3 Difference between ghee and clarified butter you are not aware of

  • August 6, 2021
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The difference between ghee and clarified butter is not commonly discussed because we mostly do use ghee and clarified butter interchangeably.

But if we compare these two dairy products, we will find some distinctions between them. So, before you plan to buy ghee, it is better to know the dissimilarity between ghee and clarified butter. But before discussing the disparities, let’s talk about similarities.

Ghee & clarified butter: Similarities

  • Both are cooked from milk fat.
  • Both offer a high smoke point and are suitable for high-temperature cooking.
  • Ghee and clarified butter are storage-friendly: you can store both at room temperature.
  • Ghee and clarified butter contain saturated fats, and both are lactose-free and casein-free.

Let’s talk about the difference between ghee and clarified butter. The difference lies in the making process, its uses, and its texture.

Ghee vs. clarified butter: Making process

Ghee manufacturers cook ghee and clarified butter from milk fat. When clarified butter gets overcooked, it takes a granular texture and takes the color of caramel. It is called ghee.

Clarified butter is pure butterfat, and it looks golden yellow by its color. Clarified butter mostly takes a creamy texture and releases a nutty aroma.

If you close-view the difference between ghee and clarified butter, you will find that they release a nutty aroma. However, ghee offers a more intense fragrance, whereas clarified butter is always a high aroma product.

difference between ghee and clarified butter
difference between ghee and clarified butter

Ghee vs. clarified butter: Storage friendliness

Both ghee and clarified butter are storage-friendly. But ghee is a superior product in terms of storage friendliness. You can store ghee for longer than clarified butter. In Indian Ayurveda, old ghee is identified as a powerhouse for lots of therapeutic benefits.

Ghee and clarified butter: difference in the look and name

Clarified butter is of semi-liquid frequency. It is pure butterfat from where milk solids are removed. But ghee is tighter inconsistency, and in this dairy, the remaining milk solids get browned.

Clarified butter is called drawn butter, and it is primarily used in European countries. Ghee is used in Indian, Pakistan, and Middle East countries. In Africa, ghee is called Tesmi.

However, while buying ghee and clarified butter, you can easily omit the difference between ghee and clarified butter. Both will offer you the same health benefits to purchase clarified butter from the grass-fed variety and an authentic ghee brand.

Why is grass-fed a better option?

Grass-fed cows are fed on green grass and grass-based silage. As a result, grass-fed cow milk contains more nutrients than grain-fed cow milk. For instance, grass-fed milk fat contains more CLA and butyrate than non-grass-fed milk fat. Grass-fed ghee is made of grass-fed milk fat, hence contains more nutrients than grass-fed ghee clarified butter.

Grass-fed butter Vs ghee

New Zealand is one of the biggest dairy hubs globally, and the grass-fed dairy products from New Zealand offer pure goodness of dairy, which is the outcome of 150-years of deep dairy practice and systematic organic farming.

Why New Zealand?

“The spirit of dairying in New Zealand is the spirit of ingenuity. We create more than 1500 products and product specifications from our milk. Thanks to generations of adventurous and creative dairy people, these products can be found in all corners of the planet. Our inventiveness has led to the creation of products, such as whey protein, for specialized nutrition needs that support the wellbeing of consumers.

Our natural advantage

New Zealand is favored by nature when it comes to making milk, with a climate, soils, and abundant water that create a perfect environment for growing grass. Our cows can access pasture year-round, meaning space to roam and follow their natural inclinations to be outdoors. Our geography means New Zealand is free from many pests and diseases, supporting healthy cows and allowing us to farm with a lighter hand.”

Source – NZ Story

Is ghee inflammatory
Is ghee inflammatory
About Milkio Grass-fed ghee

Milkio grass-fed ghee is a pure New Zealand-made dairy product.  Milkio grass-fed ghee is cooked from 100% grass-fed milk fat and offers the best scale of ghee nutrition.  It is a natural product without synthetic color, flavor, and preservatives and certified by the USDA for its 100% purity. Milkio Grass-fed ghee is keto and paleo diet-friendly.

Suppose you want to enjoy the best ghee benefits and you are concerned about wellness and a healthy diet. In that case, you can easily skip the difference between ghee and clarified butter as both are nutritious dairies.  You need to select grass-fed ghee clarified that could offer you top-notch grass-feed goodness like Milkio grass-fed ghee.

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