Homemade ghee making procedure has helped me to cut off various items from the list of shopping that I do. Buying ghee is one of them.


Making clarified butter at home is so simple that you will love to make it from the milk of grass-fed cows and have pure ghee that that does not have any contamination. Using such ghee will not only make your foods tasty but will offer you various health benefits.


Why homemade ghee is better? This question may be concerning you. Yes, it is wise to know the reasons for its excellence.

  • It is free from any contamination like vegetable oil or preservative of any nature.
  • Having a higher smoking point, it is ideal for frying, sautéing and baking your food as compared to other cooking oils.
  • Another ghee benefits is the longer shelf life. The process followed to make ghee at home makes it possible to store ghee for a more extended period without refrigeration.
  • Brown butter benefits: it is easier for people with lactose-sensitivity to digest it.

These are some of the reasons for using home-made ghee. It is not the end here; there are various ghee oil benefits that you can have using it daily.

The health benefits of using homemade ghee

As told, there are various benefits of using ghee. Let us have a look at some of those.

Enhanced physical and mental strength: If you regularly consume pure home-made ghee then you will have enhanced mental and physical strength. Not only has that another of the homemade ghee benefits is it helped to remove the impurities from your body. You will also have the best of eyesight and healthy bones and tendons.

Lower in fat as compared to other cooking oils: Ghee has lower fat content as compared to other cooking oil. So, if anyone has cholesterol problems, then this is the ideal cooking medium. As it has a lesser amount of fat, it is also easier to digest.

Why home-made ghee is better? : The question that bothers you has another answer when you read these health benefits of ghee.

The ideal way to lose weight: It is perfect to have homemade ghee if you wish to lose weight. It stimulates the digestive system leading to proper digestion and helps you to lose weight.

The best source of vitamins: Ghee is full of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. The dietary fats present in ghee helps your body to absorb these vitamins easily.

Best way to have beneficial fats: Our body for proper functioning requires certain fats. Ghee has such helpful fats that protect the stomach wall, build and strengthen the cell membranes and nerves. The fats offer these homemade clarified butter benefits to you easily.


So, having ghee daily by introducing it as a cooking medium or having it with coffee or milk..



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