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Chicken Meatballs with Milkio Ghee: deliciously nutritious

Chicken Meatballs with Milkio Ghee-delight in every bite. Chicken meatballs are tasty and an easy-to-cook chicken recipe. If you want to make yummy crispy chicken snacks quickly to give your loved one a grand surprise treat, perhaps chicken meatballs are one of the best recipe options you have in your hand. Chicken meatball recipe: why …


Machbous ghee recipe

Machbous Recipe with lamb: make it delicious with Milkio ghee Machboos is an Arabian Bedouin’s favorite meal. It is a perfect Iftar meal that reflects a rich Emirati heritage. Machbous is UAE’s one of the most traditional dishes. It is a festive dish, although people of UAE prefer to have it quite frequently for its …


Scramble recipe: Star-fry it with Milkio grass-fed ghee

SCRAMBLE RECIPE-SUPER QUICK FORMULA OF TASTY PLATTER The scramble recipe is my all-time favorite. It takes little time but makes a palatable dish with little effort, which is super tasty and nutritious.  I  mostly feel like the weekends get passed in hurly-burly, and I have no other option than to spend a long time cooking …


AL Harees using Oatmeal & Ghee: The famous non-veg Middle East cuisine

Al Harees Using Oatmeal ghee “HAREES” is a delicious meat-based non-veg dish, highly popular in UAE during Ramadan. However, Al Harees using oatmeal ghee is a wonderful Ramadan staple you can cook anytime. It’s healthy, tasty, and extremely easy to cook. It is a meat-based porridge which also works as a filler food. Although almost …


Chicken wings with Milkio Ghee: an irresistible yummy snack recipe

Chicken Wings with Milkio Grass Fed Ghee Chicken wings fry is one of the most popular chicken recipes. What makes is super famous is the best taste and easy-to-prepare recipe planning.  You can collect the ingredients easily from your local stores. It will take a maximum of 15-20 minutes to prepare the chicken for deep …


Chicken Rendang with Milkio Ghee: Delicious Ghee Recipe

Chicken rendang: a rich, aromatic Malaysian dish Chicken Rendang with Milkio Ghee is a mouthwatering recipe. Chicken Rendang is one of the most popular Indonesian Chicken dishes in Thailand and throughout Asia. It is a “dry” curry dish, which means the sauce is smoldered down to a minimum. The recipe is also known as Rendang …