How to eat ghee?

  • July 5, 2021
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How to eat ghee is always a customized choice of consumers. You can use ghee in food in different options.

Ghee is one of the best and safest cooking oils that you can use in preparing all types of dishes including vegetarian and non-vegetarian types.

Initially, Ghee was used in Indian and Middle East cuisines, but presently, ghee is used in almost all types of food preparation globally. Ghee is a safe cooking oil for its high smoking point.

Therefore wherever cooking oil is used, you can use ghee instead of using cooking oil.

You can use ghee as a spread instead of using butter.

You can use ghee on morning toast or in making bulletproof coffee.

Similar to butter, you can use ghee in baking and deep-frying.

In sautéing vegetables also, you can use ghee.

You can apply ghee on bread or roti, paratha, and for seasoning salads.

Ghee is a reliable taste enhancer as this dairy delicacy is of bland taste but with yummy aroma.

How to eat ghee
How to eat ghee

Its holistic property helps in boosting the taste of a cooked dish, so in a restricted quantity you can eat ghee in all types of cooked dishes.

How to eat ghee includes the option of the therapeutic use of ghee.

You can eat ghee with milk at night for natural treatment of constipation, insomnia, and to support your weight loss program.

Instead of night-time, you can consume ghee in an empty stomach too in the morning before your exercise session with lukewarm water.  

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