If your question is “what are the health benefits of ghee”, the answer will be quite long.

It includes a Ghee offers lots of health benefits. Because of its healthy smell and good quality fat-content, cow ghee is a popular and good quality massage oil.

Ghee massage works well on skin and hair. It prevents skin dryness and maintains natural hair glow. Ghee massage in hair prevents premature greying of hair and keeps the scalp free of flaky dandruff. Ghee on lips is an easy way to prevent chapping and retaining the natural pink color.

Ghee in the diet has a variety of health benefits. It helps in better digestion, neutralizes acidity, prevents the chronic problem of constipation, and keeps skin and internal tissues hydrated.


Ghee is food that enhances the taste and at the same time adds nutrients because of its healthy content. Pure cow ghee works as an immunity booster. Regular but moderate ghee in diet support brain development and prevents the problem of dementia. 

Health benefits of ghee

  • Clarified butter or Ghee contains lots of saturated fats, and because of fat content works as a filler food.
  • Brown butter or Ghee in beverages adds energy because of its high calorie.
  • Ghee controls hunger pang, and aids in the weight loss program by limiting calorie intake.
  • Grass fed Ghee in the diet helps a lot in offering an extra dose of nutrition for pregnant mothers. Ghee is especially helpful for students as it helps in memory boosting and improving concentration levels.
  • Ghee helps in maintaining a high energy level and that is why helpful for people of all ages leading an active lifestyle.

Pure cow ghee offers a high smoke point, and hence cooking with ghee is healthy for health. It has a lesser risk to add free radicals in the body hence it is assumed that ghee in cooking may lessen the chance of cancerous diseases in the body.

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