Different dairy products you can eat on lactose intolerant keto diet

  • August 7, 2021
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Different dairy products you can eat on lactose intolerant keto diet

The explanation that this can be challenging for us to digest milk is that we start developing less of an enzyme called lactase as we get aged, capable of breaking down lactose, the complex sugar present in milk. Not enough lactase ensures that the colon ends up with lactose compounds, whereby bacteria eat them up, causing gas and diarrhea. Few unusual forms of lactose intolerance, nevertheless, include persons who can handle certain levels of lactose. Here we are sharing a few dairy products that can be added to your lactose intolerant keto diet

lactose intolerant keto

Aged cheese

You shouldn’t have to give up the cheese. Only keep away from the fluffy, mozzarella, or brie kinds. Think cheddar, Swiss, and Parmesan cheeses that have already been aged for at least six months are absolutely good. Enzymes used throughout the cheese-making cycle break down lactose even more over time, meaning there’s very little lactose left after the six months required to produce an aged cheese.


Compared to several other dairy forms of lactose, yogurt is a dairy food that is more quickly digested. That’s because lactose melts down and decreases the occurrence of adverse symptoms attributed to lactose intolerance by the bacteria used to make yogurt. Yogurt may be used to produce a variety of dips and sweets. But make sure you’ve got yogurt labeled on the bottle that has probiotics or live-active cultures. Since they feed on sugar and break down a bunch of lactose, these bacteria are essential. It is among the most common and preferred dairy products for the lactose intolerant keto diet. 

Ghee or clarified butter

You’d never describe butter as sweet because it is almost free of lactose. Butter also contains very tiny lactose quantities, but ghee is the safest choice for people of all ages. So if you find that butter is irritating your digestion, use ghee (aka clarified butter). There would not be more than 1/2 gm of lactose in 1 tsp of butter. In lactose intolerant persons, a teaspoon of butter scattered over a toast does not cause severe intolerance. If they do, lactose-intolerant people may have ghee, which would be butter derived from milk solids that are molten and strained.


Cultured buttermilk comprises bacteria that can aid in lactose breakdown. Buttermilk is mainly made from yogurt and water so that it could be a milk substitute for lactose intolerance.

All these dairy products can be easily added to your lactose intolerant keto diet without upsetting your digestion or stomach. 

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