How to make ghee from butter is best to know so that you can avoid using other cooking oils and use ghee in place.

Using pure ghee helps you to make your foods tasty and to have the many health benefits associated with this clarified butter.


The process of making butter ghee is not something new. It has been practiced for years in many Indian homes. The process is easy and not time-consuming. Let us have a look at the process systematically.

  • The only ingredient required is butter. While selecting the butter, you must make sure that the utilization of milk of grass-fed cows is done while preparation.
  • You need to place the butter cubes in a heavy bottom pan and melt the butter keeping the flame low.
  • When the butter melts, you can turn the flame to medium and you will notice white foam forming on top of the butter.
  • Continuous stirring is required until the entire butter starts to simmer.
  • The milk solids will begin settling in the bottom. When you notice a nice golden colored liquid on top, you need to turn off the flame.
  • You need to stain the golden ghee made to separate the milk solids.

So, you can easily see how easy it is making butter ghee at home. Using the ghee in your daily cooking, you can have many benefits. Let us have a look at some of those.

Benefits of using ghee for better health

You now know how to make ghee from butter and use the same in your daily cooking. Below are the health benefits you can have using it.

  1. High smoking point – Clarified butter, which has a higher smoking point than butter. This makes ghee best for cooking and sautéing.
  2. Rich source of vitamins – Ghee is a rich source of vitamins A, D, E and K. These vitamins help you to have a healthy metabolism and balance of hormones.
  3. Ideal for lactose intolerant persons – By making clarified butter, you can use that for cooking food for those who have lactose and casein sensitivity. As ghee does not have lactose and casein, it is ideal for those.
  4. The perfect way to have CLA – CLA present in ghee helps to reduce tumors, cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. It is also helpful in lowering body fat.
  5. Benefits of butyric acid – Ghee provides enough supply of butyric acid and many short-chain fatty acids. Having ghee, you can detoxify your body and have improved colon health.
  6. Make food tasty – The nutty flavor, that you can have using ghee makes it ideal for satisfying the taste buds of your family members.
  7. Have stronger bones – Vitamin K2 present in ghee helps you to have stronger bones. You can also prevent tooth decay and calcification of arteries having ghee.
  8. Ideal to lose weight – The energy derived from medium-chain fatty acid in ghee helps to burn other fats leading to loss of weight.
  9. Improvement of digestion – Making butter ghee and using the same you can have improved digestive power. Ghee helps to increase gastric acid helping digestion.
  10. Reduction of inflammation – Ghee also helps to reduce inflammation and help you to have relief from joint pains also.

So, it is good to know how to make ghee from butter and use the same daily in your house.


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