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How to prepare cow ghee from butter?

How to prepare cow ghee from butter, is a common query; because in ancient India, from where the concept of ghee originated, homemade ghee was a delicacy and it was a regular process of making ghee at home.

Ladies at home converted pure cow milk into curd and from the card, milk butter was prepared by using the churning process. Now milk butter is boiled until the protein part of milk and moisture gets eliminated from the butter. By boiling butter, grass fed ghee or clarified butter gets produced.

Now you need to use a strainer to separate ghee from the burned milk protein deposited at the bottom of the boiling-pot.

Now there are some steps to prepare the curd. You have to boil milk and then you should mix some curd in it, to convert the milk in the curd. The churning was done manually but now you can do it by using a mixer or an electric churner. You should select a heavy bottom-pot for boiling the milk cream otherwise there is a chance to get the produced cow ghee burned.

Instead of cow ghee, you can use any other milk, however, in that case, the color of the ghee may vary. For instance, ghee made of Buffalo milk is white.

Now you can store it in kitchens in an airtight container.

Commercially four process are used for making ghee from butter apart from tradition process.

These are:

  • Direct Cream Method,
  • Creamery Butter Method,
  • Pre-stratification Method,
  • and Continuous Method

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