How to make ghee from butter: ghee recipe for your smart kitchen

  • September 7, 2021
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How to make ghee from butter is an intricate process of making a  unique dairy  product.

Pure ghee is tasty, offers long shelf life, beautifully smelled, and beneficial for health in manifold ways. But the most surprising tweak about ghee making process is its delicacy and refinment. 

How to make ghee from butter? Let’s take a quick look at the dairy recipe. 

Unless the method of ghee manufacturing is done with due diligence and detailing, the produced ghee may not offer you the best quality.  The Finest quality of #ghee is made when ghee making process is traditional and the best quality raw material is used in the process.

What is the best raw material for ghee?

Ghee is a healthy dairy item and unsalted milk butter is used for making the dairy product. Unsalted milk butter is produced from ifrom pure cow milk. Grass fed cows are fed with grass fodder and as a result, these happy cows produce nutritious milk. Use of nutritious cow milk is one of the prerequisites of implementing the process, “how to make ghee from butter“. 

Grass fed cow milk is the best material for making grass fed ghee butter. Premium quality ghee butter is best made from grass-fed cow milk only. 

How to make ghee from butter? How do you know if the ghee is done or not?

It is important to learn the symptoms when ghee making is over. When ghee making is complete usually you will get to see three points.

  • The foaming on the upper part of the butter will get somehow reduced.
  • The milk solids at the bottom of the pan will begin to turn brown.
  • If you push aside the upper foamy part, the middle layer is found enough clear for you to see. The middle layer consists pure ghee.

How to store ghee

Making the ghee is like winning half of the battle.  But learning how to make ghee from butter is not all the secrets of ghee making. Unless you know how to store this dairy staple properly, ghee making process is not over. How to store ghee is completely related to ghee making process, which means the method of how to make ghee from butter. Once the product is cooked, you need to store the produce safely and neatly.

  • Store the ghee preferably in a glass jar if possible with dark glasses; it will obstruct UV ray to protect ghee’s original texture. Ghee is photo sensitive product and it often gets spoiled if you expose it to moisturizer or excessive heat outside.
  • Do not insert a moist spoon to take out ghee. Moisture infestation can spoil ghee’s consistency and flavor.
  • Always keep the lid tightly closed to preserve its nutty aroma.

If you feel that ghee has gone somehow bad, mostly you may find visible signs of mold on its surface. If it somehow smells foul or palates rancid, you can  use it but cannot consume raw. However, you may keep the ghee in refrigerator for keeping it safe.

 how to make ghee from butter: How much time it takes?

Time is an important factor in the process of how to make ghee from butter. It depends on the flame as well as on the quantity of the milk butter in the pan.It is a slow cooking process. Hence you cannot use high flame for boiling butter.

Once the butter-broth, starts boiling, and a brown deposit gets accumulated at the bottom of the pan, the middle layer is formed and that is the clarified butter.  

If clarified butter is heated further, the golden yellow liquid gets caramelized and becomes slightly thicker in density. This is the ghee or brown butter.

Once the clarified butter is formed, it takes 7-8 minutes to cook ghee or brown butter.  Time and flame management is a vital part of learning how to make ghee from butter. 

Is ghee healthier than butter?

Ghee is easier to digest than butter. It is milk-fat free hence does not pose the risk of food allergy for lactose intolerants. Ghee has slightly higher amount of saturated fats than butter, hence works better as a filler food.

Ghee is known for its higher smoke point than butter and that makes it a safer cooking oil for high temperature cooking.

How to make ghee from butter is thus not a mere production process; it is a complete knowledge about ghee and its holistic features.

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