The Health benefits of cow ghee have amazed the health freaks worldwide

  • August 7, 2021
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The Health benefits of cow ghee are not any magic

Ghee nutrients are the reasons behind the ghee benefits. The fat-soluble vitamins, health-friendly fatty acids, antioxidants, etc., stand responsible for all the ghee benefits.

Let’s explore if cow ghee is good for health


Can ghee help you in weight loss programs?

Sounding bizarre? Right, you are! The fat-loaded cooking oil was once considered as far inducing good ingredient. But modern dieticians have explored that ghee’s healthy fat can be the savior if you are following weight loss programs like Keto diet, Paleo diet, etc., which are high fat, low carb diet plans.

 You can use ghee as a reliable source of fats and substitute carbohydrate foods from your diet. Ghee fats help control the hunger pang and thus restrict calorie intake, which ultimately results in natural weight loss. You maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and proper rest. Conjugated linoleic acid

Cow ghee helps in smooth digestion

Pure grass-fed cow ghee helps in smooth digestion. Ghee in the diet supports the stimulation of gastric juice secretion, and that helps in faster ingestion. Ghee in the diet helps in the secretion of acid in the stomach, facilitating speedier digestion.

 Ghee in the diet reduces the problem of flatulence, acidity, and bloating. People suffering from GERD or acid flux problem will get rid of the chronic indigestion problem with this dairy oil.

Ghee releases the irritation of constipation

Irregular bowel movement has become a global colon disorder. In a recent survey, 20% of US people are found constipated or suffering from IBS problems. However, pure cow ghee can be a solution to this lifestyle disease.

One of the health benefits of cow ghee is its natural laxative quality. It happens due to the butyric-acid presence in the ghee, which is a short-chain fatty acid. It is a proven supplement of healthy colon management.  

Gras-fed cow ghee contains a maximum amount of butyric acid, making it a beneficial solution for nagging problems like constipation, IBS, Colitis, etc.  

Ghee helps in maintaining a healthy brain.

Ghee is full of saturated fats, and this nourishes the human brain. And surprisingly, ghee acts as a brain booster for people of all ages. 

For the kids and students, ghee in the diet helps in brain development. According to Ayurveda, ghee in the diet improves concentration levels for the kids. For aged people, it prevents memory-related disorders like Dementia.  

Grass-fed cow ghee helps in maintaining bone health

One of the unique health benefits of cow ghee is its dietary support in maintaining healthy bones. Pure ghee contains vitamin K2, which helps extract calcium from foods and helps in fortifying existing bones. Ghee in the diet helps in preventing osteoporosis, and other bone diseases, etc. Ghee in the diet helps ease joint pain and supports in maintaining the lubrication in the bone joints resulting in better mobility.

Ghee in the diet was prescribed in Ayurvedic treatment as one of the best dietary solutions for kids’ bone development. People in the sports niche may have ghee in the diet for their better bone health.

Ghee in the diet is favorable for eyesight

Pure ghee contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D, which are suitable for eyesight. Regular ghee in the diet helps maintain general eye health, prevents dry ere syndrome, and resists macular eye degeneration disease. Omega-3 fatty acids in the pure organic cow ghee offer therapeutic assistance in maintaining eyesight. However, it would help if you used only pure and 100% natural cow ghee to boost your eye health with ghee dietary support.

Ghee reduces inflammation

Pure cow ghee reduces inflammation in the internal organs. If ghee is coupled to the diet, it has been observed it helps reduce the swelling of muscles and heals swelling due to burning injury. Butyrate in pure cow grass-fed cow ghee is linked to an immune-system-response related to the body’s harmful inflammation.

Ghee can boost your immunity if added to your diet

Grass-fed cow ghee is high in its nutritional power. The dairy cooking fat contains saturated fats comprising of healthy fatty acids like CLA, Butyric acid, Omega-3, omega-6, and 9, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K2, etc.

If pure grass-fed cow ghee is added to the diet in moderation, the holistic nutrition of this dairy fat can increase the preventive power of the body, and that is the power of boosting immunity.

The high smoke point makes it a safe oil.

Pure Cow ghee offers a high smoke point due to the high amount of healthy fatty acids. Pure grass-fed offers 485 degrees Fahrenheit smoking point, which is much higher than other cooking oils like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. Due to a higher smoke point, ghee acts like safe cooking oil that tends to produce less free radicals even when used for high-temperature cooking.  

It is a proven fact that grass-fed cow ghee is a safer cooking oil when used for baking, sautéing, deep frying or for slow cooking recipes in comparison to commonly used vegetable oils.

Ghee is a natural moisturizer that helps in hair and skincare

One of the unique health benefits of cow ghee is its natural moisturizing power. When ghee in the diet is used, it promotes the health and looks of skin and hair. Ghee in the diet, with its nutritional power, can prevent age-related skin glitches like wrinkle formation, skin blemishes, and unsightly age spots on the skin, which supports anti-aging skin treatment. Ghee in the diet is equally good for hair health, and it helps reduce the adverse effect of age on the hair-health.

Why Grass-fed cow ghee is the best?

Grass-fed cow ghee is prepared from grass-fed butter, and as per dairy research, grass-fed butter contains more nutrients than grain-fed butter. Grass-fed butter is made from 100% grass-fed cow milk, which contains more butyrate, conjugated linoleic acid, and fat-soluble vitamins. From the superior nutritional benefits, grass-fed cow ghee is counted as better ghee for ghee users.

Why Milkio?

Milkio ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed cow milk butter/cream, and that is why the ghee offers optimum ghee benefits if added to the diet. The dairy product is 100% natural, and its organic claim and non-GMO status are certified by BioGro, NZ.

Milkio organic cow ghee is shelf-friendly. You can store Milkio clarified butter at room temperature for 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing without the support of refrigeration.

One of the most soothing health benefits of cow ghee is its diet-friendliness. It is a lactose-free, casein-free product that perfectly suits the diet of dairy allergic people. Milkio grass-fed cow ghee is a healthy source of saturated fats, a gluten-free, sugar-free cooking oil that you can use for all types of cuisines.

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