Home Made Ghee: Know the Factor that makes it the Best

  • August 17, 2021
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Home made ghee is always a special kitchen staple.

Home made ghee or clarified butter recipe’ is available with homemade ghee serach on any search engine. Once ghee was defamed as the heart disease-causing and fattening dairy but recently, ghee or clarified butter has reclaimed its glory with aplomb. And now, it is being recommended by all the nutritionists across the world in moderation.

Ghee or clarified butter not only improves the flavor and mouthfeel of the food but also aids the weight loss process and promotes gut health. And much contrary to the erstwhile notion of being detrimental for heart-healthy for its hefty fat content, it is now being acclaimed as a heart-healthy fat/ oil substitute. Ghee can be consumed in both cooked and uncooked forms.

Health Benefits of Ghee

Ghee is filled with nutrients like Vitamin A, D, K, and E. It is rich in butyric acid that promoted colon health. It contains immunity-boosting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), heart-healthy fatty acids, and much more. The benefits of ghee or clarified butter get enhanced when it is homemade.

Home made Ghee

The process of simmering butter in low heat to extract butter is simple, albeit a little time-consuming. Health enthusiasts from around the world are increasingly warming up to the practice of making home made ghee regularly.

Know the Source

Making ghee or clarified butter at home is invariably the best way to get the nutritional benefits. A home made ghee is an honest product. Yet, that is not all. There is one more parameter to be factored in while making the ghee or clarified butter nutritionally full proof.

It is the butter, curd, or milk cream you use to make your ghee. Where do you source your dairy supplies from? Is it grass-fed or grain-fed dairy? This is one vital factor that differentiates optimally healthy ghee from a compromised variant.

Grass-fed Ghee vs Grain-fed ghee

The milk quality is influenced by the feed that is administered to the cows. Pasture-fed cows are healthier than grain-fed ones. Hence, the milk they produce is also of superior quality.

Grass-fed ghee has 5% more CLA as compared to the grain-fed version. They have higher butyric acid and are considered anti-inflammatory. The omega-3 fat content is also 50% higher in grass-fed ghee. Omega-9 fatty acid, which prevents heart diseases, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases is found in a higher quantity in pasture-fed dairy products as compared to conventionally grain-fed variants.    

Hence, Look before you leap

It might be very fascinating for many people to try their hands at making home made ghee. But as per the nutritionists, before starting with the ghee-making procedure, it is significant to get oriented to the grass-fed dairy products. Make sure you know the source of your dairy supplies. And more importantly, make sure that your source grass-fed ghee only from all the available options before you attemp making home made ghee.

Whether you pick your ghee or clarified butter from the shelf of a supermarket or make it at home, do not compromise with the grass-fed part. And if it is difficult to get access to grass-fed dairy supplies, just drop the idea of making ghee at home. Read the label of the ghee before you put it in your cart. Purchase it only if it is a 100% pasture-fed ghee.

If you have never tried grass-fed ghee before, try picking up a pack from Milkio. It is a 100% organic grass-fed ghee manufacturer based in New Zealand. They have their cows feed freely on organic pasture. With USDA certification for being 100% pure and BioGro certification for being an organic and Non-GMO product. You can place your orders through eBay and Etsy or you may check Milkio E commerce.


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