Is ghee Paleo compatible? 5 points to explain ghee as Paleo-friendly

  • September 7, 2021
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Is ghee Paleo compatible?

Is ghee Paleo compatible is a common question for Paleo diet followers. Ghee is a cooking fat and Paleo diet does not recommend the use of dairy product in the diet plan. But there are at last 5 points to call ghee a Paleo friendly diary product. We have discussed here the reasons for calling pure ghee a Paleo friendly product.

Is ghee Paleo diet recommended? If you have this query in mind, be rest assured that it’s not you alone! Let’s explore the answer to this query.

There are thousands of other health freaks who are wondering about the compatibility of the Paleo diet and ghee. Paleo is a weight loss diet and as ghee is a fat-based dairy product, ghee clarified butter can be fattening unless you practice moderation in quantity. 

But before we start checking the concern is ghee Paleo approved, let’s check what the Paleo diet actually is, and what makes ghee a special dairy product that Paleo recommends to eat.

What is the Paleo diet?

Palaeolithic (Paleo) diet is a natural basic diet as the primitive humans used to eat to stay fit as well as for their natural and healthy survival. People are advised to consume either a high-carb diet with lots of plant-food or a low-carb diet with plenty of animal foods.

The basic concept of the Paleo diet is to eat mostly whole foods and the diet plan also recommends dodging preserved and processed foods. But about using milk fat, there is no restriction but dairy proteins are not highly recommended in the Paleo diet.

For example:

  • You may include in your diet: Meat, fish, eggs, cauliflower, fresh coconut, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs like garlic recipe, spices, healthy cooking fat, raw milk, and cooking fats like homemade ghee, and healthy oils.
  • You should exclude from the diet: Processed food products, sugar, soft drinks, grains, most dairy products, legumes, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, margarine, etc. 
  • You can enjoy fatty coffee benefits for the Paleo diet, which is a coffee prepared with pure ghee. unless the answer to the question is ghee paleo goes in its favor, 

What is ghee?

It is a dairy product. Ghee is produced from cow milk butter. In a slow cooking process, water and milk solids of the traditional butter get evaporated, and gradually the butterfat portion of regular butter gets separated by heating butter. Traditionally, ghee was popularly used in Indian cooking and Middle Eastern cuisine, but due to its health benefits, this dairy product is now worldwide popular.

Is ghee Paleo
Is ghee Paleo

Ghee is loaded with healthy fat comprised of fatty acid compounds like long-chain fatty acid, Medium-chain fatty acid, and short-chain fatty acid. This dairy oil is also called anhydrous fat and clarified butter. Both unsalted butter and cultured butter is used in making grass-fed ghee and grass-fed cultured ghee, respectively.

Why ghee is recommended in the Paleo diet?

In the Paleo diet, dairy products are not actually recommended. But grass fed butter and grass fed ghee are the two exceptions.

The simple reason behind the acceptance of ghee clarified butter is, according to Paleo expert dieticians, are the lactose and casein-free content of ghee. Dairy ghee is free of milk protein, hence suitable for the diet of dairy sensitive people with lactose intolerance. so if you ask yourself is ghee paleo, perhaps you have got the answer. 

In the Paleo diet, it is believed that our immune systems mostly target foreign PROTEINS. Paleo diet cannot find any milk-protein target in ghee but in most of the other dairy products including butter.

Modern nutritionists approve that high-quality cow ghee produced from organic grass-fed cow butter can be a suitable addition to a Paleo diet, that is, if a person wants to add good quality saturated fats in their diet they can count on good quality cow ghee in Paleo recipe.

Then the answer to the question is ghee Paleo is coming “yes”.

Benefits of adding Ghee in Paleo

For the strict Paleo diet followers, ghee can be a great substitute for dairy-free Paleo Recipes, considering the health wonders of ghee. Organic cow ghee is a partially saturated fat, just what our brain needs. It’s delicious and quite sustaining. now you may ask is ghee paleo listed? the answer is yes, it is. 

Grass fed ghee offers a higher smoke point. It means grass fed clarified butter is a safer oil than other options of vegetable oil like coconut oil, olive oil, as well as milk fats like butterfat because butter contains lactose and casein, which can induce the problem of a dairy allergy.

You can easily substitute traditional butter with cow ghee to enjoy the benefits of the Paleo diet. getting worried about is ghee paleo?  we have explained the answer further. Read on…

Adding ghee to the diet will offer you a bunch of health benefits. It includes permanent relief from recurring problems like sinus, bloating, arthritis pain, heartburn discomfort, relief from constipation, improved skin, and better eye health, etc. However, there are other ghee benefits like bodyweight loss, digestion friendliness, 

Ghee Paleo recipe: Coconut Mango Chicken and Broccoli Curry.

Ghee Paleo recipe with coconut mango chicken and broccoli curry is a great option for your taste buds and nutrition. You will find it easy to make and full of healthy, seasonal vegetables.

  • Chop summer squash, zucchini, and cauliflower: cook them in cow ghee.
  • Add curry powder, cayenne pepper, and coconut milk.
  • Add fresh mango, lime juice! Serve the meal with your favorite staple.

You can use ghee in the Paleo diet in moderation. The creamy texture and unique nutty flavor increase the taste of paleo recipes. Regardless you are consuming this pure butterfat raw as a butter alternative or as cooking oil, it always supports your diet. However, ghee with a healthy lifestyle, regular dose of exercise, and adequate rest at night can offer you the best ghee benefits.

However, don’t forget to check the best variety: always use 100% organic grass-fed ghee in your Paleo diet to be sure about the best ghee nutrition. For example, in grass-fed organic ghee Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is found at least 5 times more than non-grass-fed ghee. if you have still worry about is ghee paleo, please read ahead. 

CLA helps in weight loss benefits in the human body. Pure ghee in the diet helps in lowering bad cholesterol, and it is a passive way to keep heart health at par. 

So if there is confusion about is ghee Paleo, you can go ahead with ghee in your Paleo diet safely.

However, only pure ghee is ghee Paleo friendly. Dairy ghee produced from dairy butter produced from the milk of grass fed cows raised on the green pastures is the best raw ingredients for producing grass-fed ghee.

Milkio ghee is the signature dairy product from Milkio Foods the ghee manufacturing company in New Zealand. The company offers organic grass fed ghee, organic cultured ghee, Grass-Fed A2 ghee, Grass-fed Garlic ghee, Grass-fed Himalayan Pink salt ghee, etc. All these ghee variants are Keto and Paleo diet friendly and Halal certified. for Milkio grass fed ghee, is ghee paleo question answers yes. 

If you following the Paleo diet to enjoy healthy body benefits, you should add a good quality fat to your diet, and ghee is one of the best cooking fats you can add to your Paleo diet.  The question is ghee Paleo compatible, is thus answered here in all possible ways.

Milkio ghee contains 64% healthy saturated fats and it is a natural product without synthetic color, flavor, and preservative. It is a USDA certified product for its 100% purity. Milkio Ghee is excellently shelf-stable. You can store Milkio grass-fed ghee for 12-18 months in normal room temperature from the date of manufacturing (without the support of refrigeration) in your kitchen. If you want to buy Milkio ghee, you can place your order at Milkio E-Commerce.

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