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What is ghee for cooking has a simple answer that ghee is honored as the top-rated cooking oil.

Made from butter, ghee has all the qualities of pure milk-nutrition except the milky proteins like lactose and casein, which may cause allergy in lactose intolerants.

Pure ghee is a safe oil that hardly produces free radicals in the body and acts as non-carcinogenic.

High-temperature cooking like baking, deep-frying, slow cooking becomes double-safe with ghee cooking as ghee’s higher smoking point (485° F) permits better stability of ghee, which is a definite advantage for ghee consumers. 

If we analyze, what is ghee for cooking, it will be marked that besides its functionality as oil, this dairy delicacy acts as a taste enhancer too.

Ghee is bland in taste, and it emancipates a palatable nutty aroma.

If ghee is added to varnish a cooked dish, no matter if it is sweet or unsweet, ghee enhances the flavor of spices in the dish and works as a taste enhancer for the cooked food.

Pure ghee contains loads of saturated fats, and when ghee is added to a dish for taste enhancing, it adds a creamy texture in the cooking, which makes it yummier to enjoy.

However, ghee should be used in cooking in a restrictive quantity to stay health-safe.

Besides quantity, the quality of the ghee clarified butter has to be the best.  

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