Ghee cholesterol and heart disease: Strike a Heart-Smart Balance

  • August 28, 2021
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Ghee cholesterol and heart disease are some of the most frequently asked questions. Are you a cardiac patient and wondering about adding ghee in your diet? Is it a fact that ghee in your diet is helpful for promoting a good heart? Let’s discuss. 

The myth about ghee cholesterol and heart disease as a harmful combo for heart has gained some popularity because people have believed this notion. The factor that Ghee contains saturated fats and the word fat created a taboo here that ghee in the diet creates blockage in our arteries. 

The viewpoints have changed since the health experts started recommending Ghee helpful in curing heart disease. So, let us understand whether Ghee is healthy for heart patients or not or if cholesterol and heart disease combo is damaging for ghee users. 

Ghee Cholesterol and heart disease:does Ghee contain cholesterol?

The association of Ghee with cholesterol is a kind of recurring panic for many of us.  Many of us believe that ghee is time and again allied with amplified risk of heart disease.

However, let’s break this Ghee cholesterol and heart disease myth as many health experts and recent studies have emphasized the usage of Ghee. Though Ghee contains 64% of saturated fats, it is known as healthy fats. It is all animal fats and contains omega-3, CLA, butyrate, etc. 

As ghee contains healthy fatty acids, it is beneficial for people with active lifestyle. However, patients with acute cardiac disease and high cholesterol count must consult a doctor before adding ghee to the diet. Despite this, it is always better to eat Ghee in moderation for increased benefits.


Other nutrients present in Ghee

Besides healthy fats, Ghee also contains many other nutrients such as antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), etc. Ghee also helps in increasing the calcium absorption power of the body that offers passive help to boost bone health and overall immunity.

What is more important, this dairy product is even suitable for lactose intolerant people as it is lactose and casein-free. Ghee cholesterol and heart disease  is a common worry, but modetaion and purity can prevent  the risk to a large extent. 

Cooking with Ghee: Know how ghee care for your heart

To reap the benefits of Ghee in the best way, it is better that you add Ghee to your daily diet. You can also cook food with Ghee to reap the benefits of Ghee and even increase the taste and flavor of diverse foods. So, here are some ways in which you can use Ghee in cooking aand keep Ghee cholesterol and heart disease worry away.

  • You can use Ghee instead of herbal cooking oils as it has a higher smoke point.
  • Try Ghee for sauteing vegetables and the benefit goes to your heart. 
  • To leverage the benefits of ghee cholesterol and heart disease, you can also add Ghee to your daily coffee.
  • You can also use Ghee for seasoning salads or topping for popcorn and other dishes.
  • Last but not the least, use Ghee for making delicious desserts like pudding and many more delectable sweet dishes.

What does the heart say?

Thus, we can conclude that as Ghee not only protects your heart but also imposes a natural control on LDL cholesterol. As stated above, it’s helpful for patients with low immunity, bone diseases, and with general hear health.

But for severe cardiac patients, doctors’ recommendation about the consumption is important. However, ghee cholesterol and heart disease link are a relative factor. It depends on the general health of the patent along with the lifestyle, cardiac health, age, and diet quality.

Summing up: 

Ghee cholesterol and heart disease

The association of ghee cholesterol and heart disease is not that frightening if you use premium quality grass-fed ghee in your diet. When you will be buying grass-fed ghee, always check the place of its manufacturing. Ghee manufactured in a safe, protected, and remote place can offer you the best ghee benefits.  For example, you may try Milkio Grass fed ghee from pure New Zealand. 

About Milkio Grass fed ghee

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Milkio grass fed ghee is keto and paleo diet-friendly. The ghee offers a high smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit and is a safe oil for high heat cooking like baking, roasting, etc. 

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