Organic cultured ghee

  • June 26, 2021
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Organic cultured ghee is a kitchen staple

which is versatile in its use, healthy in terms of food benefits, and shelf-friendly for stress-free storage. It is prepared from pure cow milk but unlike regular cow ghee, cultured cow ghee is cooked from cultured butter.

What makes cultured ghee unique?

In one word, it is the intermediary fermentation process, which takes place at the time of making cultured butter from pure cow milk. During fermentation, the lactose in cow milk gets completely converted into lactic acid and the ghee becomes a zero-lactose and high-aroma dairy product.

The lactic acid in cultured ghee helps in boosting the digestive power of this dairy product. Food sensitive people can add organic cultured ghee in their diet as it is 100% lactose-free. There is no chance of lactose allergy here because the lactose in milk gets chemically converted to lactic acid.

The significance of organic ghee

When you will use organic ghee, you can be sure that the milk for the organic ghee is collected with extra effort for quality assurance. Cow milk for organic cow ghee is collected from organic firms only, where dairy cows are treated and nourished without any hormone-based medicines or with any antibiotics. In organic dairy farms, cows are never kept confined or maintained in captivity as they can roam on the green pasture as much they want. These stress-free cows offer better quality milk than the cows in conventional dairy firms kept under captivity.

Cultured butter, prepared from organic cow milk, is more nutritious for the obvious reason. It is free from antibiotics and hormonal medicine residues. As cows in organic dairy are strictly grass-fed, and the grass gets collected from the pasture where in the last three years no chemical fertilizer was used, the purity gets maintained in all levels. Organic grass-fed milk contains more beta carotene than grain-fed cow milk, the quantity of CLA is found greater than conventional milk quality. As a consequence, organic ghee contains more beta carotene and CLA. Good quality organic cultured ghee is 100% pure, NON-GMO certified, organic certified, and shelf friendly, high-aroma dairy product.

Organic cultured ghee is versatile in its use

You can use organic ghee in multiple ways in your kitchen. For example, you can use ghee as cooking oil, you can use organic cultured ghee as a butter substitute, and you can use cultured ghee as a therapeutic medicine for natural remedies.

Cultured Organic ghee offers high smoke point and that makes it a safe oil. You can cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with ghee. You can use cultured ghee for high temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, deep-frying, etc.

Organic cultured ghee
Organic cultured ghee

Organic cultured ghee is a wonderful and healthy butter alternative. You can use ghee as a spread instead of butter.

Cultured Ghee contains lactic acid, and zero lactose, which makes cultured ghee perfectly suitable for lactose intolerants.

Cultured ghee benefits

Cultured ghee helps in easing constipation. It contains butyric acid, and butyrate is a natural supplement for natural gut care. Cultured ghee in the diet will help to ease the irritation of constipation. People suffering from an irregular bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome will get relief with a moderate ghee diet.

Improves bone health

Ghee in the diet is good for bone health. Cultured ghee contains K2, which helps in the natural absorption of calcium in the body, and it helps in strengthening bone and flexibility of bone joints.

Promotes brain health

Cultured organic ghee is beneficial for brain health. Ghee in the diet promotes boosts concentration power, prevents memory disorder, and reduces the risk of dementia in aged people.

Helps in weight loss

Ghee is a high-calorie dairy that contains loads of saturated fats. When ghee is added to the diet, it works as a filler food and often reduces hunger pang. Thus by reducing calorie intake, ghee helps in weight loss for the people following a certain weight-loss diet plan.

Boosts immunity level of body

Cultured organic ghee contains several nutrients, beneficial vitamins, and antioxidants. All these nutrients are the reasons behind the potential of cultured ghee as a natural but an all-rounder immunity booster.

Offers anti-aging effect for skin

Cultured Organic ghee is favorable for skin and hair health for its users. Ghee in the diet helps in maintaining ageless skin and flawless hair. According to Indian Ayurveda, use of cultured ghee in cooking is a natural way to delay the formation of fine line and wrinkles on the skin.

Works as a detox agent for health system

Cultured grass-fed ghee, when added to the diet, works as a detox agent for the entire health system. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and in rejuvenating a vibrant system for better wellbeing.

Ghee is a storage-friendly cooking oil

Cultured ghee is a storage-friendly cooking oil that you can store in your kitchen without the support of refrigeration. You can buy this organic dairy product in bulk quality and you can enjoy all the ghee benefits seamlessly.

For the best quality organic cultured ghee, you can trust Milkio Cultured ghee. The ghee clarified butter is manufactured in New Zealand using 100% organic cultured butter. It is a natural product without any chemical color, flavor, and preservative.

Milkio organic cultured ghee is USDA certified for its 100% purity and it is organic non-GMO certified by BioGro, New Zealand. Milkio organic cultured ghee is available for both online purchases and regular purchases.

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