What ghee is?

Ghee is a dairy product, which is also known as clarified butter.

From the ancient age, ghee is being used traditionally in Asian and Middle East culinary processes. 

The countries had the history of using ghee were Indian, Pakistan, the UAE, etc. Similar to butter, ghee is naturally made from cow’s milk. Ghee is produced by melting regular dairy butter.

The traditional indigenous method is suitable for making a small quantity of ghee and it is not the right process for commercial ghee manufacturing. There are four methods of ghee production other than the traditional method. These are the creamery butter method, direct cream method, pre-stratification method, and continuous method. In all these methods, ghee is prepared from milk butter.


In terms of dairy technology ghee is the clarified version of dairy milk butter, which is free from lactose and casein. This butter gets separated when it is boiled consistently and ultimately the butter gets separated into liquid fats and milk solids.

The liquid fats are the ghee, and with the use of a strainer, you can collect ghee in a jar for your use. Ghee offers a longer shelf-life, which means you can store ghee in a kitchen in a jar without the support of refrigeration.

What ghee is?

In terms of chemical analysis, ghee is a complex lipid of glycerides (typically mixed), free fatty acids, sterols, phospholipids, sterol esters, fat-soluble vitamins, carbonyls, hydrocarbons, carotenoids, etc.

Only white and unsalted butter is used for making ghee: sweet and salted butter may impact on the flavor of thee produced ghee.


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