The amount of lactose casein in ghee

  • August 7, 2021
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You must have heard many times that ghee is suitable for lactose-intolerant folks. It is good for people suffering from allergies and infections to dairy products. So are you someone suffering from allergies to lactose casein? If yes, then you must know how safe ghee is for you in such cases.

As ghee is clarified butter, and due to clarification, it is free from allergies to dairy products. Still having dilemmas, let’s dive into this topic to know more –

lactose casein

What is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose casein is found in milk solids. When someone is tolerant of them, their body considers these as a danger to the system. So to battle it off, it elicits some reactions. Well, these reactions are painful and tiresome. Both the casein and lactose allergies cause some irritation and inflammation to the internal organs. That includes Nausea, muzzles, hives, headaches, breathing problems, and so on.  

Ghee for intolerance to lactose and casein

Ghee is made by separating the milk solids. Milk solids contain lactose casein; that’s why ghee is said to be free from dairy allergies. However, any process doesn’t assure 100% separation of milk solids from ghee; that’s why people who are extremely sensitive to dairy products should limit it. So what to do in that case?

Well, always look for 100% supreme quality ghee. That’s made from green grass-fed cow’s milk as this new quality of milk contains a lesser amount of lactose and casein. This ensures more safety to ghee and also to the people allergic to dairy products. Make sure the title signifies that it’s its pure green grass fed organic ghee.

Also, ensure that the ghee is certified as pure organic ghee. Apart from this, make sure it’s specially labeled as a ghee lactose casein-free product. This serves as a hallmark of the purity of ghee. Besides this, always avoid homemade ghee if you are allergic to lactose and casein. As at home, you don’t have any idea about the quality of the milk.

Towards the end, you never know whether the ghee you are eating is entirely lactose casein-free. That is the reason why it is crucial to check the label for the authenticity of the ghee. Observe all the points mentioned above in it. Also, always purchase organic green grass-fed ghee.

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