Ghee versus butter: which one is the better choice into a diet

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee Versus Butter is vital information for health freaks for their diet planning.

Ghee versus Butter is a common concern for dairy diet planning. Although ghee has come back into the Indian kitchen recently, butter is a standard option. However, new research has proved that ghee is better butter.  What a spectacular comeback ghee has created!

After being blamed for being a weight-gaining and unhealthy part of our diet for years – Ghee is now trending as the new superfood. The truth is, it keeps your gut healthy, is a source of good fats, and is superb for the skin too!

Nutritionists around the world are recommending healthy and monitored doses of ghee.

“Ghee can be had in small quantities daily as a source of saturated fats. Children can afford to have a larger quantity every day. Studies have shown that ghee can be good for lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol,” Dr. Rupali Datta, Clinical Nutritionist.

Ghee Versus Butter: Which One is Better?
  • Ghee can be kept out, but butter needs to be refrigerated
  • Ghee is the unprocessed fat that is rich in vitamin A, E, K, and D
  • Ghee is better than butter in terms of nutritional values

Ghee versus Butter: What is special about butter?

Does ghee fare better than butter if we were to compare them nutritionally? And what about the taste and usage? Let’s discuss ghee versus butter from closer.

Ghee Versus butter: what’s special about it?

The butter or Makhan that little Lord Krishna is known to love was unsalted, white butter taken out by manual churning of milk cream or malai pots.

The churning process would ensure that all the water gets separated, producing delicious and light white butter. The separated water is traditionally called Chaas or Buttermilk.

The butter you today get in the market is an emulsion of milk fat in water with milk proteins acting as emulsifying agents. It’s processed and has added salt. Ghee is clarified butter, a refined and pure version of butterfat.

Ghee Versus Butter: Which one is healthier?

  • Ghee is unprocessed fat. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin A.Fortified butter may contain Vitamin A.
  • Butter provides 717 Kcal per 100 grams with 51% saturated fats and 3 grams of trans fats.
    Ghee provides 900 Kcal per 100 grams or serving with 60% saturated and no trans fats.
  • When buying ghee from the store, read the label properly. If it says ‘vegetable ghee, ’ chances are this is not traditional ghee and may contain trans fats.

Ghee versus butter: Taste & Usage of Ghee and Butter

Ghee and butter are both very different tasting; therefore, it is no surprise that they are used in very different ways. In Asian countries, ghee is used for cooking all kinds of curries, deals, and meat dishes.

On special occasions – it’s even used as a cooking medium to fry pooris and parathas or to make Sooji or Gajar ka halwa.

The reason for this is ghee’s ability to withstand high temperatures. It has a higher smoking point, making it a better choice than butter.

Butter is usually used when making quick sauces like White Sauce or Béchamel. Butter is also an excellent choice for sautéing vegetables and especially quick-cooking meats like fish, prawns, and crabs.

It adds a lovely flavor to the meat and tastes especially good when combined with garlic and herbs.

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