Which is healthier ghee or clarified butter is a question of product comparison as both are dairy items, and both of these are milk-made products, and manufacturers make it from milk butter. In many places, ghee and clarified butter are considered the same and used interchangeably.

But there is a fine line of difference between the two.

When milk butter is boiled constantly till the milk fat gets separated and casein and lactose get eliminated. The golden yellow liquid that remains in the boiling pot is the clarified butter. When clarified butter gets further boiled, it becomes caramelized and takes a slightly granular texture.

In terms of health and potential, both ghee and clarified butter are the same as it is full of saturated fats. Both of them contain the same nutrients and fatty acids; however, ghee is more shelf-friendly than clarified butter.

But if you are wondering about which is healthier ghee or clarified butter”, then both are the same products you can use in your food. Ghee has a slightly higher smoking point, hence in terms of safe cooking ghee is a better cooking oil than clarified butter.

Ghee and clarified is healthy for consumption under two conditions.

It has to be a restricted amount and next is the lifestyle of the ghee consumer has to be active. Otherwise, ghee consumption may turn harmful to health.


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