Making ghee shelf-stable: make the best use of the dairy

  • September 7, 2021
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Making ghee: how it is done step by step

  • Clarify Butter: Melt unsalted butter over slow flame, simmering until the milk solids separate and the liquid turns clear.
  • Skim Foam: Remove the foam from the surface with a spoon, discarding impurities and ensuring purity of the ghee.
  • Strain Carefully: Pour the clarified liquid through a fine mesh strainer to catch the remaining solids, leaving behind golden ghee.
  • Cool and Solidify: Allow the strained ghee to cool until solid, then transfer to a container, avoiding moisture to prevent spoilage.
  • Store Properly: Seal the container and store it in a cool, dark place. Ghee’s low moisture content contributes to its long shelf life.

6 tips for selecting the best butter for making ghee

  • Unsalted and Pure: Choose unsalted, high-quality butter with no additives or preservatives for a clean and authentic ghee-making process.
  • Grass-Fed Butter: Opt for butter from grass-fed cows, as it imparts a richer flavor and enhances the nutritional value of the resulting ghee.
  • Color and Aroma: Look for butter with a vibrant, yellow hue and a pleasant, slightly nutty aroma, indicating a higher fat content.
  • Organic or Pasture-Raised: Select organic or pasture-raised butter to ensure it comes from healthier cows, free from antibiotics and hormones.
  • Cultured Butter: Consider using cultured butter for a unique flavor profile, as the fermentation process can add complexity to the ghee.
  • Local and Trusted Brands: Choose butter from reputable local or trusted brands known for their commitment to quality and ethical sourcing.

Making ghee from milk butter at home is indeed a delicacy.

Using this dairy staple to make tasty foods is a unique culinary skill. Cooking with ghee is healthy enough when you use this anhydrous in its best condition if you can store it properly.

Good quality ghee clarified butter is expensive as making ghee with unsalted butter is an extensive process as raw materials for making ghee butter is quite costly. It’s globally known that ghee is shelf-stable, provided you know the rules to store it.

after making ghee, storing the same is not rocket science but is not artless.  Follow the tips to increase the shelf life of this dairy staple in your kitchen.

Go for an airtight container

While buying ghee, you may check if the manufacturer is making ghee butter from the best raw material.  Good quality ghee can be stored for 12-18 months from manufacturing, provided you store it in a dry airtight container.

Besides buying carefully produced pure clarified butter, you should consider storing it in a safe, sealed, dry container. You don’t need to put it in the refrigerator unless its expiry date is near.

Making and storing ghee: Keep it away from light and heat exposure

Making clarified butter at home is an easy recipe, but you may not be happy with the shelf life of your home production. To extend the shelf life of the clarified butter ghee, you must keep it in an airtight container in the dark corner of your kitchen shelf, protected from direct light and heat exposure.

Ghee will stay at its best if you store the container away from light and heat exposure. Making ghee with the best quality product does not ensure its long shelf life.

Don’t use moist spoon: how do I know that the ghee is spoiled?

Moisture intrusion is entirely detrimental to maintaining the quality of brown butter, no matter how much effort you have invested in ghee making. Do not use a spoon that is not entirely dry.

The best option is to use a wooden or ceramic-made spoon. It will help you to retain the best quality of this dairy product, and it will prevent unnecessary moisture from meddling into it.

If the clarified butter smells foul or offers even a slightly rancid test, you can assume that the ghee has lost its virgin quality despite following the best-making ghee method.

How To Make Ghee
Here’s a guide on how to make ghee.

What color should Ghee be?

Good quality ghee is primarily yellowish. It is slightly granular or creamy in texture. This dairy staple emits a nutty flavor if properly making ghee is employed.

You will know if ghee has turned bad because it will have visible signs of mold. If you don’t want to risk anything happening to your precious ghee, refrigerate it. To store ghee safely for a long, make sure that you store ghee in an odorless and dry vessel, preferably made with dark-colored glass.

Making ghee from milk is a delicate process and essentially decides the quality and the taste of the produced dairy. However, once the anhydrous fat is produced from milk butter, storage plays a vital role in maintaining the flavor and shelf life.

The sensitivity of this milk fat makes it essential to learn its storage intricacy.  Making clarified butter shelf stable is the best way to use ghee in your kitchen with the best ghee benefits. Don’t forget to check the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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