However recent researches have cleared out the myth around the age-old wisdom and now clarified butter recipe is a hit in most of the household for a leaner and mindful lifestyle.

One of the most infamous clarified butter is often blamed for weight gain or unhealthy heart conditions.

Clarified butter benefits

This wholesome goodness is filled with innumerable benefits. Clarified butter benefits would seriously compel you to add it in your everyday meal for a stronger and better you.


  • Clarified butter contains saturated fats that are essential for our health and wellness
  • It is also used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines due to clarified butter benefits for healthy nervous system and balancing nature.
  • Since the milk solids are removed even the lactose intolerant people can consume it and enjoy clarified butter benefits.
  • Clarified butter doesn’t need refrigeration and can be stored in earthen or glass jars for a period of eight to twelve months.
  • It is rich in healthy fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. It promotes bone and brain Health-boosting metabolism and immune system.

 Clarified butter Vs. Ghee

  • Clarified butter is preferred in baking and cooking by experts.
  • Clarified butter has a smoke point of 350° F while ghee has a relatively higher smoke point of 485°
  • Both have intense flavors while clarified butter has a more creamy and subtle taste while ghee has a slightly more strong nuttier taste.

When it gets down to clarified butter vs. ghee though there are minor differences with almost similar nutritional value both have a distinct taste and aren’t the same thing when added to the meal.

How to make clarified butter

  • Clarified butter is an emulsion of fat and water. Butter is prepared by shaking, curdling and then washing the cream of milk with a quarter of yogurt.
  • Collect 1-3 cups of cream and refrigerate it until you have the desired quantity.
  • Collect all of the creams in a container add yogurt and stir lightly. Keep the mixture aside at room temperature for 6-7 hours.
  • Beat the set cream until the butter separates from the liquid. Add chilled water to the mixture and collect lumps of butter by gently pressing it with hands.
  • Store the butterfat and melt it over kitchen top or go by the clarified butter microwave technique

Clarified butter microwave

  • Traditionally it is prepared via stovetop but thanks to modern kitchen innovation it can be made using microwave too.
  • Just cut the butter into small pieces in a glass bowl or jar.
  • Place the jar in microwave on high power for a minute or until you see foam at the top.
  • Once the foam is formed the three distinct layers are clearly visible of foam, clarified butter and watery liquid.
  • Remove the foamy milk fat using a spoon and store the remaining clarified butter in another jar.

Now that you know how to make clarified butter at home you are in control of the entire process ensuring 0 percent adulteration and 100 percent pure butter. We have handpicked the easiest clarified butter recipe so that you enjoy making it at home.

Clarified butter recipe

Try out the ancient perception with the clarified butter recipe

Enjoy the incredible taste of the super food that offers the best of both worlds.  Powerful health boosting and rejuvenating. It’s no surprise that clarified butter has been one of the most preferred media to cook food.


Now that you know clarified butter benefits add the powerhouse in your daily diet to nourish your body from inside out.


Try our clarified butter recipe and discover the pleasure of homemade goodness.

Disclaimers: This information is intended to provide general information to the public, We recommend you seek professional advice as appropriate. 

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