Ghee’s names Around the World: Discover Ghee in Different Languages

  • September 18, 2023
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Ghee in different languages: Explore ghee worldwide

Did you know the terms used for ghee in different languages? Ghee is widely known as clarified butter. It is commonly used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines and goes by various names in different languages. Here are some synonyms for ghee in different languages.

Know the names of Ghee in different languages.

English: Ghee (Ghee is widely recognized and used in English-speaking countries.)

Hindi: घी (Ghee)

Sanskrit: घृतम् (Ghritam)

Bengali: ঘি (Ghi)

Tamil: நெய் (Ney)

Telugu: నెయ్యి (Neyyi)

Kannada: ನೆಯ್ಯಿ (Neayi)

Malayalam: നെയ്യ് (Neyy)

Marathi: तूप (Tup)

Gujarati: ઘી (Ghee)

Punjabi: ਘੀ (Ghee)

Urdu: گھی (Ghee)

Arabic: سمن (Saman) or زبدة السمن (Zubdat al-Saman)

Turkish: Tereyağı

Persian: روغن حیوانی (Roghan-e Heyvani) or سمن (Saman)

Pashto: مسکین (Miskeen)

Nepali: घ्यू (Ghyu)

Tibetan: མཁའ་ལས (Mkha’ las)

Thai: น้ำมันเนย (Namman Noy)

Indonesian: Mentega (While not the same, it’s often used interchangeably in some contexts.)

Please note that the pronunciation and spelling may vary slightly depending on the region and dialect within each language. Ghee is a versatile cooking oil known by various names worldwide, reflecting its importance in many culinary traditions.

Ghee and its Historical Records

Ghee is called a modern superfood, but it has a long history of use in various ancient cultures, and it is often mentioned in historical texts and documents. Here are a few examples of historical references to ghee and the uses of ghee in different languages and contexts.

Ghee In Different Languages: Explore Ghee Worldwide
  • Vedas (Ancient Indian Texts): Ghee is extensively cited in the Vedas, one of Hinduism’s oldest sacred texts. It is considered a sacred substance and used in Vedic rituals and ceremonies.
  • Ayurvedic Texts: Ancient Ayurvedic texts like the Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita discuss ghee’s medicinal properties and uses in traditional Indian medicine.
  • Ancient Egyptian Texts: While not referred to as “ghee,” ancient Egyptian texts mention a similar substance known as “samna,” which is believed to be a form of clarified butter or fat used in cooking and religious offerings.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Texts: In ancient Greece and Rome, various forms of clarified butter and animal fat were used in cooking and as ointments. While not explicitly called “ghee,” these substances share similarities with clarified butter.
  • Ancient Chinese Texts: In ancient China, clarified butter or similar fats were used in cooking and traditional medicine. While the terminology may differ, these substances served similar purposes to ghee.
  • Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets: Some ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia have mentioned using butter or animal fat in cooking. Again, while not explicitly referring to ghee, these references highlight the historical use of clarified fats.

These historical documents provide insights into the use of ghee-like substances in various ancient cultures and their significance in rituals, medicine, and culinary traditions. 

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Ghee Benefits

Ghee in different languages

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