Pure Ghee health benefits: 10 benefits for your holistic wellbeing

  • August 7, 2021
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Pure ghee health benefits are about the aids of adding ghee to the diet.

Pure ghee is cooked from grass-fed milk-butter, which makes ghee a dairy product that is full of fats. The saturated fat content is the key player in ghee nutrition, which makes ghee a healthy cooking oil.

What is pure ghee?

When ghee is cooked from 100% grass-fed cow milk butter, and it does not contain any preservative, synthetic color, or flavor. 

The purity of ghee is not about the claim of the manufacturer, but ideally, it has to be certified as a 100% pure product. For example, Milkio ghee is USDA certified.

We all are aware that fat-based foods are not healthy because of their high-calorie count and risk of inducing obesity. But the benefits of ghee is quite surprising in this aspect. The fat content of ghee and its nutrients can be used for many health advantages, weight loss benefit is one of them. But the most interesting paradox is how fat-based dairy can help in weight loss instead of gaining fat.

Pure ghee for weight loss

One of the amazing Pure Ghee health benefits is the support of this dairy oil for weight loss. But how it is possible when we know it is a fat rich dairy product?

Pure ghee is high-calorie fat-based cooking oil, which you can use for natural weight loss. You have to use the ghee’s fat-based content as a filler food. If you mix ghee in your morning beverage or with lukewarm water on an empty stomach, it will reduce your hunger pang and will restrict your calorie intake for its high-calorie value.  

Pure ghee contains up to 64% saturated fats, and that makes ghee a healthy source of fats. Because of the ghee’s healthy fat content, pure ghee is Keto (Low-carb high-fat diet) and Paleo diet friendly dairy that helps in body weight loss.

Ghee helps in healthy colon maintenance

Pure or unadulterated ghee contains Butyrate, which is a well-known natural supplement of good gut health. Pure cow ghee and sheep ghee contains a significant quantity of butyric acid, which acts as a butyric compound for maintaining a healthy colon. Milkio Ghee including grass-fed cow ghee, grass-fed organic ghee, Milkio sheep ghee, Milkio A2 ghee, Milkio Infused ghee, etc. are enriched with butyric acid, and that makes Milkio ghee products colon friendly, and a healthy remedy to cure constipation and IBS problem.

Ghee in food: promotes digestion

One of the pure ghee health benefits is the digestion-friendliness of this dairy oil. Ghee, when added to the diet in moderation, it helps in faster digestion. Ghee nutrients help in the faster secretion of gastric juices and that helps in quick digestion. According to a study, ghee in the diet is stimulating for acid secretion in the stomach, which is ultimately digestion-friendly.

Grass-fed ghee and strong bones

In Indian Ayurveda, pure ghee was prescribed for maintaining strong bones. Ghee in the diet was considered hood arthritic diet, for maintaining the flexibility of bone joints, and for reducing painful joint stiffness.

Pure ghee contains K2 vitamins and K2 helps in the absorption of calcium from other foods we eat. Even K2 in Grass-fed ghee helps in extracting calcium from arteries and that results in ensuring good control of the cholesterol in the blood. The extracted calcium is supplied to the bone, and that makes bones strong and resilient. 

However, moderation in quantity and exercise at regular course helps in enjoying one of the Pure Ghee health benefits.

Ghee is safe cooking oil and anti-carcinogenic

One of the pure ghee health benefits is its high smoke point

Pure ghee offers a higher smoking point than other cooking oils like olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, etc. Because of a higher smoke point, ghee as cooking oil stays stable against high temperature cooking like baking, slow cooking, deep-frying, etc.

As the brining point is high, ghee stays stable, and there is a lesser risk of cooking with ghee because of its high burning point. Ghee hardly produces free radicals in the body, and that makes ghee anti-carcinogenic.

Ghee as cooking oil is a versatile one, which you can use for all types of cooking. Traditionally ghee was used in Indian cooking and Middle East cuisine, but for its versatile adaptability now pure ghee is popular worldwide as a healthy pantry staple.

Ghee ensures good eye care

Pure grass-fed ghee contains vitamin A, which is a natural eye care supplement. Ghee in the diet is helpful for natural eye care. It is a practiced eye care remedy to drink ghee with milk or lukewarm water in the morning. According to Ayurveda, our ghee in the diet helps in reducing the irritation of dry eye syndrome.

Organic grass-fed ghee is more nutrition-rich than non-grass-fed ghee. To ensure ghee eyes care, you should go for grass-fed ghee, which is made from pasture-raised 100% grass-fed dairy butter only.

Ghee is a natural immunity booster

 Immunity boosting is one of the amazing pure ghee health benefits, and ghee nutrition is one of the reasons behind this ghee superpower. Ghee contains antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins, healthy friendly fatty acids, etc., which are extremely healthy friendly if added to the diet in moderation. Because of ghee’s nutritional power, ghee in the diet is an easy way to maintain the natural immunity of the body.  

Ghee is a natural moisturizer 

Hydrating power is one if the pure ghee health benefits. Pure ghee clarified is a natural moisturizer, and if added to the diet, it helps in efficiently maintaining the natural hydration of the body. Ghee in the diet helps in keeping skin soft and its creamy texture helps in retaining the internal tissues of the body conveniently hydrated.

Ghee is a safer dairy for lactose intolerants

Pure grass-fed ghee is a lactose-free dairy product. It is free from milk proteins like casein too. People who are dairy sensitive cannot take milk or butter because of the lactose content. But ghee, despite being a milk made product, is lactose, casein, sugar, and gluten-free. Hence, this cooking fat is a safe food item for a lactose-intolerant diet, which is one of the pure ghee health benefits.

Ghee for a healthy heart

You may consider ghee benefits for a healthy heart as a ghee marketing trick, but ghee for health is one of the stunning pure ghee health benefits. The saturated fat content of ghee is traditionally abused for inducing cardiac diseases in the body. But modern dieticians have not found ghee that harmful for the heart if moderation is maintained and only pure grass-fed ghee is added to the diet.

Pure Ghee health benefits
Pure Ghee health benefits

Ghee contains health-friendly vitamins and fatty acids. 

The combo of a regular ghee diet and exercise and an active lifestyle is a simple way to take care of your heart. However, people with cardiac issues should not use ghee in the diet without the doctor’s permission.

These are the 10 pure ghee health benefits, which makes ghee a pantry staple in a health-conscious modern kitchen. Only pure grass-fed ghee can offer you all these ghee benefits do finding a pure organic grass-fed is a prerequisite for adding all these ghee benefits in your favor.

Summing up: About Milkio Grass-fed ghee

 Want to enjoy Pure Ghee health benefits? You may try Milkio Organic grass-fed ghee in your diet. Made in New Zealand, Milkio Foods uses only 100% grass-fed butter for making their range of ghee prices. Milkio ghee is a certified organic and Non-GMO product, endorsed by BioGro, New Zealand. It is a natural product and its purity is endorsed by the USDA.

Milkio Ghee is produced without chemical flavor, color, or preservative. Rich creamy in texture, and golden yellow and with a unique nutty aroma, Milkio ghee is a shelf-friendly dairy cooking oil you can store without refrigeration support for 12-18 months in your kitchen. Milkio Ghee is a sugar, salt, lactose, casein, and gluten-free product that you can use as a healthy grass-fed butter alternative.

If you want to use a salted butter substitute, you can use Milkio Grass-fed Himalayan Pink salt ghee. All Milkio ghee products are Halal and Kosher certified. To know about Milkio Grass-fed ghee, check here.

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