The difference between ghee and clarified butter is an interesting topic

Primarily ghee and clarified butter are used interchangeably. Still, if we close view both the dairy, we will find a fine line of difference between these two dairy products.


Ghee vs. clarified butter: how to make

Ghee manufacturers cook ghee from grass-fed milk butter. When ghee gets overcooked, it takes a granular texture and takes the color of caramel.

Clarified butter is pure butterfat, and it looks golden yellow by its color. Clarified butter mostly takes a creamy texture and releases a nutty aroma.  

After checking the difference between ghee and clarified butter, you will find that they release a nutty aroma, but ghee offers a more intense fragrance, whereas clarified butter is always a high aroma product. 


Ghee vs. clarified butter: Storage friendliness

Both ghee and clarified butter are storage-friendly. But ghee is a superior product in terms of storage friendliness. You can store ghee for longer than clarified butter. In Indian Ayurveda, old ghee is identified as a powerhouse for lots of therapeutic benefits.


Ghee and clarified butter: difference in the look and name

Clarified butter is of semi-liquid frequency. It is pure butterfat from where milk solids are removed. But ghee is tighter inconsistency, and in this dairy, the remaining milk solids get browned.

Clarified butter is called drawn butter, and it is mostly used in European countries. Ghee is used in Indian, Pakistan, and Middle East countries. In Africa, ghee is called Tesmi.


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