in texture, and its extra acid-base makes baked products testier.

The other health benefits of cultured ghee

After the discussion of what is cultured ghee, the second most important concern about cultured ghee is its versatile health benefits.

  • Cultured ghee contains a higher quantity of butyrate in the form of butyric acid, which is a natural supplement of gut care. For the natural reason, when you use/add cultured ghee in diet, it helps in better hut management. Having cultured ghee in the diet is a natural way to reduce the problem of irregular bowel movement as happens in constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
  • Organic Cultured ghee in food helps in natural weight loss
  • Cultured ghee contains loads of fatty acids including short-chain fatty acids, long-chain fatty acids, and medium-chain fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid is one of them. This is one of the medically proven supplements for natural weight loss for the body.
  • Ghee is a natural laxative, which helps in flushing toxins out of the body, which results in a natural weight-loss of the body. Ghee in the diet increases metabolism and that also contributes to natural weight loss. Ghee in the diet is an effective method to reduce unwanted inflammation in the body, and it results in weight loss benefits.

Cultured ghee boosts immunity
Ghee contains some fat-soluble vitamins. These are vitamin A, D, E, K, and nine phenolic antioxidants, and many other nutrients.

If you use ghee in your diet, it helps in boosting the natural immunity of the body, and that is one of the unique benefits of consuming this dairy. Cultured ghee contains all these health-friendly nutrients and that makes it an excellent immunity booster for the human body.

A moderate amount of ghee in the diet is supportive of good health. Ghee in a regular diet helps in staying safe from the infections outside.

Take care of your brain with a ghee diet
Ghee is loaded with nutrients and good quality fat. It has nutritional abilities to nourish the brain. In Indian Ayurveda, ghee was advised to add to diet for students so that it can increase concentration power, kindle memory power, and helps in preventing mood swings. The ability of ghee in cleaning the gut is a passive way to keep stimulated.

Take care of bone health with ghee in the diet
Ghee in the diet is a sure way to take care of your bone health. The K2 content of ghee helps in regular and smooth absorption of calcium from other foods. Ghee helps in extracting calcium from the artery and that supports fortifying bones. It helps in maintaining blockage free artery and strong bones. Cultured ghee in the diet helps in strengthening the bones and prevents diseases like osteoarthritis.

Other health benefits of cultured ghee:

  1. It improves digestion. It helps in managing the chronic problem of GERD, bloating, and flatulence.
  2. It helps in lowering cholesterol, and it proves heart health, which is good for cardio health.
  3. Ghee in the diet reduces the risk of cancer. The high smoking point of ghee is safe for high-temperature cooking, and it prevents the formation of free radicals in the body.
  4. If Ghee is used in cooking, it lowers the problem of acidity.
  5. Cultured ghee Controls hunger pang and restricts calorie intake, which leads to natural body weight loss for humans.

All these aforementioned details will explain to you “what is cultured ghee”. However, this ghee is called traditional ghee also because of its conventional making process. Besides high aroma, cultured ghee is more shelf-stable than non-cultured ghee.

If you are planning to buy good quality cultured ghee, organic cultured ghee variety is the best option to purchase.

You may try Milkio’s organic cultured grass-fed ghee. The ghee is cooked from cultured butter, and Milkio’s cultured ghee is non-GMO and organic certified by BioGro, NZ, the leading organic product certifier of the country.

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