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  • August 13, 2021
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Vegan ghee substitute

Are you looking for a vegan ghee substitute? Are you Confused about whether ghee is vegan or not? If, yes then here in this post, you will get complete information regarding your doubts.    

Ghee has been used in Indian cooking for a long, but recently, it became popular in foreign countries like the USA. Most people consume ghee because they think ghee is the healthier form of butter.  

There is no doubt ghee looks similar to butter, but it’s nothing but the melted form of separated milk solids from the liquid fat. When it comes to ghee is vegan or not, it creates massive confusion among people and one of the most debatable topics nowadays.

To understand whether ghee is vegan or not, you have to understand what ghee is and what’s the process of making ghee.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is made from butter, which is nothing but made of dairy milk, usually collected from cows and goats. Butter is usually animal-derived which later on melted to separate the milk solids from the liquid fat. The melted and collected fat is known as ghee, in which you will find less lactose than butter, but you can’t say that it is not prepared from animal products. 


Is ghee Vegan? 

If you consider ghee’s whole process technically, you can say ghee doesn’t contain any milk solids because of the milk solid removal process. This is the only reason most people think ghee is lactose-free and paleo friendly, but the reality is different ghee always contains butterfat derived from animal products milk. Logically you can’t say ghee is vegan.

If you want to prepare a vegan cuisine and look for a vegan ghee substitute, you can use several cooking oils like sunflower, vegetable oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. These oils are best for cooking foods that required high temperatures. Remember, you will not get the exact aroma of flavor like vegan ghee in your recipes for sure if you use these substitutes.  

Vegan ghee substitute

Final words 

If you want to become a vegan and looking for some of the best vegan ghee substitutes, you have several options like we already mentioned, but if you think ghee is vegan, it’s completely wrong!   

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