How to make cultured ghee?

  • July 14, 2021
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How to make cultured ghee is a dairy intricacy

How to make cultured ghee is a dairy intricacy. The making process of cultured ghee is extremely vital because the process decides the aroma of the product and the authentic quality of the ghee. It is the reason behind the versatile health benefits and other unique features if cultured ghee.

The process of cultured ghee making can be tried at home on small scale. Cultured ghee can be prepared in bulk by using the commercial process also. However, there is a basic difference between non-cultured ghee manufacturing and cultured ghee manufacturing, and the difference is about the raw ingredient of both the product. Non-cultured ghee is prepared from unsalted dairy butter, but cultured-ghee is prepared from cultured butter only.

How to make cultured ghee
How to make cultured ghee

In the making of cultured butter, pure milk is converted to cultured butter by adding culture in it. In cultured butter, lactose of milk gets converted to lactic acid. The lactic acid of cultured ghee works soothing for digestive trouble and it soothes the gut also.

Cultured ghee in the diet is helpful in many ways.

Cultured ghee is made by boiling cultured butter. It is a slow cooking process, in which the moisture part of the butter gets eliminated and ultimately ghee butter remains left in the boiling pot. It is a high aroma product, and you can store the ghee for a long time without refrigeration support due to its storage-friendliness.

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