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  • August 11, 2021
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How to make clarified butter with salted butter?

How to make clarified butter with salted butter? I mean, seriously, salted butter is the worst choice for making clarified butter. Perhaps, nobody makes clarified butter with Salted butter. No, It is possible to make clarified butter with salted butter, but it’s not at all recommended. So, why can you not make clarified butter from salted butter?


Why is clarified butter not made using salted butter?

The answer to this question lies in the process of making clarified butter. Clarified butter is made by evaporating the moisture and separating the milk solids from ordinary butter. If we use salted butter to clarify butter due to water evaporation, the salt gets concentrated in the clarified butter.

Due to this, salted butter is not desirable to use while making clarified butter. As salt is not suitable for health, it will spoil the nutty taste of clarified butter and reduce its health benefits. For instance, high amounts of salt will destroy your meals’ flavor will add to your sodium intakes unexpectedly and adversely affect your health. So if you know how to make clarified butter with salted butter, seriously, don’t follow it.


Benefits of using unsalted butter over salted butter for making clarified butter

So know you very well know that salted butter will not do any good to you. Now the only option left is unsalted butter. Why should you use unsalted butter to make clarified butter? The answer to this question is obvious and crystal clear. Let’s see the points which make unsalted butter the best choice for making clarified butter.

  1. Unsalted butter maintains the natural nutty flavor of clarified butter. It also ensures that clarified butter does not spoil the taste of your meals by adding an extra amount of unnecessary salt to it. This is the main reason why any questions like how to make clarified butter with salted butter !!! Kudos to unsalted butter.
  2. Unsalted butter balances a nutritional balance between all the fats and salts. In short, it is a perfect combo of good fats and healthy nutrients.

So, now the game between unsalted butter vs. Salted butter is over. Unsalted butter is the winner while making clarified butter.

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