Clarified butter recipe: nitty-gritty of making ghee, clarified butter

  • June 26, 2021
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Clarified butter recipe, which means how clarified butter is made, which is a long process of slow cooking.

In this cooking course dairy butter is boiled until ghee butter gets clarified removing its lactose and casein parts.  Clarified butter offers a nutty smell and a creamy texture. Pure clarified butter is made without the use of synthetic color, flavor, and preservatives.

Can you use salted butter for making clarified butter?

 In clarified butter recipe mostly unsalted butter variety is used. There are predominantly two reasons. One is the foaming tendency of unsalted butter, and other is the risk of salt condensation in the produced clarified butter. Although technically there is no constraint of making ghee from salted butter, practically it is not a preferred ingredient.

Ghee vs. clarified butter? Is there any difference?

Mostly ghee and clarified butter are considered same, but there is a fine line of difference. Ghee is a further cooked version of clarified butter, which offers a nutty caramelized flavor and sometime instead of the golden colt of clarified butter ghee looks brownish and granular in texture.

In terms of shelf life, ghee is more storage friendly than clarified butter. In short, ghee is the last product of clarified butter recipe.

Clarified butter vs. Butter: how is the taste difference?

If we compare between clarified butter vs. butter, both are dairies but there are taste difference. Butter is silkier in texture whereas clarified butter is mostly creamy and offers a nutty aroma. Buttery aroma is milky but the main difference of these two products is its content. Butter is not free of lactose and milk protein called casein, whereas clarified butter, according to clarified butter recipe, contains neither lactose not casein.

People with lactose intolerance may face trouble of food allergy after consuming butter, but ghee the case of ghee the chance of food allergy is rare.

Is ghee, clarified butter healthier than butter?

In terms of cooking, clarified butter is more stable than butter. Clarified butter offer higher smoking point, which means ghee acts more stable against higher temperature. In terms of higher smoking points, and as allergy risk free products, ghee is healthier than butter.

Ghee clarified butter vs. Olive oil

In terms of calorie, obviously olive oil is a winner. It is a low calorie cooking oil but it is not nutritious as ghee, clarified butter as clarified butter contains more nutrients and it is a dairy product. Being couples with active lifestyle ghee can be used raw, while olive oil raw does not add the rich creamy nuttier taste like ghee.

In terms of storage, clarified butter is a better option.  Clarified butter recipe is the reason behind its storage friendliness.

Clarified butter recipe: is it a superfood?

Clarified butter recipe is the reason behind its super power. Pure ghee is produced from pure cow milk. For example, grass fed ghee is made from the 100% grass fed cow milk, which is more nutritious than grain fed cow milk. The use of pure raw material is one of the reasons for the nutrient richness of clarified butter.

Due to nutrients and health friendly fatty acids in ghee, it shows many therapeutic power. These are the medicinal qualities of ghee that aids in healing and strengthening human health, immunity, and wellness. Ghee in diet is beneficial for people of all ages and that is why dieticians praise ghee as a superfood.

Does clarified butter contains butyrate?

Clarified butter contains medium and short chain fatty acids. Butyrate is one of the ingredients of these fatty acids, which is known as a natural colon cleanser. 

Due to the presence of butyrate in clarified butter, it works as a natural medicine of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

 Is Clarified butter good for weight loss?

Clarified butter contains CLA and Omega 6, which are known for their natural weight loss support quality.  It has been diagnosed that clarified butter if added to diet can work as a filler food and it helps in calorie intake control.

Clarified butter in diet and maintaining active lifestyle, regular exercise, etc. can help in reducing body weight naturally. Furthermore, it has been proved that clarified butter helps in using fat cells in getting burned for generating energy.  As ghee is filled with essential amino acids, these acids help in shrinking the size of the fat cells.

Why do you clarify butter?

When we clarify butter, the process of boiling removes all the milk solids as well as water, and only the butterfat remains left. Clarified butter offers a higher smoke point, and that makes this ghee clarified butter an ideal cooking oil for baking and sautéing. The Clarified butter recipe process is simple; it takes little time as it is a slow cooking process, and the storage life is much longer than normal milk butter.

Clarified butter recipe is a traditional process and the uniqueness of this recipe is its contribution in maintaining the produced ghee quality. Unless quality raw ingredients are used and the authenticity of the recipe is maintained, procured ghee quality is difficult to maintain.

Milkio Grass fed ghee clarified butter is made from pure grass fed cow milk. The ghee is storage friendly and can be kept in kitchen shelf for 12 months after it is manufactured. 

Clarified butter recipe

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