Grass fed ghee: tips to choose the best product to buy

  • July 12, 2021
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Grass fed ghee: How to Choose a Good Quality product

Grass fed ghee being one of the latest pantry superheroes, is now in great demand and keeping a pace with its recurring demand in pantry plenty of brands have launched their ghee in market.  Now the billion dollar question is about the superiority of these products and the best brand out of the available choices. 

How to find a good quality grass fed cow ghee may seem to be tricky question but there are some clues to find the best option of many. Once you apply the clues, finding best quality grass fed ghee will not be a real life fix for you.

Read the label

You will get all the list of ingredients in the label. Best quality grass fed glees like Milkio of New Zealand is made of 100% grass fed cow milk and that ensures the production of best quality cow ghee. If the milk is procured from grain feed cows or both grain and grass feed cows, there is high chance of getting the purest quality of milk for making ghee.  By reading label you will be able to know the ingredients of ghee.

Check the color

Grass fed cow ghee is golden hued.  You need to check the color of the ghee you have selected so far. If you have taken a buffalo ghee quantity, you will find the ghee whitish in color.

Also check if any spice (like turmeric) is added to the ghee you have selected. Sometimes turmeric powder is added to this ghee so that the yellow colors persists.

Check ingredients and preservatives

Good quality cow ghee does not contain preservatives or additives. Check the ghee you have chosen is free from synthetic flavor, preservative, or additives.  Also check the shelf life of the ghee as best quality grass fed that is produced adhering to hygienic process and that offers up to 12 months of shelf life. Grass fed ghee like Milkio New Zealand ghee is loaded with butyrate (gut friendly short chain fatty acid) Vitamins (A, D, K E), antioxidants, and good quality saturated fats, which offers multiple health benefits.

While buying grass fed ghee from a grocery store, you should check all these points mentioned above as a good quality cow ghee is supposed to display all these details on its product label, which will speak of its authenticity and product quality transparency.

Storage friendliness

Good quality grass fed can be stored up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing and it can be stored in kitchen without the support of refrigeration. Ideally, cow ghee should be stored in air tight container, away from light and heat exposure.


  1. Read the label and verify the following:
  • Where is it manufactured?
  • Have the cow’s been entirely grass fed?
  • Has the milk-butter been customarily churned?
  • Are there any other added ingredients – colors, flavours, and preservatives etc.?
  1. Involve your senses when selecting the best cow Ghee:
  • What does it smell like – good quality grass fed cow ghee should have rich, sweet nutty aroma.
  • Check the product texture – ideally it should be blissfully creamy with a little grainy feel.
  • Check the colour – Good quality cow ghee should have beautiful rich golden colour.


These are the clues you need to check while buying the best quality grass fed ghee. Otherwise, you can buy Milkio traditional cow ghee and you can be sure about its quality and longer shelf life.



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