Grass fed cow ghee therapies for controlling common lifestyle diseases

  • July 8, 2021
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Grass fed cow ghee is known for its different health-friendly qualities.

For example, it is full of nutrients, it is a good quality laxative, it is a healthy cooking oil with high smoking point, as well as cow ghee contains healthy fats, etc. There are different medicinal benefits of cow ghee; however, this is one of the reasons in ancient Ayurveda, physicians used to prescribe ghee to include in daily diet. Modern research has observed that use of ghee in daily diet can reduce the bout of different common lifestyle diseases.

Hyper acidity

Grass fed cow ghee is a gentle but efficient natural remedy to prevent hyper acidity. Instead of eating butter as spread, you can use pure cow ghee. Alternatively, you can cook your foods with ghee instead of using popular cooking oils.

Improving digestion

 Our Sedentary lifestyle is one of the triggers of our faulty or sluggish digestive system.  Besides exercise and life style modification, adding  grass fed cow ghee in diet helps in easing the problem. Alternatively, you may try a remedy with ghee:  make a mix of grass fed cow ghee, ginger powder, and jiggery, and have the mix before the main meals to prevent the recurring problem of digestion.


Stress has become a part and parcel of our everyday life and cluster headache is an allied complication of stress and tension.  Everyday having 1-2 tablespoon ghee in diet can help in reducing the tension headache. Often people face the problem of blocked nostril due to headache: pouring 2 drops of lukewarm cow ghee in nostril can prevent the bout of headache.


Grass fed cow ghee offers a feel-good effect if it is included in daily diet. Besides, that pure cow ghee offers a natural coolant effect on body of used externally and internally.  In both the ways thus, cow-ghee consumption helps in fighting emotional crisis. It is observed that daily consumption of ghee can reduce the spell of mild depression, however, the remedy cannot be used a medical treatment of the disorder and substitute off medication.


Ghee is a skin friendly product.  In ancient India, regular ghee massage was recommended for babies and young ladies assuming that it helps in maintaining skin’s softness and elasticity. Regular ghee massage helps in reducing stretch marks due to pregnancy, obesity, etc.


Equally ghee massage is good for scalp. Ghee massage on scalp helps in reducing the risk of formation of dandruff, split hair ends, and premature aging of hair. In Southern part of India, cow ghee is mixed with pure coconut oil for scalp massage, which is believed to be a natural remedy to prevent hair fall.

Ghee for eye

Dry eye syndrome is a common problem these days which occurs due to longer use of mobile, laptop, or for watching television.  Applying two drops of pure cow ghee in eyes at bedtime can wonderfully reduce dry eye syndrome. Ghee contains Vitamin A, which improves vision. Regular use of ghee in diet is a helpful remedy for controlling the problem of dry eye syndrome.

Take care of heart health

Ghee is responsible for supplying good fats and cholesterol if consumed daily in a moderate quantity. As a result, daily dose of recommended quantity of ghee improves heart health. Grass fed cow ghee is rich in CLA and Omega fatty acids, which are additional resources for keeping heart health at par.

Other ghee benefits

According to ancient Asian folk remedy, grass fed cow ghee can be used in some other diseases for its therapeutic effects.

These are:

  • Reducing joint pain for those are suffering from arthritis
  • Controlling the problem of mouth ulcer
  • Ghee is slightly aphrodisiac in nature: recommended dose can help in increasing sex drive.

All these benefits can be enjoyed from pure grass fed cow ghee only. Use Milkio Traditional grass fed cow ghee in your daily diet and enjoy awesome health benefits that will help to control the intensity of some of the most irritating and recurring life style diseases.

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